NFL announces Martavis Bryant suspension


Word broke over the weekend that Steelers wide receiver Martavis Bryant had been suspended for at least one year and there wasn’t much doubt that the report was acccurate once Bryant’s agent started talking about his client going to rehab.

There was consideration given to an appeal, but multiple reports indicate that Bryant, who was suspended four games for a substance abuse policy violation last season, opted against going that route and the suspension will go into effect immediately per the league’s official announcement of Bryant’s penalty.

“Martavis Bryant of the Pittsburgh Steelers has been suspended without pay for a minimum of one year for violating the NFL Policy and Program for Substances of Abuse,” the league said in a statement. “Bryant’s suspension begins immediately.”

Bryant will be eligible to apply for reinstatement within 60 days of the date the suspension was put in place and the league would have the same window to rule on his application. He will not be eligible to play, practice or otherwise engage in team activities until he is reinstated.

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  1. They just don’t get it. Supremely talented WR with nothing but huge money in front of him for himself and whatever family, complete life security put in peril, and for what? So he could roast a bowl. Just amazing.

  2. Reminds me of Josh Gordon, dude has tons of talent, wish his love of a plant didnt keep him off the field. Can’t wait until the NFL updates its policies, and for the media to tell stories of great talents that were sidelined due to this silly policy.

  3. I’m not going to troll the Steelers or their fans (both of whom deserve better), but what was this guy thinking? The league doesn’t toss out suspensions like candy, so there had to be multiple priors for this to go a year.

    If he can’t keep his head out of the hippy lettuce long enough so he can become a multimillionaire while still in his twenties, he’s not worth keeping. Dumb.

  4. You don’t goto rehab twice for weed.

    It’s a opiate addiction in the for of “purple drank”.

    Same thing as last year, the Rooneys cover game is weed, but that isn’t whats destroyed his career.

  5. You guys who wish for the NFL to change its policies regarding marijuana are silly. As long at it’s illegal, it’s, well…illegal. Besides, the NFL is a company just like any other. They make whatever rules they want for their company. It’s a simple as that.

  6. i can’t wait for people my age to take over the world. i’m so sick of these stupid laws and rules. the fact that weed isn’t totally legal in 2016 is a joke.

  7. What a waste…this kid has all the tools and the talent to be one of the NFL greats. Instead, he has to spend a whole year drying out and (hopefully) getting his act together.

  8. I have no idea what the actual facts of the case are or why exactly he was suspended … but … if it was for pot that is just a real shame. If you hit a woman get a year suspension or even if you are busted with weed while driving get a year suspension but to get high in the privacy of your own home doesn’t hurt anybody.

    Like I said … the actual facts may be different.

  9. That’s it he’s gone for good. Same with Josh Gordon. These guys are addicted to the familiarity of Pain, and all that it brings. Familiarity is comforting even in good times because even good times are filled with the unknown, and uncertainty.

  10. Look at where the Ravens are in the landscape of the AFC. Somewhere around the Browns, San Diego, and Jacksonville.

    They can’t beat anyone in the AFC East. The worst division in the history of the league.

  11. I like this article. Not because of the content, but because it was short, simple and filled with facts.

    I’m getting really tired of all of the opinion articles that show up here sometimes.

    I really hope Bryant gets the help that he needs and can continue his NFL career.

  12. “For what? Multiple weed violations?”

    Reports I read over the weekend suggested that he didn’t actually fail any drug tests, but that he missed multiple drug tests. In the NFL and other sports, a missed test is the same as a failed one. Also, the same reports said that Bryant had checked into rehab for depression, not for substance abuse. None of this was confirmed. His agent was the source for some of this info, but even the agent said he didn’t know the whole story yet.

  13. Martavis: It’s called dope for a reason. Hope you saved enough to carry you through the year, because you won’t be getting paid this year.
    Oh a word to the wise, DON’T SPEND IT ON MORE DOPE.

  14. It’s one thing for mature adults, but it is another thing for teens and children to be told that the laws are “ridiculous” and that it is “totally safe” because the human brain continues to develop and grow to the age of 25, unless you start using drugs earlier, where it hinders development. I don’t need drug users preaching the “awesomeness” of smoking weed as a teenager, the outcome is generally poor.

    Ballplayers are celebrity roll models, their illegal behavior impacts youth.

    Are you claiming that Bryant’s addiction and stupidity are completely unrelated to his drug use? What came first, stupidity then drugs then addiction? Or addiction and then stupidity? Even if you say he was stupid before he started using, perhaps the use of said substances prevented his brain and impulse control development. Bad outcome either way.

    I hope the guy gets help and people stop claiming that this is a completely harmless substance. His case proves that it is not harmless.

  15. Well this sucks for him…. but maybe, just maybe, I would not pick to wear the #10 jersey in Pittsburgh.

    Call this the Kordell jinx.

    First Santonio for weed, now Bryant.

    Man oh man.

    Wear numbers in the 80s!!!!

    And oh yeah, put down the bong and crack pipe.

  16. Damn this blows to see another waste of a talent at the wide receiver gone! WTF! These are once college students who thought to have “brains” NFL, Why not offer a finance class or how to invest your money once you become pro?

    And for dtroxallday: above you mentioned how weed is illegal…Well what about the players who represet the states that it is legal? (Seattle, Colorado, Washington D.C and more, they should be able to partake correct because thats the rule and the law?

  17. I know its a “pun”,,but that’s why they call it DOPE!! I just 5 mins ago read,,where 25-30% of ALL POT sales in Colorado..were to “street dealers” taking it to other states at a big markup..cuts down on their overhead/transport…..SO MUCH FOR THE pot smokers mantra…if you make it legal..that eliminates crime.

  18. I don’t smoke, but I think this rule is dumb. That said, I think Martavis Bryant is beyond dumb. They say it’s almost impossible to fail the first test (at the beginning of the season, never a surprise), and once you’re in the “program” and know that you have millions at stake, you must be awfully dumb or addicted (if that’s even possible).

  19. Again, the NFL is a company. They can impose whatever rules they like. Why is that so hard to understand? Does the company you work for allow you to drink on the job? Doubt it. Why not, booze is legal. Unfortunately, pot stays in your system longer than booze. Too bad.

  20. EVEN if they legalize MJ, the NFL can STILL ban the use of it…. Just because it is legal doesn’t mean it can’t be a banned substance!!!
    What part of that do you people not understand??!!
    Many of the banned substances are legal substances, you just can’t use them per NFL rules…

  21. I have absolutely nothing against marijuana or those who smoke it. I’d much rather be next to a guy in a bar (or anywhere for that matter) who just finished burning one than a dude who just slammed 4-5 Jack n Cokes. If a company doesn’t want to hire people who smoke, it’s their choice. That’s all I’m sayin’.

  22. Yeah, I understand the policy. However, people who smoke weed get such a bad rap, while the pill popping, Vicodin addicted teachers and lawyers (and whoever else) get a pass. I’d much rather screen my employees for abuse of scripts than weed. I’d much rather drive with a person stoned on weed than a person who just popped some pills.

  23. The irony of someone writing about how marijuana affects the human brain in a comment section on a pro football website. If you are someone who is so concerned about your fellow man’s brain capacity, then clearly you shouldn’t be watching pro football due to the head trauma issue. Leave it for the rest of us who believe in individuals having the right to make their own informed decisions.

  24. Santonio Holmes 2.0 – right down to the circus catch at the end of the season.

  25. So sorry to see this. Though the fans mocked the Ravens when Boyle was suspended, we should take the high road.

  26. Roger Goodell’s National Integrity League where double standards abound !

    A year suspension for use of a plant that is not performance enhancing.

    Meanwhile Manning takes buckets of HGH with a clear trail back to him and the league ignores it.

    Goodell is VILE

    Goodell and his cronies must go

  27. This should have about as much of a positive effect on Bryant’s emotional and physical health as buying him a DARE t-shirt.

    If player welfare is the primary consideration, why is this the form that league policy takes?

    And if player welfare is not the primary consideration, why is that the case?

  28. Della Street says:
    Mar 14, 2016 3:45 PM

    I’d much rather drive with a person stoned on weed than a person who just popped some pills.

    I don’t think anyone is too worried about how high their passengers might be, but if you’re saying you’d be a comfortable passenger if the driver was on weed, then let us know where you are so we can all get off those roads. There’s a reason bus drivers, truckers, train engineers, and pilots must be stone-sober, rested, and fully alert. I know I don’t want to be in front of some weeded guy driving an 18-wheeler full of haz-mat at 65 mph on an interstate.

  29. If weed is such an innocuous substance, why do so many NFL players throw away their careers to keep smoking it?

  30. Many of these players have been around weed long before they were playing in college football.

    But it’s cool to pop pills. drink your demons away. get a grip.

  31. Bryant had a responsibility to the field to have the suspension thrown out in court. If he’s not going to protect the game were better off without his crying.

  32. If the positive tests aren’t for performance enhancing drugs, the nfl shouldn’t punish athletes, but instead should offer counciling and leave it up to the team to decide if the player’s conduct is a distraction.

  33. As much as everybody disagrees that POT should be legal, the point is these players and their agents know what happens when they get caught.

    At least he has a great college degree to fall back on right? I am sure he can find another job making millions a year right?

  34. He should serve his one year off with Shazier for that dirty headshot on Bernard…..

    But don’t worry Steeler fans; he’ll have his suspension lifted, just like Munchak did for not pulling on Reggie Nelsons’ hair.

    Its not a question of what misdeed you have committed in this league; its more a question of who you know, and how many $$$$’s are stuffed in those brown envelopes making their way to the penthouse suite up in the clouds at 345 Park Avenue……

  35. Funny how Bryant is suspended for a year while Manziel is out on a free agent tour. Hmmm. Bryant is black and Manziel is white. What could possibly account for the difference in treatment?

  36. briang123 says:
    Mar 14, 2016 8:07 PM
    Funny how Bryant is suspended for a year while Manziel is out on a free agent tour. Hmmm. Bryant is black and Manziel is white. What could possibly account for the difference in treatment?
    You figured it out that quickly? You’re good, man, really good.
    Give me a break. It’s got nothing to do with who’s black and who’s white. They are both stupid for blowing chances that the vast majority of society would cherish. They both deserve to be where they are, out of active interest of the NFL.

  37. All the pot smokers are mad. Listen. If the NFL rules say no smoking weed if you want to make millions of dollars, you don’t smoke weed if you want the money. Same goes for the rest of us. If our employer says no smoking pot, they can fire us for smoking pot.

    Why is it that some people can’t stop smoking pot? I assume most of you pot smokers are on welfare or have low paying jobs that don’t test for pot. Another thing. How do you smokers afford to buy pot? I make good money and would never spend 40-50 bucks on an 1/8th ounce of pot. A couple 1/8ths a week and you are out a hundred bucks. Most of you spend a car payment a month on weed. All so you can sit around like a fungus…. lol

  38. Harsh penalty. I wish him the best in moving beyond this problem and seeking reinstatement. He is a talented player.

  39. I don’t smoke weed and never have. I don’t agree with it but that is not the debate here. Depression is. The articles are not clear on what is causing MB depression but how does taking away his livelihood help that? How would it help self-esteem to remove the one thing that can help him out of depression and replace that with a suspension and rehab? I agree with rehab but not the suspension. That might destroy him, especially if football is a dream and his only real job skill. Bryant needs to look at the CFL as part of his help to returning to a productive life. Huge pay cut would be involved but at least he can still do something might help him out of where he is. Keep the mind involved – don’t give him a year of dangling a football carrot he cannot have to just so he think negatively about it all and be more depressed. Help remove the cause of depression and maybe you remove the pot.

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