Kaepernick should call team’s bluff, drop trade request


It’s still not clear whether anyone truly wants to trade for quarterback Colin Kaepernick. It is clear that the 49ers, who have done nothing publicly or private to push back against rampant reports of a potential deal that would send Kaepernick to Denver, Cleveland, or New York (and who possibly have been leaking possible destinations to create a market), want to trade him.

But if the Browns — or anyone else — expect Kaepernick to drop his already low (relative to other quarterbacks) base salary for 2016, Kaepernick should declare that he has changed his mind and wants to stay with the 49ers.

Calling the team’s bluff has no real downside for Kaepernick, if teams interested in trading for him expect him to take less money. Either the 49ers keep him from at least another year at $12 million, which becomes fully guaranteed on April 1, or they cut him and he can join a team that would be giving up nothing to get him.

If the Browns are indeed willing to part ways with a third-round pick but also want him to take less money (an inconsistent position that suggests either a halfhearted effort to make a deal or disagreement within the organization as to whether they should pursue him), the Browns presumably be willing to pay him more if they could get him without giving up the pick. That happens only if he’s released.

So that’s the smart play for Kaepernick. Take to Twitter and tell the world that he has decided that he wants to stay in San Francisco, and then wait for April 1 to come. He’ll either nail down $12 million at that point or the ability to go get the most he can as a free agent.

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  1. So that’s the smart play for Kaepernick.

    He hasn’t made many of those the last few years.

  2. That’s the thing, I think the 49ers actually do want him. If he has so much value to the world champions doesn’t it make sense that his current team might want to see if we’re the injuries and poor coaching staff might’ve been his downfall?

  3. Absent being traded with his contract as is…the smart play all along has been to wait out the niners till 4/1 and see if the they blink…if they do then hes free to go wherever he wants….if not he has $12M in his pocket…

  4. Why is he so intent on going to the NYJ?
    Who floated that information if not his own representatives?
    I hope the 9ers call his bluff if this comes down to an April 1st decision.
    He can risk his future value by trying to earn the money he already is Contracted for.
    If he feels he isn’t able to regain his starting job from Gabbert, he can look forward to spending a year as RG III did in ’15.
    If he wants out, he’ll make a deal elsewhere IMO.

  5. The smart play for the 49ers would have been not to run off the coach Kaepernick and the team had success with. They went from a contender to a joke because their owner and his lackey are morons.

  6. He clearly wants out of SF. If he hits the open market he’d be lucky to get 10$mil a season coming off his play last year.

    As a 9ER fan I could careless if he stays or goes. If he goes we get a an extra pick and can look for QB to lead the franchise in the future. If he stays they use him as at worst a stop gap until next season when he’s released. Or best case scenario he reforms back to the QB who lead the 9ERS to the Super Bowl.

    Either way the 9ERS need to draft a QB in the draft whether it be 1st round or 7th round. Gabbert is only signed for this upcoming season and Kaep is complete mystery. He could return to to be a franchise type QB for some fan base or he could be out the league in two years based off his play recently.

  7. Florio said: Browns presumably be willing to pay him more if they could get him without giving up the pick. That happens only if he’s released.

    This statement makes absolutely no sense. The draft pick they give up is totally unrelated to the amount of cap space they’re willing to tie up on him.

    Also the two obvious flaws in calling the 9rs bluff are 1 – he could get stuck being Blane Gabbert’s backup on a team where he doesn’t want to be, and 2 – teams interested in him today may make other choices before April 1, rather than waiting to see if he becomes available.

  8. I don’t understand Kaepernick’s beef. Doesn’t he see how poorly he performed? The 49ers have brought in a new coaching staff. A chance for a fresh start. I don’t get it.

    The 49ers might cut him and he’ll find out no one wants to pay him his current salary. I’ve enjoyed watching Kap over the years but this last year was a real puzzler.

  9. geefan1 says:
    Mar 12, 2016 10:43 PM

    This statement makes absolutely no sense. The draft pick they give up is totally unrelated to the amount of cap space they’re willing to tie up on him.
    In football terms, you have a point. But, since the Browns now have a baseball guy calling the shots, you never know what he is thinking. If he tries to use some sort of Sabermetrics to determine a player’s value, he could come up with some really foggy numbers.

  10. He stinks, period…and on top of that, he doesn’t work hard, dude never even looks at the playbook on the team assigned iPad, but he thinks he’s cool sporting all those tats and Jordan’s

  11. That’s the thing. He obviously doesn’t want to put in the work necessary to regain any of the form that he showed with Harbaugh. He’d rather go to the Browns and ride the PR bandwagon. So he can chill and listen to his Beats by Dre.
    I’m a 49ers fan and personally would like to keep a QB rather than go looking , but Kap hasn’t shown any of the leadership qualities that guys like Joe, Steve, or even Jeff Garcia showed while leading their respective teams. If Colin doesn’t want to treat his position professionally, then let him be somebody else’s problem. Move on. It definitely sets the franchise back, but at this point… The 49ers are basically starting over anyways… I’d rather save the headache and get a guy who’s at least got some heart and wants to do work rather than just talk about it.

  12. They will not release him without compensation. Baalke will not eat crow and just release him. He knows there are people that want him and will get something for him or eat 12$ and deal with this next season. This is what greed does and the only ones that suffer are fans. There should be something done in the CBA regarding contractual obligations. GMs with big egos will suffer when they eventually get canned. Baalke is buying time. Dumbass let JH go and hope JH wins a title in Ann Arbor. Go blue.

  13. Colin, stand your ground and call out the front office and they will fold just as sure as the sun will shine today. They gave a losing head coach over 10 million dollars going away pay (after just one season) so they have the bucks and no desire to be business people or just incompetent. Use that to your advantage, take them (York/Baalke)for all that you can as they are bring the club into being the laughing stock of the NFL …

  14. People tend to forget that for a big chunk of the 2000’s the 4 worst teams in the entire nfl were arguably in the NFC west. Looks like that division is heading there again

  15. 12 million for a starting QB is a bargain. That’s not a whole lot more than Chase Daniels is getting to watch Sam Bradford pretend he’s a good QB in philly.

  16. If I’m Kaepernick I sit back and don’t do a thing. Why do I want to help the Niners get a better pick or the Browns get a cheaper QB? Here’s my contract boys, keep me or cut me.

  17. As much as I dislike Kap, I admit he’s in good shape. Currently, interested teams are low balling him. Only because he’s not a free agent. He can stay put, collect his $12million as a backup and essentially take a year off. He can try again next year. If released, he can go exactly where he wants. He may take marginally less for this year but maybe able to leverage that against 2 or 3 years of security for a longer deal. In a perfect deal he signs a 10 year deal with the Jets AND Browns. He can alternate starts every other Sunday and simultaneously destroy both franchises.

  18. the problem in that he isn’t even guaranteed to win the starting job if he makes the 49ers keep him, which they will before cutting him. so let’s say he loses the job in camp to Gabbert, then sits all year, not playing, his career is possibly over as a starting QB. he will be 29 or 30 next year, and coming off 1 and a half years of not playing, preceded by a half year of playing like crap.

    teams aren’t going to be lining up to give him any kind of money or starting job guarantee. his career will effectively be over. his best shot is to re-emerge in a Chip Kelly offense. he should have humbled himself from the beginning and told them he will do whatever they want him to do, he just wants to compete.

  19. Media just wants in in san francisco or Denver. Soon as Jets and Browns got a shot then said hes washed up lol. So many years and organizations like Jets, browns get disrespected. Jets stop messing around and deal second pick. Ya dont draft good anyway.

  20. Its best Keap moves on. What really killed it for Kaep was that Rams game when the 9ers got the ball around their 8 yard line 1st & 10 and when they lined up, the Rams failed to cover Tory Smith standing all by himself. Now this is the best and fastest receiver the 9ers have and you don’t Cover Him! Tory was trying to get Kaep’s attention without alerting the Rams. Kaep Dosen’t even survey the defense to spot the Rams error that would have been an easy Long TD for the 9ers. He snaps the ball and hands it off the RB for 2-3 yard gain! He was benched after that and lost the locker room… he needs to go with no hard feelings. We drafted in the 2nd round we should get a 2nd round for him, still a lot of up side to him.

  21. Niners aren’t driving this…the Browns and Broncos are. Kaepernick’s camp requested the trade…it’s all on him/them and the bidding teams.

  22. I wish I knew what Kelly wants. I like Kaep hope he finds success with us or with another team – it sucks when you are not appreciated my team released me because they were too self absorbed to see what an asset I was – and it turned out to be to my benefit. I think Kaep believes in himself and that is what is most important. Good luck Colin – stay strong brother.

  23. Kaepernick should try the Chip Kelly system, it might be good for him. If it doesn’t work out, he’ll likely be traded for a low rounder or flat out released. As much as he loves to work with Hue Jackson, he’s not the one writing and signing the checks. Hue Jackson doesn’t care if the Browns pay $1 billion a year for him, it’s not his money, he’s got nothing invested in the team or have any stock options with the team. If he flops, hue Jackson might go back as an offensive coordinator or a HC in college. So, he’s still going to get employed and someone will still give him his money. Kaepernick should either report to camp, and battle with Gabbert for starting QB, or take the paycut.

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