Should Browns try to send Manziel to 49ers?


The fact that the Browns couldn’t cut quarterback Johnny Manziel before March 9 apparently didn’t mean they would cut him on March 9.

Manziel is still a member of the team, whether it’s because the Browns are waiting for a suspension in order to justify voiding his guaranteed money or because the Browns would like to try to trade a guy who, by all appearances, is currently radioactive.

Despite the rich green glow that comes from the bright red flag of a potential domestic violence prosecution, Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer suggests that the Browns should include Manziel in a package that would be sent to San Francisco for Colin Kaepernick.

It’s well known that Kelly recruited Manziel to Oregon, and that once Manziel gave Kelly a verbal commitment, the schools in his home state of Texas woke up. Now, Kelly could have Manziel plus whatever else the Browns would ship to San Francisco for Kaepernick.

That doesn’t mean the 49ers would or should want Manziel, given not only the pending criminal case but also a lifestyle that suggests Aldon Smith Part II, if not worse. It also doesn’t mean Kaepernick would be interested in Cleveland, where four key players have departed in the first two days of free agency and not a single new one has arrived.

New coach Hue Jackson possibly would be able to make a passionate pitch to Kaepernick, if Jackson gets the chance to do so. With better overall teams like the Broncos and Jets in the hunt, however, Kaepernick is more likely to want to go to either of those two places instead.

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  1. You are joking right? You can’t play football if you are in jail cell.
    I think the Grand Jury will decide whether Manziel plays this year or not, plus he is facing suspension on domestic abuse as part of the new NFLPA agreement.
    Party till you’re homeless Johnny.

  2. Chip and Manziel. I could only imagine the conversation, the spiking of shakes and the eventual blowup.

  3. The answer is “no”, the Browns should not send Manziel anywhere other than a rehab facility.
    Manziel needs to take at least a year away from football to get his life together. His own dad is on record as saying he’s headed for disaster.

  4. Anybody that gives this guy another job in football should be fired after the season, because that’s what’s gonna happen. He has been given dozens of opportunities to redeem himself, to fix his life, each time he either lied or didn’t even bother to respond. Anybody that gives him another chance is basically telling him he can get away with anything. Will be rooting hard against whoever picks this doofus up.

  5. Kelly could have drafted Manzeil when he was Johnny Football and instead went went with statue Nick Foles. So the reasonable answer would be why now would Kelly want a certifiable addict, women beater, and party animal now?

  6. So, after Manziel gave Chip Kelly a verbal agreement to play for Oregon and went back on it, WHY would Chip Kelly want Manziel? Come to think of it, why would he want him ANYWAY.

  7. They absolutely should not. Continuing to give him chances is just enabling him at this point. Manziel needs to hit rock bottom, hopefully it will drive him to get the help he needs. This is bigger than just football for him anymore, hopefully he can deal with his demons and live a productive life.

  8. A trade? A TRADE?! For Johnny Manziel? Can’t… stop… laughing….

    On the other hand if there are two NFL front offices who are wretchedly incompetent enough to try this, it’s the Niners and Browns.

  9. I’m mystified by the writer’s thought that Manziel possesses an ounce of trade value.

    That typically flies out the window when a Dad publicly expresses worry that his kid won’t see 25 years of age.

  10. The Browns should send him to anyone willing to part with a draft pick. Kaepernick can stay though.

  11. Manziel and a case of Blatz for Kap, would be fair. Both will be out of the league in a year

  12. Kaepernick would probably take a lot less money to go to Denver, and the 49ers wouldn’t want anything to do with Manziel. I’m sure Kaepernick likes Hue Jackson, but Jackson just got hired by a team that’s being run by a baseball guy? I know Kaepernick was at one time a pitching prospect, but I don’t see him going to Cleveland.

  13. Chip Kelly + Johnny Football = Multiple Super Bowls. Well, either that or a few 4-12 seasons.

  14. Do you really think the San Francisco front office cares where he wants to go? He DEMANDED a trade so I’m pretty sure the Niners couldn’t care less if he goes to Cleveland if they get the best offer from the Browns! It’s a business, right?

  15. the Browns should just fold…

    Mack’s record as a member of the Browns was 22-79…how is that even possible, even for that cesspool Cleveland..

    the Patriots lose 97 games….in 2 plus decades

    but hey with Paul and Sashi- what could go wrong….

    sashi…haha haha haha

  16. It would have to be a very 1 sided trade in 49ers favor for them to risk giving Manziel a shot. I would think whatever was offered along with Johnny Football would be the main part of the trade and that Manziel would be more like a toss in.

    If the 49ers are actually interested in Manziel they should be patient for his inevitable release then go after him when he’s no longer on the roster to avoid having to give anything up for him other than money. If that results in them missing out on him and he somehow gets a deal elsewhere, it could be for the best. The juice just doesn’t seem worth the squeeze. Either way, I’m not a fan of either team so seeing this happen would be pretty humorous to watch.

  17. The Browns should do what the Colts did to the City of Baltimore….In the middle of night drop off Manziel on the steps of 49ers HQ with no return address

  18. The media rush to the west would result in California finally sliding into the ocean.

  19. Of course the Niners want him… This would actually complete the train wreck in Santa Clara!

  20. I hope they are just waiting so that they can void his money. He gave the Browns next to nothing,so why not return the favor? Sending him to the 49ers will only continue to give him what he wants: a new place to party,and yet another chance,which he does not deserve.

  21. I’m not a Browns fan, but the media bashing the Browns for something they are trying to get away from is ridiculous! They need to stop the habit of overspending on aging Vets, and players that had one decent season, in four years! If this were any other team, the media would be, the proper way to build a team is through the draft. But, it’s the Browns and the media wants to do whatever they can to bash the Browns.

    The Browns need to stick to the draft. High priced FA’s and other teams leftover’s generally end up not panning out. The Browns new FO and Hue Jackson are sending that message, and the media is upset because the media wants them to do something they are trying to get away from. Not overspending! Stick with the plan Browns, and just draft right. Hang in there Browns fans, it’s the best way to build a team, and Hue will get it done! I wish he was still with my Raiders.

  22. Why would the 49ers want Manziel?

    I think they would rather have a bag of used footballs.

    Less drama, more useful on the field

  23. Not that Balke isn’t an idiot but really…. The Niners would be dumb as hell to take Manziel with a suspension looming.

    Can we trade Balke???

  24. Who cares what Kaepernick is “interested” in. You want out? You don’t get to have your cake and eat it too.

  25. Why on earth would anyone want to trade for Manziel right now? IF anyone is interested (and in my opinion that is a big if) they will just wait until he is cut.

  26. who in a sober frame of mind would trade for johnny goofball? all you have to do is wait a couple of months and you will be able to drive by the nearest gutter and say “johnny ,jump in the back” if the 49ers give the browns any thing more than a hand shake and a 6 pack for this guy they should be ashamed.

  27. Yes, the Browns should try to send Manziel anywhere other than Cleveland for a bag of footballs (preferably not deflated) or better. Will they be able to do that? No. Is there any other story here? No.

  28. If Kelly is actually willing to trade for this headache, I think it would pretty much confirm everything LeSean McCoy said about him. That said, it ain’t happening.

  29. “With better overall teams like the Broncos and Jets in the hunt, however, Kaepernick is more likely to want to go to either of those two places instead.”

    Funny thing. Adam Schefter reported on Twitter that Kaepernick wants to play in Cleveland and has respect for Hue. These “insiders” know just as much as I do about these deals going on.

  30. Thanks for the laugh. My week just ended on a high note.What else would Cleveland need to kick in even for the trade to become a REMOTE possibility????

  31. I apologize for my last comment, I didn’t know comments show up differently on the app than the web page, now I wonder how long it’s been doing that…

  32. Trick question? If the Browns can get a used hooker from Cleveland for Manziel why would they even blink?

  33. No thanks. The 49ER Faithful want Jared Goff.

    The 9ERS should trade Kaep to Cleveland for a 5th or 6th round pick and swap first round draft spots.

    Or get a 2nd or 3rd round pick from Den, Cle, or the Nyj.

    Take that 2nd or 3rd round pick and package it with another pick or two and try to trade back into the first round after their initial pick

    The 9ERS have holes everywhere and need immediate starters, not no guy who’s going to compete for a starting role in a year or two.

    They can’t even overpay free agents enough to take their money. Here in the bay all 9ER fans are livid about how we have the 2nd most cap space and can’t lure players. It’s flat out emberrassing.

    I’m not saying we needed to go spend every dime but hell at least get a gaurd for the oline, maybe a corner or a pass rusher. Instead we’ve only resigned our own guys. Outside of resigning Ian Williams the rest are garbage.

  34. Trade so he can sit a season? Every player is looking at the NFL to see how it handles his domestic violence and substance abuse issues. He is looking at sitting on the bench for half a season suspension or perhaps more. This trade talk is nonsense.

  35. But on that note…why not trade him to an AFC team. Say Man-child and a 3rd pick for a 7th.

    Maybe Denver bites…

  36. If there’s one guy that would actually trade for Manziel it’s Chip Kelly.

    It’s clear Chip and the Browns are meant for each other, right? He’ll probably be the next coach.

  37. To the idiots like Tuco, Kap threw for over 300 yards in the Super Bowl and only a panic time out call by Harbaugh prevented him from winning it. He has over 10,000 career passing yards with 56 TDs and only 26 Ints. He has 4 playoff victories and set an NFL record for QB rushing in a single game. His career PR is 88.8. Early in his career, Elway had four different seasons with more INTs than TDs. You young so-called fans know NOTHING about football.

  38. Does Manziel have offset language in his rookie contract? If so, it make a trade much more valuable even if the Browns get little draft pick compensation in return.

  39. I think TMZ has footage of him puking outside a bar or club last night.

    Trade him now for anything you can get.

    He’s the second coming of Leaf.

  40. lol is this supposed to be a good deal? Manziel has alcohol and domestic violence issues. I don’t think Chip wants that in probably is final shot as a NFL head coach.

  41. If by “include Manziel” you mean the Browns write his name in at the bottom of the deal and hope the Niners sign off without noticing… sure go for it.

  42. “Mack’s record as a member of the Browns was 22-79…how is that even possible, even for that cesspool Cleveland..”

    Its possible because Cleveland has one of about a dozen owners who have zero interest in winning a Super Bowl.

    The only concern those owners have is giving the fans just enough lip service to keep the money machine rolling. Its sad for the fans of teams like that they will never get a SB unless the ownership changes.

    This is a huge problem in the league and makes the whole parity concept laughable. Parity only works if everyone is trying to, you know, actually win.

  43. Memo to all the haters on here:

    The Clowns were 86 games under .500 before Johnny. The Clowns were a trainwreck long before Johnny ever arrived, so to the mental midgets that say Johnny gave the Browns nothing you are clueless. Hard to give a franchise anything that wouldnt put him on the field and told him to act like a backup his 1st day of training camp. Had an incompetent HC that will never sniff an NFL coaching job ever again that acted like a Jr High Principal instead of an NFL HC. Mind u the clown HC couldnt even figure out how to manage the clock.

    Johnny has talent and will succeed in his next stint. The Browns are and will always be a joke and their fans are flat out nimrods.

  44. Of course their writer would say to include Johnny Fukushima with a trade for Kaepernick, it would help the Browns a bit by doing so.

    As bad as Kaepernick is, he still somehow has better teams that want him. So even if he was somehow traded to the Browns, the 49ers would want a draft pick that can be positive, not a natural disaster where a plume of gloom can spread around the team some more.

    I could be wrong and the 49ers might be clueless enough to take on Johnny Chernobyl, but somehow I want to give even Jed York and Chip Kelly the benefit of the doubt on that one.

  45. if u had to live or work in Cleveland, u would drink excessive also…been there, done that.. the place is a dump…..and the Browns are an absolute dumpster fire…floating in the burning Cuyahoga River

  46. What the good people of Cleveland have to realize is that the same guy that drafted Manziel, is still running the show. You can change coaches and GMs every year if you want to, but a high draft pick like Manziel has to be approved by the owner. I know that a lot of owners know nothing about football, but this goes beyond football. Manziel was a problem waiting to happen and everyone in the world could see it. The guy that couldn’t see it is still calling the shots. Now he brings in a baseball guy to run his football team, so the lunacy continues.

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