Dak Prescott expresses remorse for “misjudgment”


A day after his arrest for suspicion of DUI, former Mississippi State and 2016 draft prospect quarterback Dak Prescott issued a statement expressing regret (shocker) for the situation.

“I want to make a statement, and first take complete responsibility for my actions,” Prescott wrote in a statement released to multiple members of the media. “I’m very remorseful for my misjudgment. I want to apologize to my true supporters, my family, Mississippi State University, the NFL, and the kids who look up to me. I won’t ask for forgiveness; however, I’ll show the true man I am and exhibit my character through my actions and behavior moving forward.”

Issuing a statement like this while facing criminal charges carries risk, since anything he says can and will be used against him in court. The statement feels like a confession, even if the only thing he has admitted to is a “misjudgment.”

The arrest came two days after the Mississippi State Pro Day workout.

It’s unclear whether and to what extent the arrest will impact Prescott’s draft stock. It definitely won’t help, especially after the misadventures of Johnny Manziel. Though he was never arrested for DUI, Manziel’s alcohol use contributed to his termination by the Browns after only two years.

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  1. Didn’t he say something similar at the NFL combine? One would have to question his sincerity. Here’s what he really wanted to say…

    I’m very remorseful that my misjudgment is going to cost me a lot of money. I won’t ask for forgiveness because I’ll probably do this again. I’ll just show you how little character I have by my nonsensical actions and behavior.

  2. And he got his butt kicked on Spring Break? I was hoping this dude would pan out. Not a great start for someone who’s leadership is supposed to be one of his strengths!

  3. Actually, good for the NFL teams looking at this cat. It puts him where he’s supposed to be on anyone’s draft chart: 5th rounder. No second guessing that.

    Then, I think about Warren Sapp and his positive MJ test at the combine..

    .. we all saw how that ended up. We also saw the after affects of a man-child gone wild when the NFL was done with him. And you know that wasn’t his first rodeo.

    “Man’s gonna play” vs. “Man’s gonna play in the NFL and inspire..”

    Is it really all cut and dried like that? Is it that simple?

    Sorry… more than 75 words there.

  4. It’s fine to drink just be like Bernie and don’t own a car so you can never get caught drunk driving.

  5. Let me ask you all this :
    Would this type of thing ever happen to Andrew luck ? Or Andy Dalton? How about Matt Ryan, or Joe Flacco, or Derek Carr? Shall I go on?? This kid isn’t sorry. He is sorry he got caught. He has BUST written on his forehead

  6. Everbody remember, Shane Ray from last year ? Although, Ray was caught with pot. These kids need to be a little smarter than this, but don’t think he’s another Manziel.

  7. This “misjudgment” won’t cost him millions – he’s (was) a low 3rd-round prospect at best – but it could easily cost him many thousands. It’s what, 4 months from the end of bowl season to the NFL draft? And these kids can’t keep their lives on the straight and narrow for 4 months with dollars like this at stake. Hard to imagine, especially for the prospects (and there are a lot of them) who have been dirt poor pretty much their entire lives.

  8. “I’m very remorseful for my misjudgment” Only a Dak would believe that he wrote that. Who talks like that? I might believe him if he had said, “sorry. My bad, bro.”

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