Robert Griffin III to visit the Jets


The first free agent visit for quarterback Robert Griffin III is with the Jets.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Griffin is scheduled to visit the Jets today.

Griffin, the former Offensive Rookie of the Year whose career flamed out in Washington, became a free agent when he was released this week. There’s been a great deal of speculation about where he could land, with the Rams, Broncos and 49ers all mentioned as possibilities.

But the Jets, who appear unwilling to pay Ryan Fitzpatrick the kind of money he’s looking for, will be the first team to bring him in for a visit.

Griffin has looked like a shell of his former self since the injury that ended his rookie season, and last year he didn’t play a single snap. But there was once a time when he was one of the league’s brightest young stars. He may get a chance to show that stardom again, in New York.

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  1. Truthfully, I’d rather give him a 2 yr deal at a couple mil a year than pay Fitz $15 mil over the same period. Better upside, lower pay.

  2. Oh, please, please, please let this happen.

    Even when they Jets seem to be getting their act together, they just can’t resist making the same idiotic Jets-like move.

  3. I really don’t like getting my pleasure from someone else’s pain, but this would be really funny…:)

    Patriots fan

  4. Awesome. I’m going to get comfortable and go make some popcorn. This comedy is going to be hilarious.

  5. I don’t like getting my pleasure from someone else’s pain, but this would be really funny.

    Patriots fan

  6. This is just sending a message to Fitz that he’s not worth the money he’s asking for. If he was, the Broncos would’ve signed him by now instead of trading for Sanchez.

  7. “The most complete QB in the sport.”

    True statement. Complete as in done, over, finished.

  8. i’m thrilled that jets management isn’t going to break the bank for a journeyman qb with one good season. i wouldn’t mind taking a flier on rg3. let fitz walk, draft another qb and assess what we have after 2016.

  9. He would be a bad fit with the Jets. The fans in NY would pounce all over him and kill his pride is he messes up.

  10. Its so funny how Pats fans forget loss to Jets late season that cost them home field and the SB. Like Deflategate, in their minds it never happened. Keep hatin’!

  11. let me get this straight, RG3 is about as fragile as stain glass, and he is thinking about going to a division that has Jones, Nink, Suh, Williams, Wake, Darius and Huges….he may want to rethink that strategy.

  12. Please for the love of god let this guy end up in NY or LA. What’s left of his fragile psyche will be shattered by the media.

  13. It is completely idiotic to treat Fitz this way. He played extremely well last year, in fact he looked like a kid out there having a ball. He developed a great rapport with the receivers and the jets would be foolish to just let him walk. He plays with a lot of heart and deserves better. I’m sure b Marshall would agree.

  14. ladyjet says:
    Mar 11, 2016 2:25 PM

    The Jets beat Pats in Foxboro with Sanchez….not too worried


    Ummm, and how many players from that team are still on the Jets roster? Live in the past, much?

  15. Been a Jets fan over 40 yrs & I’ve been saying for over a week. I’d rather see Geno (God forbid) compete vs RG III (Lord help) in Chan’s system than overpay for Fitz. I wouldn’t mind bringing back Fitzpatrick, believe me, but it would be idiotic to overpay for him. People forget, Fitz was brought here to be Geno’s backup! Marshall said one of the reasons why he came to the Jets was because of Geno. Fitz has neither skill talent pedigree or age of Bradford Cousins or Brock, not even Kaep or RG III. Jets fans need to relax, this is a very different regime. People were panicking over Ivory! Macc got Forte for $2.5 mil per year cheaper. Let’s relax & let the off-season play itself out. Please.

  16. Bringing in Forte was a leadership move and Marshall in now a leader also. They will help the young QB’s greatly . Oh and why do the high flying Patriots always get their first TD of game v Denver and NYJ with 13 seconds left? Good to see Pats solidifying that O-line. Brady only needs 2 seconds to throw it to Von Miller I forgot.

  17. jetsarestacked says:
    Mar 11, 2016 2:24 PM
    i’m thrilled that jets management isn’t going to break the bank for a journeyman qb with one good season. i wouldn’t mind taking a flier on rg3. let fitz walk, draft another qb and assess what we have after 2016.


    This just goes to show you how used to futility Jets fans have become. The team was one game away from a playoff birth last season (thanks for duffing it, by the way) and now fans are already talking about phoning it in this season to rebuild next year.

  18. ladyjet says:
    Mar 11, 2016 2:44 PM

    The past? How about beating them last December?
    NOT THAT LONG AGO. Jet D line always dominates NE. Always will.


    And the Broncos thank you for that. Still failing to grasp your point.

  19. They can skip the film room on his tour of the facilities. We know he won’t be spending any time in there.

  20. logicalvoicepft says:
    Mar 11, 2016 2:12 PM

    The most complete QB in the sport. Quite the coup for NYJ if you can get him but the man WILL get paid people. Believe that.

    Why do you continue to shill for that busted bozo?

  21. @steelerben

    not phoning in 2016. i just think any qb the jets start next season can be as good as fitzpatrick was. he was AWFUL when when decker/marshall/ivory weren’t all healthy. fitz was the product of a loaded offense. he’s not worth $15+ million a year.

  22. Very good point. The best of the Jet talent was at positions other than QB….he profited from good play calling and the talent around him. Much more than any Jet QB had had in recent years. And it’s actually BRADY that did the “PHONING IN!”

  23. I there is anyone who could resurrect RG3’s career, it’s Todd Bowles. Having said this, I think this is a leverage tactic in getting Fitzpatrick to come to the bargaining table.

  24. As a lifelong Jets fan some of yall are dillusional not a big fan of his but anyone that’s behind center don’t have to be an A qb they can be a game manager marshall Decker rookie smith will come around forte and Powell we have a ton of talent around the qb position

  25. While he may be thinking there’s enough media there for his ego he would do well to keep in mind the NY media would eat their own young without a moments hesitation. LA on the other hand would fit the bill for him perfectly, plenty of media and they love divas.

  26. I like RG3. I really do. I think he’s an interesting guy. But having said that, he is no NFL QB and the New York media will make his life a living Hell.

  27. Would love to see the Lions pick him up.

    You may have to pay a bit more than other “take a flier” guys but it could be worth it. With health and coaching he could be a good QB. I’m not prepared to call him a bust.

    Think the Jets would be a perfect fit. Really like Bowles. Think he will be considered one of the best coaches in the game in the not too distant future. It is important he goes to a team with a top notch coach. Otherwise, you’re asking for failure when you bring him in.

  28. Tough to root for Griffin’s success as a Skins fan. In the end (despite all the drama), it came down to this: he simply did not get the job done. Too bad the Skins missed out on two 1st round draft pics & a 2nd rounder. I’m encouraged by the franchise direction lead by Scot McCloughan & Jay Gruden.

  29. If he signs the first words out of his mouth should be “we all know I haven’t lived up to the hype but I’m going to try to turn my career around, I’m going to give maximum effort and see what happens”. He won’t do that though. He’s gonna say something stupid and I’m gonna have to hear all about it instead of actual football and good players.

  30. rg3 ain’t my cup of tea, but it would be pretty funny to see him light it up with a new team.

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