Matt Moore scheduled to meet with Colts

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Matt Moore met with the Cowboys this week about their backup quarterback job, but no deal has been consummated that will keep him in Dallas for the 2016 season.

Moore’s lined up another option, though. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Moore is scheduled to head to Indianapolis to meet with the Colts about their No. 2 quarterback job. Moore has spent the last five years with the Dolphins.

The Colts ran through Matt Hasselbeck, Charlie Whitehurst, Josh Freeman and Ryan Lindley while Andrew Luck was injured last season, but Hasselbeck has retired, Whitehurst is a free agent and the other two were released. They have met with Luke McCown and Scott Tolzien, but McCown has since re-signed with the Saints.

If Moore does land with the Colts, he’ll be reunited with former Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin. Philbin was hired as the offensive line coach and assistant head coach in Indianapolis earlier this offseason.

UPDATE 6:12 p.m. ET: The Colts announced that they have signed Tolzien, so we’ll see if Moore’s visit still takes place.

5 responses to “Matt Moore scheduled to meet with Colts

  1. Matt Moore is clearly the best #2 QB in NFL, and he could probably start for maybe 20+ teams

    Maybe he likes getting >$3M a year to hold a clipboard on a new contract, or maybe he’s really trying to shop… either way, the Phins are foolish (again) if they let him go

    Reality is that Moore should be starting not Tanny

  2. Typical delusional comment. Matt Moore threw less than a dozen balls in the past few years… How can you say he is good or bad and especially the best? Logan Thomas and sign another backup Vet for less that $6M like Moore wants. He is a career backup and no team wants him with a multi-year contract demand. Its fine that you have no faith in Tannehill, but don’t be silly. It is embarrassing to the rest of the fanbase.

  3. He barely played during the 4 yrs Tannehill has been a Dolphin.
    I doubt he could start for many of the teams out there, but he is good at holding a clip board. He can be re united with Coach Philbin, I am sure he is thrilled about that. Look where the Dolphins went with him!!! Nowhere at all.

  4. Someones not watching pre season games. He has clearly been the worse of all QB’s for a long time running.

  5. I thought at the time that Miami should have started Moore instead of Tanni. I thought he was the better. Just don’t let him go to the Jest.

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