Marvin Jones contract doesn’t clearly reflect No. 1 receiver money


It’s widely believed that receiver Marvin Jones instantly becomes the No. 1 receiver in Detroit. Golden Tate may have something to say about that.

Tate’s contract says plenty, relative to the deal Jones signed earlier this week.

Jones received an $8 million signing bonus on a five-year, $40 million deal. Another $5 million in 2016 compensation is fully guaranteed, along with $4 million of his 2017 base salary of $7 million.

Jones is due to make $7 million in 2018, $6.5 million in 2019, and $6.5 million in 2020.

Two years ago (when the cap was more than $20 million lower), Tate signed a five-year, $31 million deal with the same signing bonus of $8 million. In 2017 and 2018, Tate will make a total of $13 million; Jones will earn $14 million.

That said, Jones will make $27 million over the first three years, which puts him among the top-1o receivers in three-year payout.

Last month, Tate said he’s “absolutely” ready to take on a bigger role in the offense, in the event Calvin Johnson retires. Johnson is indeed gone and Jones has arrived, but the compensation package received by Jones doesn’t scream out that he’s definitely the No. 1 receiver.

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  1. Good for Detroit for not overpaying. Jones obviously digs the deal. No telling who will emerge as the actual #1 so no need to pay for it until it happens.

  2. Smart move. Clearly the Lions braintrust doesn’t want an Alvin Harper situation and have written the deal accordingly. Would not surprise me at all if they go WR at some point in the draft too and maybe even more than once.

    Smart moves coming out of both Detroit and Chicago plus Vikings on the rise under legit coaching should make for interesting times in the NFC N this year.

  3. All it means for Tate is that he and his agent will ask fit more money and to restructure next year now that the Lion’s don’t have Johnson to compare him to. That’s about the only thing related to a #1 reciever you’re going to get out if Tate.

  4. #1 WR is a myth unless you have a player like Calvin. I honestly believe if Jones plays anywhere near the level I expect him to play at the Lions offense will actually be better. Stafford always had the unfortunate trait of locking in on Calvin. If all options are equal I think it will force him to better spread the ball around. It seemed to play out that way whenever Megatron was injured

  5. I think EVERYONE knows there isn’t a true number one WR. IN their combined 9 years in the NFL they have one 1000 yard season between them.

    While I don’t know if they would have found someone better to replace Stafford if they turned him loose… Are Lions fans happy with him as the QB or are you ready to move on?

  6. I don’t see why people care so much about other people’s money. If it isn’t going into my pocket…I couldn’t care less. There are so many cap loopholes and wink wink nod nod deals that go on behind the scenes…that this stuff really shouldn’t concern us fans. As long as the contract doesn’t negatively affect the team…then have at it.

  7. It’s a fine signing regardless of the price tag. The 2016 roster won’t be set for almost 6 months and plenty of activity will hasten by then. Like most teams, any success the Lions have this year will be a function of how well the offensive and defensive lines play. If Stafford is protected, the combo of Tate/Jones/Riddick/ Abdullah and ??? will be enough to compete for a division championship BUT that will only be possible if the defensive line gets sacks and stops and the head coach starts managing the game better. WR is not even the Lions third biggest concern.

  8. Watching Jones pro career. He can be a number one. He has glue for hands. Very talented. He will be missed in Cincy.

  9. The Bengals, who are not capped out, sure seem to be allowing quite a few decent players to leave.

  10. The Lions should be “OK” at receiver with Tate and Jones as long as Riddick and Ebron keep developing. They have bigger issues at OL, DL, and S. RB might even be a bigger weakness.

  11. Bengals offered Jones a very competitive offer, thought he’d be back. Mojo wanted more touches. Behind Green, Eifert and the running game he wasn’t going to see more. Sad to lose him – he will do great things for Stafford.

  12. ” … but the compensation package received by Jones doesn’t scream out that he’s definitely the No. 1 receiver.”

    So what? Who cares who’s Number 1? AS long as they both do well. That’s what really counts.

  13. He is also a straight line speed one trick pony who struggles getting open. It does sort of force them to take a wr in two, and coach him up. But the replacement, the kid from LSU, is likely already on the roster. I think Gio Bernard plays some slot next year.

  14. He wasn’t staying in cincy, no amount of money is worth an 0-for on your playoff resume.

  15. zappa69 says:
    Mar 12, 2016 1:10 PM

    Remember when this guy broke his arm getting a pizza? Lol. Tate and the giant donut! Oh wait, no, close enough. Go pack go!

    That was Nate… as in Nate Burleson. Not Tate.

    Good joke though.

  16. sandiegolion says:
    Mar 12, 2016 6:03 PM

    The Lions should be “OK” at receiver with Tate and Jones as long as Riddick and Ebron keep developing. They have bigger issues at OL, DL, and S. RB might even be a bigger weakness.
    Agree. The RB situation is ugly, but you don’t have to spend for RBs anymore in this league. The OL is more important to a running game than the back (there are a few exceptional running backs obviously… but most good running games are due to elite blocking, like KC saw this year when Charles went down)

    Address the interior DL and OL first in the draft and use FA to get depth. Finding a LT and moving Reiff back to RT would be the best situation for this team, but easier said than done. Draft a later round RB and hope you find a guy that can carry on early downs.

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