Alex Boone cites “trifecta of amazingness” in Minnesota

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The franchise that once brought to the NFL an ill-advised “Triangle of Authority” has now provided a similar, yet far better, term.

Vikings guard Alex Boone, appearing on Monday’s PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio, explained his decision to sign in Minnesota in this way: “I mean everything about that place is amazing. The cold weather, they’re in the best division, they’re the best team right now, this is the trifecta of amazingness happening all at once.”

The cold weather won’t be part of that trifecta of amazingness in 2016, since the Vikings will be moving indoors again. Boone says he didn’t realize that.

“Florio, let me tell you a true story,” Boone said. “I thought that they were gonna be playing at the University of Minnesota Stadium for one more year. I was so excited until I got there and they were like, ‘Look at our new stadium you’re going to be playing in next year.’ I was like heartbroken. I thought there was one more year.”

That didn’t change his mind about signing with the Vikings, a team he decided to join early in the process.

“Once the smoke cleared and everything was happening and we realized they were real players I told my agent, ‘Hey listen I want to be in Minnesota right now and this is the place to be,'” Boone said. “And he was like, ‘Are you sure you know what you’re saying?’ and I said, ‘Yes, I know what I want and that’s where we wanna go.'”

And so Boone goes to Minnesota and leaves behind a 49ers team that has had plenty of issues the past two years. Boone, who never minces words, tried to explain what went wrong in San Francisco.

“It was chaotic,” Boone said. “We didn’t want it to be that way but it was just guys were retiring and free agency guys were leaving. It was such a whirlwind for everybody especially when [Patrick Willis] and Justin [Smith] decided to retire. It was like, ‘What is going on?’ and then [Chris] Borland retired, Anthony [Davis] retired and it was kinda like, ‘Now what’s really going on?’ You know, it was like the wind was just knocked right out of us and we didn’t know what to do. I think everybody at the same time was like, ‘We’re gonna be fine. We’re gonna be okay. We will fix the problem but we didn’t.’ We couldn’t and it was a shame because that was such a great team and I really wanted so much success for that team. But we just couldn’t do it.”

If you want to hear everything Boone said, you can do it by clicking the button below. Or you can download the podcast (preferably by subscribing to it) via iTunes or audioBoom.

53 responses to “Alex Boone cites “trifecta of amazingness” in Minnesota

  1. This guy should be a kick to have on our team and a boon for the reporters, but geez, those quotes will create a lot of troll-fodder. Here we go.

  2. ‘Hey listen I want to be in Minnesota right now and this is the place to be,’

    Oh come on. I know the Vikings are doing good things, but no one has ever said that in the history of anything, ever.

  3. The best part is that his agent saying, “Are you sure you know what you’re saying,” as if he were suffering from temporary insanity.

  4. This is the same guy who said Harbaugh pushed the team too hard, lol.

  5. Oh boy, here we go. Agent: “Are you sure, you’re not drunk?”. Some of these articles just write themselves! After a quote like that, I can’t even be mad at the trolls. I do like his Jared Allenesque attitude though. Anyway, I’ll sit back and wait for the comments. This should make my afternoon.

    -Vikings Fan.

  6. Best team right now? Listen to your agent, Alex. “Are you sure you know what you’re saying?” Good luck, though.

  7. I can’t wait to bring up “trifecta of amazingness” when the Vikes go 7-9 next year.

  8. Plenty of rhetoric, as expected, but it’s nice to see a guy genuinely want to be somewhere. Best of luck to him on a very promising Minnesota roster.

  9. He’s already admited to conciously going after players violently, after the whistle, as much as he can. He is the next Vontaez Burfict.

  10. Could have been worse…at least he didn’t say he was looking forward to the “Team unity” boating trips on Lake Minnetonka.

  11. Boone went on to say he looked forward to playing for Coach Grant and blocking for Fran Tarkenton before his agent hastily ushered him from the room.

  12. Last season was a perfect planetary alignment allowing them to briefly appear in the playoffs.
    This season there will be a hat trick of bumbling, stumbling, and fumbling. No soup for Ragnar!
    The fact that the 49er’s beat the Vikings last year, Minnesota’s well documented decades of futility, and the leaky roof at the billion dollar bird killing stadium should have been an unholy trinity of warning signs to him.
    But he does seem like a good interview.

  13. Nice Boone. Dont know if were the best team but I like the optimism. Minnesota is a great state in my humble opinion. We have all the features of the big boys but not the pretension and high cost. Everyone lives near a lake and at any time there are about 15 broadway shows playing nearby. The food scene is fantastic as is the music. First Ave still rocks and we have new construction projects all over. A lot of money here and we embrace the cultural changes that most states in our vicinity and those in the south dont. Gay? Come on it. Hunter? Come on in. Hipster? Come on in. Immigrant? Welcome! Doesnt matter. We will embrace you here.

  14. Minnesota seems like the perfect fit for him, he is as delusional as their fan base. But he went from a team that could never win the Superbowl because it lacked a franchise QB to a team that will never win the Superbowl because it lacks a franchise QB but he gets to play indoors.

  15. As a 49ers fan it was insane to watch such a quality team literally “blow up” in one offseason. Harbaugh leaving was one thing. But, the guys all retiring. That was the thing that really hurt. All that talent on defense right out the door. Then Anthony Davis retiring from the o-line. So the defense and running game was immediately set back. Never mind the Kap meltdown. Jeez.

  16. Too bad they will be a soft dome team. Football should be played outdoors in the elements. No one would remember the Ice Bowl if there were no ice.

  17. The Vikings have added so many awesome defensive players through the draft over the last three years, and there is another draft coming soon. If they keep drafting well, they will be really hard to beat. Bridgewater will have to take a couple more steps forward, but this defense is almost good enough to win without a top QB. Just don’t turn the ball over.

  18. abninf says:
    Mar 14, 2016 5:17 PM

    Too bad they will be a soft dome team.

    Playing inside doesn’t make a team soft. The Packers play outside and they’re as soft as they come.

  19. Really like Boone’s attitude, he seems to get it. That also says a lot about coach Zim. Guys want to play for him, really starting to see why so many Cincy fans have sent praise Zim’s way.
    On the other hand it just goes to show you how incompetent some of the owners are in the NFL. I haven’t seen or heard one thing come from Zim that you wouldn’t want in a head coach. Pretty ridiculous he went for as long as he did without a HC job.

  20. cheeseisfattening says:
    Mar 14, 2016 6:12 PM

    Anyone else notice players are running to Minnesota and running out of Green Bay?

    wide left and o for 4

  21. Playing inside doesn’t make a team soft. The Packers play outside and they’re as soft as they come.
    That soft team that crushed yours at home and went further in the playoffs? The team that’s been to the post season 7 straight years Inc 4 straight division wins following a SB victory?

    Meanwhile your team has one playoff win since 04 and that was only because of our old qb. But I guess that fluke win you got the last game of the season evens things up and makes us soft.

  22. Why don’t we see Lion or Bear trolls commenting here, but it seems full of Packers… I think I smell the fear creeping in

  23. packer fans are just plain jealous with EVERYONE wanting to play in MINNESOTA …… & …..GRB being a TOP FIVE list of the teams where players DO NOT want to go…!!!! FACTS man …! Skol Vikings….!

  24. Love this guy. His persona kinda reminds me of Jared Allen.
    And like Jared after a few years – he will be dying to leave. If you are willing to sign with the Bears things must have been pretty bad.

  25. NFL players want to be treated with respect. Word travels fast around the league that Wilf is creating an environment you want to be part of. Packer fans are jumping out of their skin at the moment.

    Someone call Carl for a welfare check.

    Zimmer Time

  26. Credit to Zimmer for bringing this enthusiasm to Minnesota. Good as he is, the coach doesn’t play. This team deserves credit for playing hard and man, they played their asses off last season. Fun to see. It’s infectious and it is how champions are built.

    I watched some Boone clips online. He’s a mauler.

  27. For all the stupid things all you trolls have said, if you say that kind of stuff in real life, you should literally be ashamed of yourself. But much like Donald Trump supporters, you’re just too stupid to understand that fact.

  28. Kind of funny how everyone wants to play with Rodgers but the FA’s seem to be flocking to Minnesota and even “He’s so Raji” is taking a “hiatus”

  29. hey Alex maybe you should get Mike Wallace’s opinion on Minnesota, I mean its all over the sports news, he now is on a team with a real Quarterback. wonder if Arianii has heard the news.

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