Possible Percy Harvin destinations include returning to Buffalo, heading to Baltimore


Receiver Percy Harvin has been out of sight and out of mind for months. But he could indeed be coming back.

His contract with the Bills voided last month, and there’s a chance he’ll re-sign with Buffalo. Another team that could end up being in the mix for Harvin is Baltimore.

The Ravens are looking for the right players at the right price, and Harvin’s goal is to end up with a quarterback that can get him the ball on a regular basis.

The NFL’s offensive rookie of the year in 2009, Harvin spent four seasons with the Vikings before his hop-scotching around the NFL began, with a year and a portion of another one in Seattle, a chunk of a season with the Jets, and then a five-game stint in Buffalo last season.

With potential that has never really been fully exploited, it’s hard to know whether Harvin ever will. But he’s still only 27, with plenty of years left, if he can remain healthy and motivated.

47 responses to “Possible Percy Harvin destinations include returning to Buffalo, heading to Baltimore

  1. You’d get the ball a lot in San Fran and get to stick it to Seattle twice a year. And we play Buffalo’s division this year too. You could stick it to Buf and NYJ too. #JustSayin #DesparateNinerFan

  2. How on earth does this clown have possible destinations left?
    Do GMS not think they can do better in the 7th round?
    This guy is s cancerous malingerer.
    He’s not worth the ink on a contact.

  3. That is the thing he is neither healthy nor motivated. He specializes in stealing checks, thats about it. Some stupid GM will sign him too.

  4. He was a problem in the locker room in Seattle, but there is no denying his talent on the field. I feel like he could excel in the right system.

  5. Why is this even a story? The guy has never had 1,000yds and only has 1,200yds and 2tds COMBINED over the last four seasons.

    He also has been on four teams in four years. He is an ineffective injury prone journeyman at this point. He shouldn’t garner much attention at all.

  6. Somebody will sign him, he’ll get a few $Million next year. All for playing 5 or so games, and approximately 12 catches for 150 yds and maybe 1 TD. Then yet another GM/coach tandem will be wondering, “what the hell were we thinking?”.

  7. If Harvin wants a QB that can get him the ball on a regular basis… Then Baltimore and Flacco are NOT an option.

    Besides, when he was healthy(yes, it’s fine to laugh), Harvin and Tyrod were having really nice chemistry last year. (And this was without Watkins on the field to draw the defense’s attention.)

  8. I know ill take a lot of heat for this, but i would love to see him back in Seattle.. Most explosive guy I’ve ever seen

  9. “ninerboi says:
    Mar 14, 2016 11:34 PM
    You’d get the ball a lot in San Fran and get to stick it to Seattle twice a year. And we play Buffalo’s division this year too. You could stick it to Buf and NYJ too. #JustSayin #DesparateNinerFan”

    – – –

    That’s actually not a bad suggestion (Seahawk fan here) Harvin could benefit from Kelly’s uptempo offense, probably hates Seattle by now and – hey presto – there’s some motivation that he might’ve been lacking previously.

    Genuinely would like to see him harness the form he occasionally flashes.

  10. I guess a mention of Harvin is worthy of a short note….if you have nothing else to write about, but, as talented as he is, his nfl career is over. Oh someone might be willing to pick him up for a no risk tiny cost contract at this point but as soon he does his headcase thing, he will be dropped. That could even happen one or 2 times this year and that will be the last we will have to hear about him

  11. I wouldn’t like Harvin’s chances to be the alpha little man on a team with Steve Smith. That’s a recipe for an entertaining training camp beat down.

  12. I don’t see how he’s a fit on the Ravens. I think Wallace fits Flaccos style a little better. I really don’t want either. But the Ravens lack team speed and Percy is no doubt a play maker, he’s just so unreliable and soft

  13. Why do teams keep bothering with this guy? He won’t play but a handful of games per year and be a headache. Why bother with someone who has proven to be unreliable.

  14. Harvin is the biggest NFL non-factor in recent memory. The guy is a dog. Has been since day one. Done absolutely nothing in the NFL.
    So, fans, wherever he signs, get used to him sitting on the bench while eating up significant cap space.

  15. The only team that ever got anything out of Harvin was the Vikings.

    And then the Vikings got a king’s ransom from the Seahawks – who paid Percy a king’s ransom and got – NOTHING.

  16. Harvin was fantastic for the Bills while healthy, and caused no issues in the locker room that I recall. It was just so frustrating watching injuries cut him down repeatedly. He’s got skill and gas in the tank, and with the right city (Buffalo was one) there are no character issues. He just needs to stay healthy…

  17. ” Harvin’s goal is to end up with a quarterback that can get him the ball on a regular basis.”……………..pretty hard to do when he spends all his time being injured with one thing or another (mostly mental issues).

  18. Steve Smith Sr. is probably the only one left who could straighten up his attitude. I still don’t want him on the team.

  19. @Icdogg
    No. LoL
    Speedy WR-See above^..+Nelson this Yr
    DJaX like drama&headaches(no pun intended)not close to being worth it.
    Buffalo n Rex he can do&get away with w/e in that circus.
    BaL strong HC, seems like enough Vets w/ Elvis D,S.Smith,Flacco,Suggs and now Eric Weddle ect. might have a strong enough locker room&group to keep him in line. Like Will Hill

  20. I’d like to see Buffalo bring him back at a lower price. Taylor handing off to McCoy/Williams and throwing to Harvin/Watkins/Woods w/Clay in the mix is a tough O for any defense to handle.

  21. He just kinda quit/retired/left the team after 5 games. Sure he played pretty good during those games, but he missed 11 games! Unless it’s for really cheap I do not want him on the Bills.

  22. Injury prone and a knucklehead’s knucklehead but this guy has unbelievable talent and can be a game-changer for any team.

    Baltimore might make perfect sense for Percy. He seems to fit that mold pretty well.

  23. @TV426 “Harvin is the biggest non factor……”

    Umm, if i remember correctly he was KEY in getting to and WINNING a superbowl on a team where he was double covered as their only option, literally (Seattle), even in an injury riddled season….isn’t that the very definition of a FACTOR?. Maybe I’m mistaken.

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