Patriots re-sign Nate Ebner

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The Patriots and backup safety/special teams player Nate Ebner have agreed to a contract to keep Ebner with the team.

A sixth-round pick in 2012 as a special teams player, Ebner has played in 57 games over his four NFL seasons. A former rugby player who didn’t play high school football and walked on at Ohio State as a junior, he’s played some safety but has been a staple on the Patriots’ kick coverage units.

Ebner was third on the Patriots with 11 special teams tackles last season.

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    Guys like Ebner and Brandon Bolden log a lot of miles as they are on all kick / return teams.

  2. Good. The Pats value ST and are in the top 5 in the league every year. JJudge needs to get his act together a little better. O’Brien’s retirement was big. That loss to the Eagles last year was ridiculous.

  3. This is the type of signing that your GM is not smart enough to make. This is the type of signing that makes the pats the greatest team in sport. This is why we almost go 19-0 and almost win the Super Bowl almost every year.

  4. This is the difference between Bill Belichick and the rest. Where others are spending like drunken sailors, Bill recognizes, rewards and re-signs low key Special Teams contributors. Nate Ebner is a true Patriot who does his job well. He excels in New England’s culture because he is selfless.
    The genius of Belichick is his total comprehension of the team. The quiet understated beauty in excellence.

  5. Good re-sign, now we hope and pray our 39 year old QB beats father time for another year. Deflategate revenge tour 2.0 underway.

  6. Nothing would be more appropriate than BB and NE43 retiring the same year and going into the HOF together. The visionary coach/GM who had the divine knowledge and the guts to sign him and the best drop kicker of this generation.

  7. Didn’t play high school ball? Walked on at OSU as junior? Okay. I’m impressed. And he has a ring!

    Doesn’t really matter. Just throwing it out there.

    Uh, Go Patriots!

  8. Yes, he’s a “hard worker,” but he’s also an elite athlete- just like 99.9% of the guys on this level. He wouldn’t have had his rugby career or been able to walk-on a top college football team, while putting up top-tier numbers at his pro day for speed and strength, otherwise.

    In addition to the signing, you also have to credit BB for the initial draft pick, which I’m sure no one expected. He might be “only” a role player, but most late round picks never pan out and many 6th and 7th rounders don’t even make the team at all. They used a pick on a guy who actually has a purpose and performs, not just someone fighting for a 3rd string role at a common position.

  9. Nate is a house favorite. He gets more cheers with every block, tackle, and especially if he is playing D, which he did a bit this year. This guy was an elite Rugby player, and honestly I’d love to see him try some offense sometime in the NFL.
    Go find some old film of his Ohio Rugby days, it’s impressive.

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