Howie Roseman: Goal of Eagles deals was to get into top 10 of draft


See, it wasn’t just about cutting off Chip Kelly’s acquisitions to spite his face.

Eagles executive Howie Roseman said the binge-and-purge of the team’s roster in recent days was more about getting into the top 10 of this year’s draft — along with, you know, banishing any last vestige of the Kelly regime now that he’s back in charge.

Roseman didn’t say that last part, that was me, but it’s clear they were looking to clear the decks, and that’s where it was helpful having the Dolphins nearby at the Scouting Combine.

Miami took cornerback Byron Maxwell and linebacker Kiko Alonso off their hands, and in exchange the Eagles moved from 13th to eighth in the first round.

I think we were fortunate at the combine because our suites were two doors down,” Roseman said, via Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News. “We’d kind of talk about positions of need and what we were looking to do. Some positions they were looking for in free agency, that they were concerned whether they’d be able to find, we felt like we had some depth there, and over the course of time, it worked out.

“The great thing about the Combine is, you get a chance to talk to every team in the league, see your friends in the league, see the people that you can talk trades with, you’re all in the same place. We had talked to a bunch of teams about a bunch of different things, and one of our goals was seeing if we could move up in the draft. We found a way to do that by giving [Miami] value. It was something that came together over a period of a couple weeks, a bunch of phone calls, but we’re excited about getting the opportunity to pick eighth.”

Of course, sending running back DeMarco Murray and his contract to Tennessee for 13 spots in the fourth round was as simple as removing a problem, and taking back whatever ham sandwich was offered.

But despite the insistence on moving into the top 10 of the draft, Roseman didn’t name a specific target or area of need, saying they’d take the “best player available” at No. 8.

25 responses to “Howie Roseman: Goal of Eagles deals was to get into top 10 of draft

  1. …….masterfuly done Howie….NOW dont blow it with the #8 position and the 1st pick on day 2 of the draft. Oh, by the way, SIGN our big guy Fletcher Cox!. You will be totally redeemed in Eagle fan eyes.

  2. Of course he’s not gonna say who they like in the draft but they definitely have a guy or two on their board that they’re high enough on to move up for. Given their issues in the D-Backfield it could be Hargreaves or maybe a pass rusher (especially with Bosa rumored to be on the slide).

    The far bigger win for Roseman here, of course, is unloading Maxwell and his ridiculous contract.

  3. The whole move up a few spots is nonsense. Fletcher Cox was picked in the 12 spot in 2012.

    Just tell the truth: You have to fix the mess that someone created.

  4. I’ve always thought Howie gets a bad rap – he should have never been demoted when Chip was in town and he’s displaying again just how creative he can be with the cap and moves he’s able to swing. Great start to FA for him, and I legitimately trust him with the draft.

  5. As an objective football fan who has no feelings for or against the Eagles, I have to say that I love what they are doing. Only an extremely biased fan boy could deny that the Dolphins trade was a win for them, getting rid of two players they didn’t want without taking any salary back, winding up in the top 10 in the draft, and then finding someone to take Murray off their hands. Don’t get me wrong, Murray may be great next year, but he was overpaid and it was never going to work in Philly.

    I also like the Brandon Brooks signing and the fact that for the first time in several years, they seem to shifting their free agent focus from grabbing all the shiny objects to actually looking at positions of need.

  6. Roseman has done a great job righting a sinking ship….these moves are genus

  7. Why can’t one stone kill three birds? Not only does Roseman wash the Chip stink off the team, but he also got out of two awful contracts in the doing, and move up in the draft order anyway. I believe Roseman that he rates 10 players as “true” first rounders; it makes sense in a fairly thin draft.

  8. I’m not going to see I trust him with the draft yet…proof will be in the pudding. But FA I like.

  9. For days I read comments trying to say the Eagles and or the Dolphins fleeced each other. The bottom line is it will take a year to actually see. The Eagles have a player they eant in the Draft and the Dolphins wanted Myles Jack who won’t be there at 8. They reduced their Payroll and picked up (health and performance risk) known and much needed players. The Dolphins are taking almost no risk. They really need a Guard and most certainly were not going to pick that at 8. I would take a good bet they might even trade out of 13 and get another 2nd rounder. This Draft has very few stud CBs and LBs. This is a Fair Trade with risk and reward, like all moves in life. Good Luck to Philly…

  10. this article would have been much better if you speculated a bit on what eagles will do now that they have 8th pick.

    is this their chance to re-stock the QB cabinet ? might they try to move up more to spots 1 thru 7 ? remember they don’t have a 2nd rd pick, as that was part of the compensation in the foles for Bradford trade.

  11. What a petty little b

    Kelly took my power. Now he’s gone I’m gonna wipe out his entire family. Waa waa

    By the way… This big move everyone is giving him credit for is equivalent to gaining a 5th rd pick. Check the chart. That’s the blue diff between 13 and 8.

  12. At this point, nobody has any idea who is going to go where at that point in the draft. The Eagles might fall in love with a player who would be there at 13. You only move up five spots if you have your eye on a certain player and you’re pretty sure he isn’t going to be there when you pick. By making the move now, we can definitely conclude that they just wanted to get rid of these two players.

  13. I laugh now at Eagles fans.. after having been one for 60 years and seeing the pettiness of Howie Roseman and his sabotage of the tea last season I am NOT a fan anymore… I hope they fall to last place in NFC East and suck for a decade. This ownership and front office makes me sick to my stomach. Remember this Eagles fans… HOWIE made those contracts… and Kelly stuffed this team with a lot of good players. Kelly was blamed for dumping Mathis but Mathis was the one who sent the song “Please release me, because Roseman would not agree to the money he had promised before.. your hate was placed on the wrong guy. But you all too short sighted to really see what Roseman did to this team beacsue he was but hurt. I wasted 60 years … makes me sick.

  14. With the 8 pick in the draft The Eagles select another WR that everyone else has given a second round grade, LaTread Sprewell.

  15. Doctor G: I totally agree and I remember 1960. You’ll never convince me a bean counter knows more about player talent and coaching schemes than Chip Kelly. All the lemmings will be cursing Howie when the team wins 4 or 5 games next season.

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