Mike Munchak says fine for pulling Reggie Nelson’s hair was rescinded

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After the Bengals lost to the Steelers in the Wild Card round of the playoffs, the NFL suspended Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict three games for repeated violations of the league’s rules on player safety and fined other players and a pair of Steelers coaches for their actions during the game.

Among those fines was a $10,000 penalty for Steelers offensive line coach Mike Munchak for pulling Bengals safety Reggie Nelson’s hair at the end of a play that saw Nelson run onto the Steelers sideline while pursuing running back Jordan Todman.

On Sunday, Munchak was in Houston for a Special Olympics event and Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle reports that he said the league “has rescinded my fine after reviewing the video.” The NFL has not confirmed any change to the fine handed down in January.

Bengals cornerback Adam Jones was initially fined $28,940 for making contact with an official while jawing with Steelers assistant Joey Porter, but that fine was reduced to $12,500 on appeal. Porter was fined $10,000 for being on the field after Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown was knocked out by the Burfict hit that led to his suspension. Burfict’s appeal was denied and there’s been no word of any alteration to Porter’s penalty.

57 responses to “Mike Munchak says fine for pulling Reggie Nelson’s hair was rescinded

  1. Hair=jersey, so unless coaches are going to get fined for grabbing opposing players’ jerseys, then this is a great call.

  2. Oh good! I was so worried he wouldn’t be able to feed his family. Bungle fans will be out in full force to protest this terrible injustice, for at least the next 10 years.

  3. breadmeatcheese says:
    Mar 14, 2016 11:08 AM

    Hair=jersey, so unless coaches are going to get fined for grabbing opposing players’ jerseys, then this is a great call.
    Yes coaches would be fined for pulling jerseys as well. Can’t touch the opposition if you are a coach. Very simple concept.

    billytodd2013blbaad says:
    Mar 14, 2016 11:08 AM
    so the NFL finally watched the video and saw that he didn’t pull anyones hair? good lord it was so clear that it didn’t happen in the first place.

    I’m sorry, what exactly were you watching? It’s very clear he yanked on his hair.

  4. He never pulled his hair and if players don’t want to be in those situations, they should cut their hair or shut up.

  5. No surprise. Steelers are always getting off easy. Otherwise Tomlin, Big Ben, Bell would be out of work by now. Crooks, cheaters, and criminals. The three Cs. LOL.

  6. Well, yeah, of course it did. For anyone who wasn’t a tool or troll it was pretty obvious Munchak’s fingers got caught in Nelson’s dreadlocks. Porter’s probably will stand because technically he wasn’t supposed to be out on the field at that time, even though several Bengals coaches were too. Even Burfict admits Porter wasn’t talking any crap at him however. Both situations were merely more excuses to snivel by Bengals fans.

    Go Steelers!

  7. For those of you saying he didn’t pull Nelson’s hair there are plenty of photos of it all over the internet.

  8. If the NFL watched the video and thinks he didn’t pull Nelson’s hair, why did they give him the fine to begin with? Does this mean they didn’t watch the video the first time? I am confused.

    Also in keeping with the whole transparency thing. When did the NFL announce this? They announce every other fine ,suspension when it’s given or rescinded. Why not this one? Seems like some backdoor shananigans to me. Wouldn’t have anything to do with him being a Steelers coach would it.

  9. If players would get over this fake hair extension fad then it wouldn’t be an issue. They looks like females anyway.

  10. The video shows him grabbing at Nelson and getting a handful of hair. I think he was just grabbing him to slow him down and when he reached he just happened to grab his locks instead of his uniform. I never thought he was intentionally trying to pull his hair but he ended up doing it nonetheless. I think the fine should have been rescinded but definitely not Porter’s. While I don’t think Porter instigated anything, he should have never been out there in the first place.

  11. Munchak is a dirtbag just like the rest of the Steelers staff (starting at the top with a head coach who promotes this BS). The NFL has looked the other way for years regarding the Steelers because of the Rooney family. This is just the latest example and shouldn’t suprise anyone. Classless from top to bottom.

  12. look, of course the league plays favorites- it always has an Pittsburgh is one of them.

    Doesn’t matter though – we all know Pittsburgh coaches are low character guys, that’s the way Tomlin likes it (he himself being a low character guy). For all you pitt fans that love whining about the Bengals all you have to do is compare the coaching tree to see who is the better leader (Tomlin or Lewis) – Lewis grooms his coaches to be great head coaches. Three of the playoff teams this year were from the Bengals’ tree. Tomlin “retires” his.

  13. Hitdog18 says:
    Mar 14, 2016 11:30 AM

    So far, probably the wussiest headline I have ever seen regarding the NFL

    No. How about “DB fined for hitting a receiver” or “LB fined for hitting a QB .00005 seconds after he threw the ball”

  14. Of course they did, any hair he got ahold of was clearly incident to the coach just trying to get Nelson off of him (you could see Nelson intentionally shoulder-check the coach as he went out of bounds). It shouldn’t have even been a penalty, really.

  15. If the league were serious about trying to calm down all the BS that accompanies the Bengals / Steelers games, they’d enforce Munchak’s fine. When it appears that the rules aren’t being applied evenly, folks tend to disregard the rules. If you’re a Bengal, and your fines stand while Munchak’s don’t, you think the NFL is going to treat you fairly in the next game?

  16. There are a lot of hills missing their billies this morning.

    Look you clowns, yeah he pulled his hair but that’s not why the fine was overturned. It was overturned because he didn’t do it on purpose, he did it because his snaggled old linemen fingers got caught in Nelson’s hair.

    Furthermore, I think this is the same reason that Jones’ fine was reduced. He didn’t push the ref on purpose, he pushed the ref because he’s an hotheaded idiot. So get over it.

    Go Steelers!

  17. When all the pretty young men started wearing their hair like ladies, the league came out with a ruling saying it is fair game. Maybe he should trim his extensions. lol.

    Have at it girls.

  18. This is big enough news to get top billing? Geesh…

    On the bright side, I guess Munch can chip in for Wheaton’s rehab costs now.

  19. If this fine was rescinded, then what in the world was NFL penalty committee looking at? He absolutely did a) put his hands on Nelson and b) pulled his hair.

    Bash the players all you want for long hair, but there is absolutely no excuse for a coach to intentionally put his hands on an opposing player.

  20. This is ridiculous. The fine should have been tripled, at least. In retaliation the Bengals should pull Bryant’s hair. Oh wait, that won’t be necessary. All good.

  21. There are lots of perks working for the Rooney’s. The NFL treats that family like royalty that can do no wrong. Pittsburgh’s players always get their suspensions lessened and the refs have handed them many, many big calls in crucial games.

  22. Of course. In the NFL’s eyes, the Steelers can do no wrong. One of their biggest heroes admits to domestic violence. Running backs and receivers failing drug tests. Head coach interfering in a return. QB accused of sexual assault. Assistant coach pulling hair. But all we ever hear about is how classy this organization is. Face it, you’re just like the rest of us. Every team has good guys and every team has losers. Get off your pedestal.

  23. I think the hair sticking out of the helmet is a safety issue. One of these days a player is going to get a serious neck injury when his hair gets caught on something, or accidently grabbed as in Munchak’s case. I think the league is being negligent allowing players to be exposed to such danger.

  24. For those claiming it wasn’t intentional, there are pictures and videos all over the net showing Munchak gripping and pulling Nelson’s hair. Shameful that the fine was rescinded. Btw, don’t they look at video before making the fines??? This will be swept under the rug, but it shouldn’t be. This is an integrity issue.

  25. Hair=Jersey. So you’re all whinging and moaning about a pull on the jersey. Now how do you feel?

  26. Not a Bengals or Steelers fan, but I remember that when I watched this in real time, I didn’t think Munchak should’ve been fined or suspended. Nelson was coming at him full speed and didn’t appear to try to avoid Munchak as he ran out of bounds. Munchak appeared to attempt to brace himself for Nelson coming at him at full speed and I think he was trying to deflect Nelson off of him. However in slow motion, it looked like Munchak was pushing Nelson.

    But whatever happened on this play and the Gio Bernard play, it was no excuse for Burflict’s revenge hit on Antonio Brown.

  27. “Btw, don’t they look at video before making the fines??? This will be swept under the rug, but it shouldn’t be. This is an integrity issue.”

    Lolz this is Roger Goodell’s National Integrity League with science deniers and people who live on double standards running it. To expect anything different from such a corrupt group of vermin is just wishful thinking.

    Goodell is VILE

    Goodell and his cronies must go

  28. The double standard is well known in the AFCN. However the national media is still pro Steelers so no matter how many of their coaches have tried to interfere in outcomes of the games, they go unpunished, and the behavior continues. AFCN teams are well aware of the tactics.

    I’m sure the league is too before they turn their blind eye and suspend and fine opponents for having the nerve to fight back.

  29. thegenoatkinsdiet says:
    Mar 14, 2016 12:27 PM
    This is big enough news to get top billing? Geesh…

    On the bright side, I guess Munch can chip in for Wheaton’s rehab costs now.

    If you’re going to make an insensitive joke about someone’s drug addiction at least name the right player. As classless as the fans that attended the wild card game.

  30. Because he didn’t pull his hair
    He grabbed his arm and the hair (2’long) tangled in his fingers.

    This is the hair pulling equivalent of saying, “I didn’t punch him, he pushed his face into my fist”.

    For the love of pete go look again. He has his arm held in his right hand and his left hand is clenched into a fist and he clearly has the braids coming out between his fingers. And Munchak knows exactly what he is doing because you can see he’s looking at the hand full of hair.

    It is astounding that folks will believe a lie about the air in footballs with not one bit of direct evidence but deny what anyone with eyes can easily see.

  31. lemmetalkwouldya says:
    Mar 14, 2016 12:55 PM
    How the hell do you watch that video and NOT say he pulled Nelson’s hair??????

    Simple, the world viewed through the black & yellow filter that makes you think a coach tripping a player is OK.

  32. peytonwantsaflag says:
    For all you pitt fans that love whining about the Bengals all you have to do is compare the coaching tree to see who is the better leader (Tomlin or Lewis) – Lewis grooms his coaches to be great head coaches.
    Let me get this straight – instead of looking at their actual HC record and successes, you think a better comparison is to see how their assistant coaches have done after they left the organization?

    And for the record, I don’t think Tomlin should be coaching the Steelers, but I’d take him over Lewis every day of the week and twice on Sunday (especially playoff sundays).

  33. theavengerthatparties says:
    Mar 14, 2016 10:31 PM

    No class. This is what people will remember when his name is brought up.

    For misguided people like you who have no idea who Mike Munchak is,
    what he stands for or the kind of person he is, – who have no clue about
    his many accomplishments, nor the respect he garners, …
    then unfortunately, you may be right.

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