Howie Roseman’s cleansing of all things Chip wasn’t complete

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The coach and the players have to go. But the smoothies can stay.

In a look at the way Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman developed during his year in exile under Chip Kelly, Peter King of notes that Roseman’s house-cleaning this offseason wasn’t complete.

The Eagles did keep director of sports science and reconditioning Shaun Huls, who was brought to the team as part of Kelly’s scientific approach, and survived Roseman’s scorched-earth approach.

Chip brought in a lot of great ideas and great people,” Roseman said. “Shaun and sports science are both examples of that.”

Of course, most of the people are as gone as Kelly is, and Roseman has worked fast to put his own imprint back on the team which was once his and Andy Reid’s. But Roseman said it might have taken time to step back to realize what he needed to do moving forward.

Roseman told King that one of things that helped him was meeting with leaders from other major sports, including the English Premeir League. That one in particular was probably helpful, as he and Kelly never spoke the same language, the way top club teams are often a melting pot of cultures.

“That was so valuable,” Roseman said. “And talking to people in basketball, hockey and baseball helped a lot too. I believe experience is a great teacher. All experiences. In the middle of your career, you can’t often take the time or use the energy to take a step back and really learn about your business. But sometimes that’s the best thing for you in business—to take a step back and learn. I was given that opportunity, and Jeffrey [Lurie, the Eagles’ owner] wanted me to learn as much as I could, and for that I’m grateful. So when this opportunity came up now, I was able to hit the ground running. I’d been thinking about so much of the stuff about building a team.”

He’s obviously been working quickly, dumping bad contracts for draft position, signing a handful of guys before free agency started, and then re-tolling with guys new coaches Doug Pederson and defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz had background with.

But for all that change, there was one he could have made simply out of spite that he didn’t.

11 responses to “Howie Roseman’s cleansing of all things Chip wasn’t complete

  1. Hopefully it leads to good things. I really like what he did with the roster in the offseason. I can kind of understand the reasoning behind the Bradford resigning even though that wasn’t a move i particularly liked.

    Hopefully he will cap the offseason with a strong draft and put the Eagles in a good position to compete going forward.

  2. Good job now finish fixing the offensive line and draft a really good offensive tackle in the first round of the draft and not a running back.

  3. I agree with a lot of the moves he’s made, but I can’t hep but wonder if he’s being petty and spiteful and getting rid of Chips guys just to show off. Is he acting in the best interest of the club (yes) , or is he going beyond that, and doing a few minor but petty things that don’t help the club?

    On the other hand, this could be the “media” trying to paint thsi as anti-Chip when in reality most of the moves are sound.

  4. I’m glad they kept the conditioning and sports science stuff. For all the things Kelly did that I didn’t like, I thought those aspects were excellent and ahead of the NFL curve.

  5. Roseman’s not being bitter or petty. All the moves thus far have been rock solid, given the circumstances. Dumping bad deals and mediocre players shouldn’t even be questioned. The truth here requires a deeper level of thought than most are willing to engage in.

    Anybody claiming to be an Eagles fan for 60 years and is jumping ship now over Roseman has never been a true fan, period.

    I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve had my beefs with some of Howie’s moves in the past, but I’m also willing to believe that perhaps experience has been an effective teacher and that he’ll be a better GM after being humbled during the Chip years. I’m willing to give Roseman the benefit of the doubt and judge him based on his moves now, and going forward.

    But for some, that would require giving up their own vitriolic bitterness and blind pettiness toward Roseman.

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