Coby Fleener says some Colts were “along for the ride” in 2015


New Saints tight end Coby Fleener spent four seasons with the Colts. The first three were relatively successful, with playoff appearances capping each campaign. His last year was a major disappointment.

Now gone from Indianapolis, Fleener has spoken out about the season that was, with some candid insights about some of his teammates.

“I think it is one of those situations where it really reveals character,” Fleener told reporters during a conference call, via quotes distributed by the team. “The guys that kept fighting through it, knowing that we may not have our star quarterback on the field, but we still have a chance to win this game — those are the guys that you want in your corner. The other guys, it becomes pretty apparent that they are along for the ride.”

Fleener didn’t specify who was or wasn’t along for the ride. The reality is that, even without Andrew Luck and with the constant distraction of the head coach’s status, the Colts still nearly won the division.

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  1. Jerrell Freeman just signed the same deal with the Bears that the Colts had put on the table for him initially. Something is going very wrong in Indy if players are wanting to get out that bad.

  2. The Miami Dolphins are the furthest South team in the AFC. If they were in the AFC South (like they should be), they would have been Champs for the past 20 years.

  3. No team has 53 superstars, but the Colts obviously have the talent to have gotten to the AFC championship game in 2014, despite having a mediocre coaching staff. They’ve brought in a bunch of really good coaches and are getting rid of a few fringe players. They’ll be stronger than ever next year and once again be competing for a super bowl. Many experts predicted the Colts would be in the super bowl last year but Luck got hurt. 2016 will be a super bowl year for the Colts. They’re right on schedule. The Colts have been one of the winningest franchises over the last 20 years and that’s not by accident. Jim Irsay knows what he’s doing and he’s among the best owners in all pro sports.

  4. Agree this team lost there chance a few years back. The division has caught up and has made it really competitive. I see all close to .500 or a game under or over. The days of 12-4 are long gone. Sorry colts your GM doesn’t value the trenches and tries for home runs instead of doubles with the draft and skill positions. They needed help bad on the DL and drafted Dorsett and then the TR pick was like oh my god. I see this team going through what Peyton went through his first 8 years with luck now, never the right prices to get to the big game. Then they will pay him 22-24 mil and hurt the team even more not able to get the right pieces cause a lack of $. Tenn has a nice line and could easily contend this year. Jville is loaded with their QB and draft again and FA, and HOuston is primed. This is not the worst division in FB anymore, that belongs to the NFC east.

  5. He’s right.

    It doesn’t help that we don’t have the depth of talent to overcome the dysfunction. I’m not optimistic on our 2016 prospects. Hope I’m wrong.

  6. bassplucker says:
    Mar 12, 2016 3:17 PM
    Jerrell Freeman just signed the same deal with the Bears that the Colts had put on the table for him initially.
    Making stuff up doesn’t make it true.

  7. He may well be right. We’re not in that locker room so we are only expressing our opinions based on the view from the outside but it seems to me from watching colt games on tv that Fleener was as soft as any of the colts and a lot softer than most.
    Fleener shows a distinct lack of class by airing this now that he is gone.
    Seems to me the colts resigned the correct tight end from that draft.

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