Ohio State’s pro day draws plenty of attention


Ohio State is holding its annual pro day workout for draft prospects Friday, and attendance matches the hype for an Ohio State draft class that could match or surpass the record six first-round picks from a single school set in 2004 by Miami (Fla.).

More than 130 NFL personnel are in attendance. Six head coaches — Marvin Lewis of the Bengals, Mike Zimmer of the Vikings, Mike Mularkey of the Titans, Mike Tomlin of the Steelers, Sean Payton of the Saints and Hue Jackson of the Browns — sent their RSVPs. Jets General Manager Mike Maccagnan and Browns executive vice president Sashi Brown have been spotted in attendance, and more high-level decision makers likely are amongst the overflow crowd, too.

All 32 teams are represented. At least two teams requested eight or more credentials.

The stars of the show are defensive end Joey Bosa, running back Ezekiel Elliott, offensive tackle Taylor Decker, linebacker Darron Lee, cornerback Eli Apple, wide receiver Michael Thomas, quarterback turned wide receiver Braxton Miller and quarterback Cardale Jones, who never lost a start in college but was benched last season.

Jones has been working out in San Diego with quarterback coach George Whitfield, and Whitfield will run the throwing portion of the workout.

NFL Network went live with a 2.5 hour special from Ohio State at 10 a.m. ET. ESPN also plans to offer live coverage throughout the morning.

26 responses to “Ohio State’s pro day draws plenty of attention

  1. The Pro Day schedule is something I always find odd. Free agency just started. NFL teams are very busy bringing in free agents. They cant be at their stadium for visits, and at the Pro Day for these schools at the same time. If it were me, I would schedule the pro day for my players to be before Free Agency starts, or a week after. It is a disservice to these college players to be competing with Free Agency.

  2. I see Dante Scarneccia is there so it will be interesting to see if the Pats draft a developmental OL prospect from this group.

  3. Zeke!

    The best ALL-AROUND RB to enter the league in years. Fast, quick, can run inside, incredible, incredible blocker, good pass catcher, doesn’t fumble, plays hard, wants to win, “good” kid, physically healthy.

    He may not have the raw power or pure running skills of an AP or Todd Gurley, but when factoring in everything a RB does in an NFL game, Elliott is the best RB prospect to come into the league in years.

  4. I could see Eli Apple breaking into the top 20 if not the top 15 given the relative lack of elite DB talent coming out this year. Jalen Ramsey looks like a Top 3 lock, then you’ve got Hargreaves and Apple and to be honest I’m not sure Apple isn’t the better player of those two.

  5. Look at all this talent, then look at the guys that are already in the NFL from the previous two years. It’s amazing that they didn’t win every game by fifty points. Plus they have tons of great underclassmen. Ditto Alabama. Coaching is a waste of time, once you get to a certain level. The most successful college coaches put most of their time and energy into recruiting.

  6. Only ones I would draft of the big names are Elliot and Lee. Bosa is a stiff.

    But by all means draft Ohio St players if u want players that disappear in big games like they did in college with the exception of Elliot.

    Bosa got all his sacks against the scrubbiest of the scrubs in the Little 10.

    Same with Michael Thomas his big games were against Rutgers and Maryland. Im pretty sure Bowling Green WRs had huge games vs Maryland too.

  7. Gotta love the constant hype for OSU and for Michigan since Harbaugh came to town. Meanwhile you don’t hear much about the reigning back to back big ten champions. And guess what? We like it that way. Please keep overhyping these programs and we’ll keep beating them when it counts. And we’ll do it with class and integrity. You won’t hear about our coach doing scummy things and you won’t hear about our players getting arrested. What you will hear about is us beating these teams with a team full of guys who are considered far lesser recruits.

  8. And Cris Carter is standing outside handing out business cards for…Fall guy inc….he truly hates to see all this money go to waste…

  9. @spartyistheclassofthenation….

    UM… When it COUNTS??? So… do National Championship Playoff of Games Count?

    Which of those three teams actually SHOWED UP for their bowl games last season… you know… when it COUNTED? I remember seeing Michigan and Ohio State winning their games, right? How’d MSU do?

    There is no evidence on the score board that Sparty was ever on the field of play… although I understand there is some video of them running onto the field… and also caught on the sidelines during all 4 quarters.

  10. Caardales getting drafted. Watch the steelers snag him in RDS 3-4 to stash for 3 years behind big Ben, perfect development qb.

    And this list also left out former buckeye Noah Spence who will be a top 15 pick and could be better than bosa

  11. reigning back to back big ten champions
    That term doesn’t mean what you think it means.

  12. 1 of the players may pan out to be decent but with ohio states easy big 10 schedule and lack of competition the last few years I doubt they will be good in the NFL. Look how many players they send to the NFL year after year that do not live up to the hype. Terrible qbs, running backs always end up hurt and receivers always suck.

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