Steelers line up meetings with several tackles

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The Steelers turned to Alejandro Villanueva at left tackle last season after Kelvin Beachum tore his ACL, but it doesn’t look like they are standing pat at the position with Beachum now taking visits with other clubs as an unrestricted free agent.

Russell Okung is visiting with the Steelers on Sunday and Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the team has also lined up visits with Ryan Harris and Chris Hairston.

Okung,who is representing himself in free agency after spending the last six seasons with the Seahawks, has also drawn interest from the Giants and Lions since the start of free agency. He shared a picture of Lombardi Trophies from the Steelers facility that he called “beautiful” while adding that no decisions have been made about where he’ll spend the 2016 season.

Harris started all 16 games for the Broncos and held down the left tackle job after both Ryan Clady and Ty Sambrailo were lost for the season with injuries. Hairston made 11 starts for the Chargers last season and has also played guard during his five years in the NFL.

20 responses to “Steelers line up meetings with several tackles

  1. No one to block. No one who can catch a pass in the end zone. It’s all falling apart for the yellow and black. LOL

  2. With one would be good. Okung would start, leaving Alejandro to be the swing OT. If they signed Harris, he would be good competiton but Alejandro would likely start IMO.

  3. TebowedOutOfThePostSeasonAndNeverToReturn
    Mar 13, 2016, 1:09 PM EDT
    No one to block. No one who can catch a pass in the end zone. It’s all falling apart for the yellow and black. LOL
    Your act is tired bro! Time to get a real life man. I’m sure you have so much potential in you, don’t let mom and dad down!

  4. Clearly I follow Ryan Harris only because everybody and their mom saw that true life episode. My only question is why don’t the Broncos stay committed to this guy. He’s always bouncing around.

  5. Tebowed is finally starting to make some sense! I’ve agree with completely with his last two posts!

    Someone must have stolen his ID! LOL

  6. Well well well ! Tebow’s back!the same troll who was crying on a post last night talking about how the steelers disrespect people talk about where they live and I click on the post and who do I see?crybaby tebow himself! This is the reason you will never be respected as you constantly run your pothole about crap you know nothing about. And you wonder why the steeler posters talk down on your fans?Check your own posts and you will have figured out why.have a good day.

  7. Steelers are going to have to dump all their cap money just to keep the ship afloat. The team is poison now. Should have signed Watson, a guy with talent AND class. LOL.

  8. We laugh at your stupidity.Should have signed Watson?That is the funniest thing I have heard all day! A sixty year old tight end who had what, one good year and that was with Brees getting him the ball. Face it jump ball ain’t a sixteenth of a Qb Brees is. Enjoy you te . We can come back after the season is over and see who will crow the loudest. I can guarantee it won’t be you. Carry on and have a good day

  9. Great there are now two Tebow dudes. One with a brain and one without and there are few brains in Baltimore so if you pay attention no caps is the brain.

  10. Can’t wait for the draft. Ravens will pick 9 times before the Steelers even get close to their fifth pick. And those two 7 rounders will be nothing more than a pair of Mr. Irrelevants. Colbert is going to freak. The place will be picked clean worse than a grocery store before a blizzard. LOL.

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