NFLPA tells agents to reject “inappropriate” language in Rams contracts


The Rams apparently are staying in St. Louis. In one very specific, self-serving way.

Per a league source, contracts being offered to new players state that the laws of Missouri, not California, control the relationship. The NFL Players Association has in turn instructed all certified contract agents to reject that term as “inappropriate.”

Other language in the contract makes the purpose of this strategy clear. The Rams hope to nudge any workers’ compensation claims away from California and into Missouri.

From the contract: “The parties hereto acknowledge that this Player Contract has been negotiated and executed in Missouri; that should any dispute, claim or cause of action (collectively ‘dispute’) arise concerning rights or liabilities arising from the relationship between the Player and the Club, the parties hereto agree that the law governing such dispute shall be the law of the State of Missouri.  Furthermore, the exclusive jurisdiction for resolving Workers’ Compensation related claims shall be the Division of Workers’ Compensation of Missouri, and the Missouri Workers’ Compensation Act shall govern.”

The NFLPA strongly disagrees. “We believe that any reference to the state of Missouri is inappropriate since the Rams have relocated to California as evidenced by the fact that they have changed their name on their website to the Los Angeles Rams, are prepared to hold off-season workouts and training camp in California, and will practice and play their home games in California in 2016,” the union says in the memo to all agents.

It’s a gutsy move by the Rams, for a variety of reasons. Apart from trying to keep workers’ compensation claims out of a forum that universally is regarded as grossly pro-employee, the Rams hope to impose burdens on the administrative mechanisms of the state they have now abandoned.

Here’s the bottom line. If you move to California, you accept everything that goes along with it. And if there’s something about it you don’t like, don’t move there.

63 responses to “NFLPA tells agents to reject “inappropriate” language in Rams contracts

  1. How are they even permitted to draw up a contract like this? Do they still have a business connection to Missouri?

  2. Workers comp in Missouri is a joke. They basically out you through a grinder to get it and when you do it amounts to about enough to buy groceries every other week.

  3. Yo Stan! If you wanted to benefit from Missouri law, you should of stayed in Missouri. What a jerk. If you’re a player looking at that contract, you already know that your physical health is a mere money and ease-of-litigation issue for your greedy, selfish owner.

    Oh, and he colors his hair & ‘stache too dark and looks like a fake, too.

    Same ol greedy a– Rams.

  4. It is another sad statement on the state of the NFL

    The owners are always trying to find way to pay players as little as possible. To play a very dangerous game that can and has lead to life long injury and disability.

    Once the player is used up, the owners and the league are done with them. What? you got hurt! you knew the Risks of playing football? Except, uh, we paid our nfl docs to hide evidence of the risk, but… took our money for a few years! on the non-guaranteed contracts that we can get out of at nearly any time!

    Players accept some risk when they play football. But from stupid contract tricks like this, to NFL owners that make billions but refuse to put adequate playing surfaces in their tax payer financed stadium and then complain when someone blows out a knee playing in a mud bowl that they are soft.

    I think the NFL is on borrowed time. As more evidence of head injuries come out, they either will go bankrupt or have to fundamentally change football.

  5. If injury happens while team plays in St. Louis, Missouri law applies. If it happens when team starts playing or working out in California, that state’s law applies. Simple as that.

  6. Wow. Billions of dollars for the Taj Mahal Stadium in California, and yet they are trying to stiff workers and the State of Missouri.

    These guys truly believe they are above the law.

    Nothing new here.

  7. It may seem a little slimy, but I am not sure they’re legally wrong.

    I worked in New Jersey for a company incorporated in Missouri and it was the same deal. Few of the company’s employees lived in St. Louis, only the owner and a few management types.

    If they are incorporated in Missouri, they are a Missouri corporation. They can call themselves anything they want.

    Not saying it’s the right thing to do, but I am not sure they are legally wrong.

  8. How scummy. And on a side note it’s refreshing that there are at least a few states out there like California that aren’t total backwater conservative cesspools where workers rights are constantly trampled on. Pretty soon there won’t be a middle class at all there will just be the poor and the super rich.

  9. Businesses need oversight or they will take advantage of employees. That’s why unions exist. This is a perfect example of that.

  10. And the Kroenke-sleaze just keeps getting sleazier. The St. Louis fans did more to support the Rams, despite 14-losing seasons and only 4-winning than the people of LA did with a dominant, routine play-off contender. And Kronke just crapped on them like it was a scat-party.

    And, of course, he refuses to refund the balance of the PSLs even though he owes them close to a decade of obligation.

  11. Examples such as this are what makes me wonder when working class people tell me how evil unions are. They may not be perfect, but there has to be a counter balance to management.

  12. CA has very strong worker’s protection laws so of course the league wants as few team as possible operating under them.

    Scumbag billionaires in action.

  13. Are the Rams a corporation (inc) or an LLC and in what state are they filed? Wouldn’t this be the determining factor?

  14. the610limited says:
    Mar 12, 2016 11:30 AM
    If injury happens while team plays in St. Louis, Missouri law applies. If it happens when team starts playing or working out in California, that state’s law applies. Simple as that.


    Where did you go to law school? Trump University?

  15. This is proof of how the filthy rich got that way to begin with. I’d be willing to bet he’s also a crappy tipper. Worth 7 billion dollars but still guarding every penny. I don’t believe in heaven but I do believe every day spent with old Stan is hell

  16. It only makes sense that the Rams would want to protect themselves from the destructive rules of the People’s Republic of California. Expect California to rule in favor of players in ways that no other state would. Such as expecting the team they play for to cover their health care costs for life. It’s coming. After that, any player that played for a California team at any time would be forced to pay.

  17. Technically it’s legal as their offices are still located in St Louis; they’re still “looking” for a site to set up shop in LA until the stadium is built.

    Kroenke being Kroenke though, he’s probably already had a site picked out for 3 years

  18. Workers and unions have been getting screwed over by Big Business more and more for decades. Enough is enough.

  19. Further evidence that the scum can’t be cleaned off the top of the NFL greed pond since that’s all the pond is made up of. Anyone that thinks this is emblematic of just Kroenke is delusional. Be it the players, taxpayers, fans or the NFLPA the league itself has shown their avaricious contempt time and again. They care so little they don’t even bother with subtlety anymore. Hard to believe most of the more egregious examples would have happened under Tagliabue’s watch where, if nothing else, at least appearances mattered. That stuff like this is even attempted is one more glaring example of the difference between a commissioner and a commi$$ioner. No wonder Roger still has a job

  20. No it’s not where you get inured. Workers comp is paid according to the state where the business has physical facilities. Thus offices in LA are most certainly physical facilities. I am willing to bet the Rams will say when they had the contracts reprinted to allow for the name Los Angelos Rams, they over looked the part about the state of Missouri in the rest of the contract. This would be pinned on their lawyers reviewing all new documentation. Tony recollection the Rams have maintained an office in CA all the while they were in Missouri. It doesn’t matter, California State law will be dictated if an injury comes up. Players DO pay state tax for each state they play a game in but players do not file for workers comp in a different state where they get injured. That’s completely wrong.

  21. Too many garbage franchises polluting the league anyways. Goodell should just pull the plug on these guys, the Browns, Jags, Titans, Jets, Eagles, and Lions.

  22. Yes, and the players would like a provision in the contract saying they’re actually working in Texas so they won’t have to pay any state income tax.

    Maybe I’ll draw up a contract for myself saying I’m really living and working in some country that has no taxes. These fantasy games are fun!

  23. As a side note, any mention of integrity, honesty, gratitude, or playoffs should be removed from Rams dialogue as inappropriate.

  24. Rams have no offices any longer in Missouri. They moved out of the dome and earth city last month. Their lease on earth city propert expired the last day of the 2015 league year. This is something PFT should really look into.

  25. The Redskins have been sued multiple times and lost, for insisting that all substantive work functions are performed by the players in Virginia. The games in Maryland are considered by the team to be like some occasional non-significant part of the job. Like going to a work conference, I guess. The courts agreed, until they didn’t.

  26. I heard that Missouri doesn’t have a problem with workers comp, because they are all on welfare. Most don’t work, just collect off taxpayers!!

  27. Isn’t the move official. Why try to this year’s players because they can’t get away with this nonsense next year so the NFLPA is correct. Every thing California applies including those killer taxes, etc. My question is, what about the contracts signed prior. Once they move, do MO laws apply or CA laws. This should have been hashed out by the league before the move.

  28. sonoco says:
    Mar 12, 2016 11:34 AM

    “Sure, I’ll sign . . . if I get the benefit of the Missouri income tax rate.”

    This is a genius observation. Really, no snark.

    This is as astute as you can get when looking at contract consistency.

  29. I guess Stan and Demoff should have thought about all of that when they left. Yes the cost of doing business is far greater in LA than St Louis. I hope Missouri steps up and says the Rams can’t do that. Screw Stan and Demoff.

  30. When they say the nfl is a business, this is the kind of stuff that is included in that statement. Lawyers get big bucks because they keep track of the small money and it doesn’t take long for a lot of small money to add up to real money.

  31. I can see the ST Louis fans still have their panties in a warm let it go Some of your remarks are getting old Starting to sound like young school children. You are the same people that lauded Kroenke when he bought the team outright and hated Georgia Held Kroenke on the highest for hiring Fisher Loved him for spending the money on FA busted Shawn But you all forget. John Shaw brought you all the GSOT.

  32. It’s so hard to try and just enjoy the team you want to cheer on these days knowing how awful the league office and owners are treating the people who support the product or work for the team’s in various roles . The greed is too much, something needs to change.

  33. Just when you think the NFL owners can’t get any sleazier.

    What kills me is it’s so poorly executed. You’d think the owners would have better shysters.

  34. Say what you will about California, but at least we care about the people and working conditions.

  35. patsbrat says:
    Mar 12, 2016 11:46 AM
    Are the Rams a corporation (inc) or an LLC and in what state are they filed? Wouldn’t this be the determining factor?
    Wholly irrelevant. Its where you’re doing business that matters.

  36. Smart move by the Rams. They were hoping this would makes its way into the headlines so that now, free agents will acknowledge the player-friendly environment that California has to offer.

  37. “Gutsy” move by the Rams ? I can think of several more appropriate adjectives. “Slimy”…”Scummy”…”Unscrupulous”…”Chutzpah-Fueled”

  38. California has the most oppressive and insane laws related to worker’s comp in the entire country. It’s no wonder the Rams don’t want to fall under the purview- it’s no wonder so many businesses actively avoid the state. No wonder it’s going bankrupt

  39. Screw the players. It’s about time the NFL teams are allowed to protect themselves from greedy and criminal players.
    The players are protected by their union and the media, NO ONE protects the NFL itself or the franchises from players who enjoy drugs, alcohol, and beating women.

  40. Why would any player or city trust the NFL or the Ram franchise ? We have spent a year and a half hearing about deflategate which is about footballs with not enough air in them and the NFL came down on the Patriots with penalties. Now we are talking about a team that knowingly tried to swindle players into having workman comp. coverage in a state that they don’t play in any longer . What is the penalty for that ? The only reason they will change it is because they were caught. Along with tanking the last three seasons and not being honest to anyone in STL about moving ( they knew since 2013 ) shouldn’t the NFL be investigating this sorry franchise ? It starts at the top with the owner and Demoff.

  41. The Rams are just using up the old forms in their old office. As Demoff stated, OF COURSE when the players move to greater LA, CA laws will supercede MO’s. Duhhhhhh

  42. Only a hick slightly north of the Ozarks would think contracts signed where the company is situated would hold fast after the company changed states. The law would never work that way, automatically changing to fit the laws of the new location. The Rams were based in MO until no sooner than last Thursday and were using up the forms as they LEGALLY HAD TO until the move was made, when all players under contract would OBVIOUSLY fall under Cali law. Lying St Loser Mike added his own phrase into the description of the contracts in the first paragraph, specifically ‘NOT California laws’, which was not part of the contract, as if the Rams had a handful of new forms printed up just for newly signed players to keep their workers comp payments stuck in inferior Missouri law TO SAVE A FEW PENNIES when CLEARLY everything about the move is costing the Rams literally billions, billions they will easily recoup in their new greener pastures. This is typical hillbilly-think issuing from St Loser, which has no clue how contract law works. MAN it feels so good the Rams escaped such a hellhole of imbecility. Stan Kroenke ought to win the Nobel Prize for freeing the Rams from that mind-numbing prison of anti-sophistication.

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