Bears add Akiem Hicks


Thirty years and a month after the ’85 Bears won a Super Bowl with one of the best defenses of all time, the Bears are in the process of using free agency to load up their 2016 version of the team’s defensive unit.

The Bears have announced that defensive lineman Akiem Hicks has signed a two-year deal.

The Saints traded Hicks to the Patriots in September 2015. He appeared in 13 regular-season games and two playoff games for the Patriots, with no starts.

The Bears have signed linebacker Danny Trevathan and linebacker Jerrell Freeman, and they’ve resigned cornerbacks Sherrick McManis and Tracy Porter.

While the Bears have a long way to go before anyone will confuse them with the Super Bowl XX champions, they’re doing what they have to do to better make the transformation from a 4-3 to a 3-4 defense in coach John Fox’s second season with the team.

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  1. Ryan Pace keeps lining em up and knocking em down. I felt like the Bears needed 5 new starters on D to get things turned around and as of today we’re at 3 with the draft yet to come.

    If we can snag A’Shawn Robinson in the draft that means a starting front 3 of Hicks 6’5 325 age 26 yrs, Eddie Goldman 6’4 330 age 22 and A’Shawn 6’4 315 and 21 on opening day. Good luck running against that.

  2. Trevathan, Freeman, and Hicks should be good acquisitions and the fact that the D-coordinator in Chicago is Vic Fangio only reinforces that notion.

    That said, there’s still a lot of work to do with this D. They need a SS and at least one CB. Rolle was abysmal last season (when he could get on the field) and nobody knows what they have in Fuller yet. But, it all starts up front and their front 7 looks legit on paper now. Time will tell. They actually still need another 3-4 DE IMO.

  3. This is another smart move by Pace. Hopefully all of them pay out on the field. Either way, I am simply impressed by the body of work of such a young man. He has done all in his power to clean the terrible, terrible mess left behind by Emery&Trestman. Some of his decisions might not have been easy (namely, Tillman and Forte), but you cannot blame him for not showing the necessary effort to address the main needs of the roster.

  4. Maybe not 1985 but they’re doing a good job of filling the holes with young experienced talent. The draft will need to bring the superstars.

  5. Pace has far exceeded my expections since being named GM. I can’t wait for another solid draft class to add to these key signings. Hopefully we draft another DE and some secondary help. Amazing how we went from the worst ILB pair in the league to top 3. Hicks will go a long way in helping to keep them clean.

  6. Good job Bears!
    I loved my decade living in Chi!

    I hope you guys finish 2nd every year and the Lions finish 3rd.

    Time to get the rivalry back on track.

    Team owner…

  7. Another great move by Pace. Trevathan, Freeman, and Hicks, plus bringing back Porter and McManis, has transformed the defense into what could be a special unit.

    The offense, which is now the biggest question mark, was helped by adding Massie and allowing Long to move back to RG. They need to re-sign Zach Miller and hope Cutler continues to minimize his turnovers as he did last year. Alshon Jeffrey and Kevin White should be a solid WR duo.

    On special teams, Gould needs to revert to his former self, and we need to kidnap Tress Way back from the Redskins.

    Looks like I’ll be paying attention to this team after all.

  8. I thought he was great last year when he got in there but Belichick didn’t use him a lot. Though It seemed like every time he was out there he was making plays. I was really hoping that the Pats would hold onto him and give him some more playing time but we already have Brown and Easley up front for the foreseeable future so I guess he became expendable. Bears got a good solid defensive lineman.

  9. Akiem Hicks > Hakeem Nicks
    A short couple of years ago this would have provoked a LOL

  10. The Saints were 31st on D the last 2 seasons, and yet they traded Hicks away.
    What does that say?
    They were really counting on him and it didn’t happen.
    He was not good enough pass rusher on the outside and not stout enough on the inside… He was kind of a tweener.
    Was the strongest guy on the Saints too.
    They traded him for Hooman, who they love and gave a 3 year deal

  11. If you watch his highlight reel you can see why Bears fans are excited. Enormous power plus surprising pass rush ability for a guy his size and once he gets his hands on the guy with the ball, it’s over. The Bears have not had a force like that on their D-Line for a long time.

  12. ahzroc says:
    Mar 14, 2016 11:18 AM

    The Saints were 31st on D the last 2 seasons, and yet they traded Hicks away.
    What does that say?
    To me it says Ryan Pace is now spending his 2nd year in Chicago, and Mickey Loomis is terrible.

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