Chris Johnson could have a new contract as soon as this week


Last year, running back Chris Johnson spent plenty of time on the shelf, waiting for his next chance after a subpar season with the Jets. This year, after a strong performance in Arizona, Johnson could be under contract far sooner than last year.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Johnson’s situation could come to a head as early as this week, with multiple teams in play.

Johnson has said that he wants to stay with the Cardinals. However, the Cardinals seem poised to hand over the workhorse job to David Johnson.

Last year, Johnson gained 814 yards in 11 games, averaging 4.2 yards per carry. He turns 31 in September, but Johnson has shown no signs of slowing down.

24 responses to “Chris Johnson could have a new contract as soon as this week

  1. “but Johnson has shown no signs of slowing down”

    Pretty obvious Johnson would not run close to a 4.24 40. And, he is nowhere near the guy he was in 2009.

    Maybe try something like, even a step slower Chris Johnson has proven he can provide value in the NFL?

  2. Most RBs who “hit the wall” don’t show signs of slowing down…that is why they call it “Hitting the Wall” rather than running out of gas…

  3. @ driftw00d says:

    “Cowboys continuing their collection of the 2008 RB class?”

    Or is it a Cowboy hater continuing their ineptitude and classless venom?

    The Cowboys have the 4th pick in the draft. If they want Ezekiel Elliott, they could likely draft him there. If they trade back, there are several RB’s they can choose from. No need to bring in an aging CJ2K. He had a nice season with Arizona, and it is likely they bring him back on a very cap-friendly deal to pair him up with David Johnson.

    Regardless, it is obvious you are a Cowboy hater. Sorry to disappoint you, but the Cowboys will draft astutely once again. But you will get over it.

  4. He had a really solid year last year. David Johnson came on strong but I felt it was more of, keep feeding the beast whIle he’s on a role, more than David just outright taking Chris’ job. They actually run 3 backs. So the fact that CJ could muster 800 yards at 4.2 a clip is actually pretty impressive. Especially at his age. I’d love to have his as a number 1B on my team for a year or two while grooming a young back.. hes a change of pace back and should still be very valuable for a couple more years.

  5. QCsteel55 says:
    Mar 14, 2016 9:48 PM

    He had a really solid year last year. David Johnson came on strong but I felt it was more of, keep feeding the beast whIle he’s on a role, more than David just outright taking Chris’ job
    David Johnson became the starter after Chris went on IR (Designated to Return – only for the SB, though), not because he was “on a roll”. DJ wasn’t getting many carries and was doing OK and then was great in a starting role once Chris went down vs. San Francisco.

  6. Absolute surprise last year but this is a new year….Not sure he can come back 100%… I’ve only seen 1 back fight back father time and it’s not CJ2K

  7. Go Chris Johnson Go!

    I hope he gets a shot to play 2 more years and come close to AP’s rushing stats then retire… His new motivation is amazing after being shot and his friend losing his life which brought him closer to GOD

    Few remember that Chris Johnson played with the expended bullet that he was shot with still lodged inside his body…really an amazing story…the question is what happened to this who shot him..

    Good luck Chris… You have far exceeded the expectations for your career… Too bad you didn’t get to play in your first postseason game last year…when you got injured before the playoffs..

    —Titans Fan Dan

  8. @jsrdc
    I posted on a Chris Johnson article, but if Felix Jones, Tashard Choice, and Darren McFadden were in another draft besides 2008 my apologies. Also, you better hurry, I think Jerry’s glasses need cleaning.

  9. He is a good RB but he is at that point in his career were here is gonna start getting hurt and injuries will keep him from be a top RB again. . I don’t think Johnson ever sees 1000 yards again.. unless he plays behind a OL like dallas..

  10. Idk why but a lot of fans hate or think he’s washed up, and I think most perceptions are from his Yr with the Jets & the circus that was going on that yr. Even that yr, he was in a crowed back field & splitting carries but still averaged close to 4.4 YPC.
    I was surprised watching him in ARZ last yr, showed quick burst and ran tough. IM0• He’s not finished, and probly Bc in NY he only had 150 carries, n towards the end in Tenn he missed time/wasn’t getting the 25-30 touches a game.

  11. Carreer average of YPC•4.5, and even the yr he was awful(in Rex’s jets+crowded backfield & splitting carries)NYJ YPC 4.4. Only had 150 carries in Rex’s circus that Yr and wasn’t getting25/30 touches in Tenn towards the End. He’s still got his quick burst, and runs harder than most think or give him credit for.

  12. David Johnson wasn’t ready to play at the start of the season and Ellington was recovering from injury and not up to the task; Chris stepped up and was the playmaker the Cards needed to carry them to a successful first half. He was a great teammate,humble and proved to have the grit and toughness Cards fans haven’t seen in a RB. He was never afraid to put his face in the fire and block for his QB. He would have had another 1000 yardsen or more and made the Probowl had he not been injured and was hoping to play again in the SB.
    Cards fans want him back as a number 2, but he deserves to be paid too. The organization never has been particularly sharp at recognizing a good thing when they have it and I fear this is another difference maker we will wish we’d paid.

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