Report: Browns to cut Manziel on Friday

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If 49ers coach Chip Kelly wants quarterback Johnny Manziel, Kelly apparently won’t have to trade for him.

Tony Grossi of reports that the Browns are expected to cut Manziel by the close of business on Friday.

The Browns had created the impression that they would have cut Manziel in late January after his latest brush with the law, if they had the cap space to do it. But they didn’t cut him when the new league year began, which created the impression that they were hoping to trade him or waiting for an opportunity to void his remaining $2.1 million in guaranteed money.

If it’s the former, it means they’ve possibly called every other team and learned that no one will give up anything of value to get him. The next question is whether anyone will touch him until his legal situation in Texas is resolved (he’s facing possibly domestic violence charges) and/or until he addresses lifestyle choices that have resulted in his agent firing him and his own father expressing concern for Manziel’s life.

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  1. They are giving Manziel exactly what he wants. He has proved nothing, and is just a cry baby who lives off his parents money. I hope no one picks him up until he proves he actually wants to play football, and starts acting like a man.

  2. With all the negative publicity Manziel has generated, it is probably worth $2.1MM to get rid of him and the headaches.Luckily for him, some NFL coach will think he can “fix” Manziel and will sign him for $10MM.

  3. Johnny will leave that armpit by the lake, he will grow in the next few years and become a very successful QB in the NFL.
    How do I know this? Because Cleveland is again cutting another future star because their fans and the simple minded organization are again tossing out the baby with the bath water.

  4. Good. This guy doesn’t want to be a great QB. He won’t put in the work, but he never has. I read reports during his final year at A&M that his college teammates were mad that he didn’t show up to the off-season practices, his coaches were frustrated with him, and partied hard in college. The Browns didn’t think that would continue in the NFL?

    I wonder where he would have been drafted had the Browns not taken the cheese.

    I saw the Duke game where he brought T&M back and knew he wasn’t a good QB outside of the partying and knew my Browns were going to pick this bum, and they did. Now he will be gone less than 2 years after picking him. Good riddance. Ducksk, I don’t know where these many people who are cheering for him to make it are – maybe Texas. Either way, he’s free to party anywhere but here.

  5. I don’t think he needs his parents money not after signing a original deal with the Browns – 4 years for 8 mill, and they can’t take it all away !!!

  6. I agree with this cut, but are the Browns going to have the minimum # of players required for a team when this offseason is done?

  7. No need to stop there. The Browns should cut the top 12 salaries on their roster. I’m not even kidding.

    Look at what Oakland and Jacksonville are doing this offseason. They spent several seasons cutting salary, and spending the bare minimum, and not the Jags have $190 million to spend. I don’t agree with that method of team building, but worked for the Marlins twice. Suck for a few years, spend nothing, then load up, win a title, and have a fire sale. If this works for Jax/Oak, believe that more teams are going to start employing the tactic. It is “Suck for Luck” on steroids.

  8. I can’t be the only one that’s wondering what took so long. Haslam is clueless, it wouldn’t have been worth the $2M to Haslam to get it done at the first conceivable moment allowing the new regime to send that message as loudly as possible? Honestly expected Johnny Foolsball getting cut to be the first press release of the new league year at 4:01 Wednesday.

    Now if we could also get an end to the troll posting random big john football comments here that would just be great

  9. The reality of the NFL is someone will take a leap of faith on this guy. His potential is still there. I could see someone signing him to a couple of years worth of time and he spends his time with the team being escorted by handlers to keep him from imploding – kind of like what Jerry Jones did to Pacman when he was with the Cowboys.

  10. I imagine some team will offer him an incentive laden contract. Billionaires are playing fantasy football. However, I wouldn’t give him minimum salary to run my scout team.

  11. The Browns were 3-13 last year. As of today, they have now lost 4 key starters and cut a high round QB pick. Golly.

  12. It may be the “armpit by the lake”,but even Cleveland has had enough of this clown. He’s facing legal,alcohol,drug,and suspension troubles. Who in their right mind wants to take him on? He has shown zero desire to get his act together.

    and browns fans in the nyc nj metro area seriously let have manziel is cut/released party
    this is worth celebrating
    even if we have alost 4-7 players too free agency

  14. Look, its easy to trash this kid (believe me, I have been doing plenty), but the real issue is he has a serious problem. As a human being, I think we should feel for him to a certain degree. However, he’s been enabled his whole life from childhood, through college and has never been accountable. I hope this all teaches him a lesson in a positive way and not the way this usually turns out

  15. george1859 says:
    Mar 11, 2016 9:50 AM

    “Johnny will leave that armpit by the lake, he will grow in the next few years and become a very successful QB in the NFL.
    How do I know this? Because Cleveland is again cutting another future star because their fans and the simple minded organization are again tossing out the baby with the bath water.”

    You should have stopped at “tossing out the baby”

  16. What took them so long? Did they actually think they were going to find a GM dumb enough to trade something for a guy whose own father said that unless he changes something, he won’t live to see his 24th birthday?

    Manziel needs to get a grip on life, then worry about playing football. Right now, he looks like the biggest QB trainwreck since Art Schlichter.

  17. Once they called him Johnny Football Texas football legend and new kid in town. Now they just call Johnny Angel. Addict, abuser, a legend in his on mind.

  18. everyone acting like their early 20’s werent wild, or like they didnt make bad choices…this dude comes from a good background, he’ll get it figured out and bounce back.

    And if he doesnt, well, chalk it up to the factory of sadness ruining another promising young player…

  19. This guy needs a serous intervention and football is that thing he should be worried about at this point. It doesn’t matter what team he ends with as his problems will still be there and it won’t just go away with a great coaching staff or organization. He has the money now and he should step away and do what he needs to do to address his addictions or not much else will matter in the end.

  20. Have they called my Colts yet? Grigson has no problem overpaying for horrible talent from Cleveland. Probably give them our first rounder like we did for Richardson…

  21. Anyone with a functioning brain saw this coming.

    I feel bad for the Browns fans, they deserve better…

  22. I think it’s great that Manziel fleeced Haslam and the Browns. Now they can draft a QB in the first round again.
    Every 2-3 years, like clockwork.
    Consistency gives me comfort.
    I hope they get the next Brady Quinn.

    As for Manziel, he can now self destruct. We’ll probably read about him in the not too distant future.

  23. Not sure why the Browns would cut him now. They have cap room, and if he’s suspended by the league the Browns could get some of his salary back.

    As usual, the Browns have two choices and both of them are bad.

  24. vtsquirm says:
    Mar 11, 2016 10:06 AM
    I still can’t believe that as dumb as the Browns are they used a 1st round pick on Manziel.

    Read the comment above again and tell me if it makes any sense. Who’s the dumb one now?

  25. Once Manziel is cut, The Cleveland Browns will officially fall of the radar and the last loser out of First Energy Stadium can turn off the lights. Cleveland is watching some of their best players just walk away in free agency because they just don’t want to play here because they have seen others leave and win Super Bowl rings, and The Browns can’t even make the playoffs. The turnover on the coaching staff has been extremely high (even by NFL standards) and the front office has been a revolving door of incompetence.
    So Cleveland, you go ahead and cut Johnny Manziel. Get rid of Bart Simpson in cleats. Let Tony Grossi (WKNR) and Mary Kay Cabot The Cleveland Plain Dealer) tell you how to run your team and how Johnny HAS to go.
    That way their will be NO reason for anyone to follow the Browns for any reason what so ever because other then the hard core locals, NOBODY gives a damn about a team who has “Losing down to a science” by hiring guys who are now creating an analytical, evidence-based, sabermetric approach to assembling a competitive football team. It’s their “Moneyball” approach to the NFL.
    Let me guess.
    It will fail miserably too.
    By the mass exodus of free gents anyone can plainly see Manziel isn’t the only one who wants out of Cleveland.
    I wish him nothing but the best.

  26. That tell you how dumb Cleveland is. You trade him and getting something for him but it’s Cleveland so they will just cut him and get nothing. PATHETIC r the Browns. Another draft pick waisted as usual

  27. “Johnny will leave that armpit by the lake, he will grow in the next few years and become a very successful QB in the NFL. Because Cleveland is again cutting another future star”

    Let’s see: Brady Quinn, Seneca Wallace, Brandon Weeden, Charlie Frye, Derek Anderson, Kelly Holcombe, Luke McCown etc etc etc. Yeah – an impressive list of future stars in the NFL.

    The kid is 5 feet nothing, weighs a hundred and nothing, and has premature baldness, to boot.

  28. If Manziel was on the Vikes, thank God he isn’t, Zimmer would have made him wish his daddy never met his mommy.

    No sympathy here for someone who doesn’t take responsibility for their actions.

  29. He should start a consulting business based on being able to party like Keith Richards and never fail a drug test. He would make millions. First client is Josh Gordon.

  30. Dallas should sign him. Yes, his parents have some money, but it’s not like they are ultra rich. His “trust fund” has been way overblown.

  31. The Ravens cut Ray Rice last year, took a $9.5m dead money hit and fell to 3rd in their division. The Browns will only take a $4.3m dead money hit and they can’t fall in their division.

    I seriously suspect the lag was a result of Cleveland discussing keeping him for a $2.25 m cap hit (and only paying $800+k in salary this year) vs a $4.3m cap hit (cost more in cap space to cut him than keep him).

  32. It’s hard to believe that someone photographed drunk atop an inflatable swan might be a performance risk, yet here we are.

  33. I’m no Browns fan, but don’t blame the organization for Johnny’s ego, partying and being a woman beater. He did it to himself starting from his days in high school. Even his dad was concerned and refused to play golf with him. He is the very definition of Affluenza.

  34. As a Cowboys fan, I’m just relieved that this hopefully eliminates any chance of Jerry signing Manziel. The guy is a walking cancer and I don’t want him anywhere near my team. It seems like everyday there’s a new report of him being arrested for something new. Why any team would want ANYTHING to do with Johnny is beyond my ken. I just thank the Lord he won’t be on the Cowboys roster.

  35. The real tragedy to me is how badly Brown’s fans (who are some of the best fans in the NFL) have been screwed so badly for so long. Their real team moved to Baltimore where they built a great roster and won a couple of SBs. That should have been the Cleveland Browns, not the Baltimore Ravens. I feel for you guys and no, I’m not a Brown’s fan, I’ve been a Cowboy’s fan since I first saw them play a live game in the Cotton Bowl as a kid some 53 years ago. I seriously hope someone turns your team around for you and you win a Super Bowl (after Dallas does, of course). Mostly people just rag on the Browns all the time and being a Dallas fan, I can relate. I honestly hope things get turned around for you guys because I remember when you had great teams under QBs like Bernie Kosar and the “Kardiak Kids” under Brian Sipe.

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