Jets may be assuming incorrectly they’d get a chance to up their offer to Fitzpatrick


As the Jets and quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick continue to be at impasse regarding his next contract, it appears that the Jets are holding back cash in the event someone else offers Fitzpatrick more than what the Jets currently are offering. They possibly are misreading the situation.

Peter King of suggests that the Jets eventually will increase their offer from something in the range of $7 million per year to something in the range of $12 million per year, if a team like the Broncos, 49ers, or Browns show interest. But this assumes that Fitzpatrick would even give the Jets an opportunity to match whatever someone else may offer.

The strong sense as of Thursday was that Fitzpatrick was ready to move on, insulted by the lowball offer from the Jets. The primary impediment is that no one else has yet to show the kind of interest that would get Fitzpatrick to sign a contract.

Even at $12 million, Fitzpatrick would be the lowest paid second-contract starter other than Rams quarterback Case Keenum or Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor (Fitzpatrick also would match Colin Kaepernick). Even at $12 million, it’s less than eight percent of the total cap space for 2016.

Of course, that still doesn’t mean someone will offer that much. But the point is that if the Jets are willing to do it, they may not get the chance if someone else does before that.

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  1. What makes Fitzpatrick think that the Jets will continue to hold a spot open, or, won’t lower the $7 mill offer to him?

    If you don’t think this tug of war goes both ways then you really don’t know Mikey M.

    And even though the other options are not as good as Fitzpatrick, I am ready to support Geno and Bryce (lets find out if he has the right stuff), or better yet, lets trade a 2nd rounder to TB for Glennon and use Fitzpatrick’s money slot to sign Wilkerson to a long term deal.

  2. 1. The agent should calmly handle the negotiations, not the player. The agent should keep the player calm, while he does his job.

    2. If an offer comes in, it would be foolish to accept it on the spot. You always see what the other party offers. Thats just basic negotiations. If you have a problem with that, you shouldn’t be an agent or offer an opinion on negotiations, since you don’t understand how they work.

    3. The Jets made an offer which may have been reasonable at the start of free agency, but given the new situations, may or may not be too low. The agent should point this out.

    4. As a Jets fan, I’d like Fitzpatrick to leave if he gets 12MM. Let the Jets get a compensatory 3rd round pick.
    If you actually watched the games, you would see that “Fitzmagic” isn’t that good, that he got a lot of benefit from Brandon Marshall.

  3. The Jets aren’t dumb nor is the rest of the league. Fitzpatrick is a 10 year pro but he’s not very good. He frequently gives up the ball throughout his career and he has no arm to speak of. Not only can’t he throw a deep out, but one pass may be below the RB’s feet, the next might be over the chain gang’s heads. He’s a good emergency QB in my eyes as he doesn’t make many mental errors. Count on him to lead your offense all year and you’ll be disappointed.

  4. Unfortunately, over $10 mil a year is well within reason for an NFL starting QB – you can’t argue the fact that it’s what the market is dictating. I understand the Jets hesitancy in investing the kind of money in Fitzpatrick that Osweiller got. He’s older, he’s injury-prone, he tanked in their must-win finale against the Bills, and you can make the argument that he’s only had two good seasons in his career. But he played well for them last season and the alternative is throwing Geno Smith in there and hoping he duplicates Fitzpatrick’s results last season. Do the Jets really want to do that?

  5. If he doesn’t understand that the line, decker and marshall made him that much better, then he should give his degree back to harvard – he should have even more weapons this year…I don’t even like the jets – look at his stats with other teams.

  6. The starting QB market is pretty crazy, and he put up pretty good numbers last season. Im surprised nobody has offered him 12M yet if thats what he is after. There are quite a few teams he would be an upgrade. I realize everyone wants to draft the next great QB but that doesent happen very often.

  7. I was expecting them to offer $8-12 mil a year. Would be satisfied if they didn’t over $10 mil. You’re forgetting Fitz’ best years came under Chan Gailey. That’s why other teams are hesitant to sign him. No one will pay him $16-18. He’s not the complete package. He had receivers who helped him tremendously. I’d be very comfortable with Geno/Bryce and a 2016 draftee. Geno was doing well before he got his jaw broken.

  8. jets if u over pay this guy then u dnt deserve any wildcard spot in the playoffs u had a shot at nor any future ones, let him walk get GENO MENTALLY READY ALONG WITH PETTY and move on
    draft another young Qb for the 3rd string sit,watch and learn job
    this team has 2-3 year window too make another playoff run if they can keep there cap balance sig the right YOUNG guys and let the older guys who arent producing good enough walk
    bowles has a chance at greatness brady and bb arent getting any younger get a youth movement going and get them guys mentally ready the pats cant stay on top forever and bill and dolphins will ruin themselves

  9. Honestly, Fitz is only there because of Chan Gailey, to begin with. And Chan Gailey is no OC-wunderkind, say like Mike Shula/Cam-rolina. 12 years into his career, Fitz just simply is not worth $18M/year, regardless of whether Brock Osweiler is or not (Not!). The major point is: Fitz had both Decker and Marshall, and still couldn’t get the job done. It’s Geno’s final contract year I believe, so give him the reins — I mean, he’d already won the starting job anyway, save the broken jaw. And for me, personally: Marty Mornhinweg > Chan Gailey.

  10. I doubt the Jets are going to pay him $12 million a year. They would probably laugh at the team that did.

    There’s a reason Fitzpatrick failed in Buffalo and the reason is he’s a bad quarterback. Inaccurate, can’t throw the long ball, I understand starting QBs are making $20 million a year but not the ones who are starting by default. There’s no difference between Chase Daniel, Ryan Fitpatrick, Bobby Hoyer … they are all stand ins. If a team comes anywhere close to Fitpatrick’s asking price they’ll live to regret it.

  11. I didn’t know the offer was that low. I figured they were offering 10-12 and he wanted 15-20.

    I’m not saying he deserves 15-20 but he’s actually more proven (mediocre to average but still proven as adequate middling B) than guys who just got 18-20.

    There are strictly backups getting 7 per.

  12. Fitzy had a banner year for both himself and Rex(who would love to see him back). Even with those career numbers and a brain fart OT coin toss, he still couldn’t get to the post season, EVER.
    With Fitz the Jets most likely are mediocre.

    Now, with that said, where the hell is IK when they need him?

  13. Jets are finished in March, as they are every spring.

    HIlarious to think they have no QB and the QB they need has the leverage on them.

    One of the worst run franchises in the league, year in and year out.

  14. It makes me wonder what he’s asking. If nobody else has signed him that means he’s asking for more than what they think he’s worth. Who knows what that is but given the lack of an offer from someone else it’s too high. It’ll be interesting to see what he ultimately signs for. I’m not sure he’s worth $12M a year but if the Broncos are counting on Mr. Butt-fumble to be their QB then $12M would be a bargain if they want to win any games next year.

  15. magnumpimustache says:
    Mar 14, 2016 11:55 AM
    The jets are a dumpster fire full of rotten tires.

    Cleveland has a better record this year.


    We read all this stuff during the last offseason and they ended up 10-6. Every post from the chowdas was YOUR SEASON IS OVER IN THE PRESEASON!! 2-14!

    Plus, your team seem to cheat a lot. Eagerly awaiting the next #deflategate story on here so your homies can go…THEY DID NOT CHEAT!!!..when your owner already accepted the penalties levied and the only outstanding issue is whether the QB was in on it..which any sane person knows to be the case.

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