Report: Bills fire D-line coach Dunbar


The Bills have fired defensive line coach Karl Dunbar, Kimberly Martin of Newsday in New York reported Sunday.

Dunbar was hired in Jan. 2014. The Bills went from a league-best 54 sacks in 2014 in his first year to 31st last year with 21 sacks.

Dunbar also worked under Bills head coach Rex Ryan for three years with the Jets. He has 12 years of NFL coaching experience.

51 responses to “Report: Bills fire D-line coach Dunbar

  1. In before the childish comments from some of our regular arm chair experts here.

    On topic: Looking forward to seeing how the Ryan brothers work out together.

  2. Players don’t perform. Needed players don’t get hired, drafted……

    Fire that line coach….? Okay; what is different from the good times and bad? The same coach means something else is going on…..

  3. jaxairsupport says:
    Mar 13, 2016 6:36 PM

    Not being mean but what’s up with his face? Burn victim?

    It’s a skin condition where he’s losing the pigmentation, called vitiligo. He’s just losing the coloring in his skin.

  4. Rob Ryan, “This place ain’t big enough for the two of us.”

    Karl Dunbar, “It’ll take me about 2o minutes to get hired again.”

  5. So because Mario Williams sandbagged last season, a good DL coach loses his job. Makes perfect sense.

    He won’t be unemployed for long.

  6. As a Bills lifelong fan I only find solace in the simple fact either Rex will have a better year with his system or he and his staff get fired.

    Either way there should be a positive at the end of this season.

    I do believe Mario and even Darius screwed their teammates and us fans playing half speed and not to get hurt. The biggest was of 26 million between two babies.

    Please Kyle Williams call out this softies

  7. Rex just isn’t man enough to look in the mirror and own up to the defenses short comings.

    Great coaches run a system that fits the teams personnel best, not the other way around.

    Just watch Mario Williams get double digit sacks playing back in a 4-3 defense.

  8. The best time to do your hiring and firing with assistant coaches is definitely in the middle of draft season, months after all the top available coaches have all been hired elsewhere.

  9. He was NOT with the Bills for their league best 54 sacks in 2014. He came over with Rex in 2015.

  10. So Peyton Manning puts Rex in his farewell press conference as one of the most difficult defensive minds he had to face in his career but he’s a hack right? You all know better but don’t know the difference between a 5 or 6 technique 3-4 DE do you? The Williams brothers got old. That’s it.

  11. The Bills are no threat. Even more so now. Dunbar will land on his feet. He’s a proven good coach. I bet he’s more successful and smarter than the idiots posting comments here. Including myself.

  12. Don’t know about Buffalo but Dunbar was beloved in Minnesota!

    Led one of the best defensive lines in NFL history with Kevin Williams, Pat Williams and a prime Jared Allen.

  13. “Hey Karl…Do exactly as I tell you, no freelancing”- Rex

    “Hey Karl, you screwed up, I don’t like what you’re doing. You’re fired.”- Rex

  14. I hope Rex is able to last at least 2 more years in Buffalo, so he can do some real damage, like he did to the Jets.

  15. Most Jets fans felt Dunbar was the one coach that we wish had stayed when Rex’s coaching staff was exiled. It’s kinda crappy about the timing of his departure. He’s a good coach that will have no problem finding work.

  16. Karl Dunbar is an African American with a painless skin condition called vitiligo for those who are wondering and the couple of idiots making fun of the situation. It does not affect one’s ability to do one’s work. Good luck to him.

  17. Religionisforidiots: Rexy has a single super bowl ring as a D line coach for the Ravens during the 2000 season. Not rings, not as a head coach. Just like last week when you posted Seattle had 2 super bowl rings when in fact they have 1.
    So much for the facts.

  18. Moves like this in March? That shows a total lack of leadership from the top. And if the plan is that Rob is going to make things great, they’re in for a sad surprise.

  19. “Man, that’s awesome. Where can I buy some of this Vitiligo?”

    It’s hereditary, you have to be born with it and it’s an autoimmune condition.

  20. They fired this guy in Minnesota after Jared Allen had 22 1//2 sacks. Did you ever read an article about this guy complaining? No. B/c it’s just a game these men get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to coach.

  21. I will always hate Rob Ryan for keeping the Cowboys out of the playoffs for 3 seasons. That’s right haters, it wasn’t Romo, it was Ryan. Ask Drew Brees and Saints fans after this season.

  22. Ryan as coach, his brother as defensive coach, his old college roommate as assistant defensive coach.

    It’s probably either going to work out great or catastrophically poorly.

  23. Thats right Rex- same exact team as the season before when the defense was dominant but the only difference is that now you are in charge of the defense and we suck. Stop blaming the players or other coaches- YOU are the only difference between last yr and this yr. PLEASE fire yourself.

  24. jaxairsupport says:
    Mar 13, 2016 6:36 PM
    Not being mean but what’s up with his face? Burn victim?


    My guess is he has Vitiligo. Vitiligo tends to be hereditary. It is a problem with the pigmentation that causes the skin to look white. It will not tan, either.
    My granddaughter has it, though not as severe as Dunbar. It is a very serious condition because those who have it are especially susceptible to skin cancer.
    There is no cure for it and there are limited things that those affected can do about it.
    Michael Jackson had Vitiligo. It doesn’t matter what color your skin is, it can affect anyone.

  25. REX is way too obsessed with feet to actually manage a team…imagine having a foot fetish,,and your career is in’s a thing to be sure

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