Report: Broncos view Kaepernick as being worth a fourth-round pick they don’t have


The confusing Colin Kaepernick trade carousel continues to have only one real piece of clarity: The 49ers obviously want to trade him.

Where and for what and for how much of a pay cut remains to be seen. Until then, it’s important to filter all reports through the reality that: (1) the 49ers clearly want to trade him; (2) no one is clamoring to get the deal done; and (3) the teams that are interested would like to get the deal done on the most favorable terms possible.

The latest new wrinkle comes from Mike Silver of NFL Network, who reports that the Broncos regard Kaepernick as being worth a fourth-round draft pick. The only problem, as pointed out by Matt Maiocco of, is that the Broncos don’t have a fourth round pick that can be traded.

Sure, they have a fourth-round compensatory pick. But the rule allowing trades of compensatory picks doesn’t kick in until 2017.

The Broncos do have the last non-compensatory pick in round three. The imbalance could be corrected with the 49ers sending a sixth-round or seventh-round pick back to the Broncos with Kaepernick in return for the third-rounder.

Even if the Broncos want Kaepernick, the question becomes whether they’ll pay him $12 million for 2016, or whether they’ll want to squeeze him to take less. The news also raises the possibility that the Browns, who reportedly are willing to send the 65th overall pick in the draft to San Francisco but aren’t willing to pay Kaepernick $12 million (it’s still hard to reconcile those two positions), will decide to drop the request for a new contract and just get the thing done.

Meanwhile, Kaepernick’s best play continues to be digging in his heels, expressing a desire to remain with the 49ers, and waiting for April 1. He’ll either see his $12 million salary become fully guaranteed or win the ability to join a new team without that team having to give up a draft pick to get him — which could make the new team willing to pay him more than whatever is currently on the table.

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  1. Teams, unlike fans, know what Kaepernick is. He is an aging player whose claim to fame was running the ball in a read option system. His passing ability has been shown with his recent performance, which landed him n the bench.

    Kaepernick is not worth a decent draft pick to anyone so far. His salary also appears to be an issue with everyone who has shown interest.

    Teams will wait for the 49ers to cut him and then try to sign him to a back up quarterback money contract with incentives to earn more. Anything else would be ridiculously careless.

    It is funny how a lot of fans think Kaepernick is great. Great players don’t get benched for a Jacksonville wash out. I guess no one sees the importance of the 49er defense and running game in Kaepernick’s past success. Once those things were gone, Kaepernick was horrible.

  2. There’s so much posturing here. The 49ers aren’t going to pay Kaep’s $12 million salary. That means they’ll either have to give him away for cheap or cut him on April 1. They can pretend all they want that they will keep him from now until then, but I can see this bluff from literally thousands of miles of away.

  3. Not sure why Kap and the Broncos are generating this much coverage. Without clearing or restructuring other contracts the Bronco’s don’t have the room. 15 mil available and needing 5 mil to sign the rookie class, Kap would eat the remainder. Not to mention they will be forking out 6 mil in year 1 of CJ Anderson’s contract should they choose to match Miami.

  4. THE Jersey Jets are perfect for Ksp, one game away from the playoffs, Fitz is not Jet material.

  5. As bad as Kaepernick was last year, by the numbers he was more efficient moving a less talented offense, than Peyton Manning.
    In two seasons prior to the Geep Chryst debacle Kaepernick averaged 3200 passing yds 20 Tds to 9 ints w/ 580 rush yds & 2.5 TDs per season.
    Offer Osweiller that much but can’t offer a 3rd for Kapernick is not understable, this is still a guy who has 67 Career Td’s to 26 interceptions. Compare that to brock.

  6. Bronco’s best play is to do nothing now. Kap knows they want him. Brown’s know he doesn’t want to go there and don’t want to pay him. He’ll be cut before April 1st, and can sign with Denver.

  7. Typical Browns. I think Kap has already proven to be a better QB than the Browns have drafted with 1st, 2nd, or 3rd round picks over the last 10 or so drafts. Getting Kap on a reduced contract would definitely be worth the 65th pick in the draft. They could trade back from the 2nd pick with a team that is in love with Wentz and get that pick back (and more.)

  8. Denver didn’t think Osweiler was worth what the market decided he was either.
    Given the fact that Sanchez may be lacing them up as a starter should be enough to make Elway reconsider what he thinks starting QB’s are worth.
    To be fair he did not get his money’s worth for Manning’s last couple of years paying him what he did. Dude was like a used car that started leaking oil, blows the head gasket and then dropped the transmission a couple of years after buying it for big bucks.

  9. they should trade their 3rd round compensatory pick. it’s basically a 4th round pick. Not that I’m sold he would be worth it..but I’m not super comfortable with just sanchez and semien

  10. Harbaugh was some kind of wizard for getting this kid to the superbowl. Still they would have been better in the long run keeping Smith.

  11. 12 million for a starting QB is a bargain. Would the Bears rather have Cutler on the hook for 18 million or Kaepernick for 12? Would the Browns rather have nobody under center or a guy that’s been to a Super Bowl in the last 5 years. Would the Ravens rather have Flacco at 22 million or Kaep at 12?

    He’s not necessarily broken. Their 1 down year also came at a time when Jed was doing his best Jerry Jones impression on a coach that has a backbone. Plus they really didn’t have a true WR1.

    I hate the 49ers and personally think Kaep is a DBag but 1 slumping year doesn’t mean much with all of the nonsense that went on with them. Last year he got sat down because his contract while being team friendly was guaranteed against injury. Every decent O-lineman retired and Jed didn’t want him getting killed and being on the hook for all of that money.

  12. There is a reason that teams that view the tape have made the decision that they did. Cleveland doesn’t want to bring in Kaepernick at $12 million to start for one season while they get whatever QB they draft ready. Add in that McCown is on the roster for a $5 million cap hit to be a mentor and that’s $17 million in money for quarterbacks that you don’t plan on having next season. That’s not moneyball.

    Denver has limited cap space, as evidenced by letting so many free agents walk. They may have the room to take on the $12 million salary, but at a risk. Kaepernick isn’t a slam dunk starter, despite his two successful seasons under Harbaugh, and Denver needs to restock with reliable players while they still have most of that defense in place keeping their window open. Mark Sanchez might not be your optimal starter, but at the very least he is a known quantity.

  13. Ha ha The excuse machine continues.

    No one is giving up crap unless it is for a low ball contract and dude swallows his ego.

  14. He is an aging player whose claim to fame was running the ball in a read option system.


    Really? Aging player? I mean, yeah I guess we’re all aging. But this dude is 28. He’s still pretty young.

  15. The year before he became a starter, he replaced Alex Smith in a game against the Giants and it was one look and run. He was not even remotely a worry.

    I was positive he wasn’t going to be any good anytime soon without some coaching.

    He never got it or he doesn’t have what it takes.

  16. Elway must hold the line and not give too much. Overpay in cash or draft picks and you’ll take it in the rear. What will become known as a Colin-oscopy.

  17. Remember when people thought his guy actually good?


    I think that he still good (not elite, but good enough to lead a team to victories). He was just a sad victim of a mediocre system set in place by the 49ers. When your main target is a WR way beyond his prime (Boldin) then the QB may not be the only problem. Keep in mind that the 49ers didn’t have a decent TE and/or RB either.

  18. I think the 49ers should make a deal with the Browns baseball style. Cle doesn’t want to pay 12 million so send CK7 and $4 million to Cleveland for their 65th pick. 😉

  19. no one talks about his 3 surgeries this year and how they affected his play. what were they and were they successful is the big question?

  20. Hard to believe the Broncos don’t believe a guy who is 4-2 in post season, won an NFC Championship game and came two red zone plays away from winning another NFC Championship game and a Super Bowl is worth nothing but a 4th round pick. Osweiler with a five game resume and Kirk Cousins with one wild card win just signed $18 million dollar contracts.. The numbers don’t justify the undervalue..

  21. Disagree strongly. If he waits to get released, he won’t be negotiating a salary higher than the Brown’s restructured deal. And there is no situation out there for him where he will immediately be considered a long term quarterback solution. He’ll have to go where he knows he’ll start, and then earn that consideration to start long term.

  22. I don’t think the Niners are bluffing. I don’t think the last “natural” pick in the 3rd round has any better chance of improving the team than trying Kap out in Kelly’s system. Sure Kap is butt hurt now, but he has options currently and he is with in his rights to explore them. If the Niners keep him by the time training camp roles around he will only have one of two options, try to become the start of the Niners and show not only them but the other 31 teams that last year was the exception – or – hold out/complain your way to the bench collecting 12 mil this year but get pennies on the dollar next year after you are cut.

  23. His best bet is to take the brown’s trade and restructure to something short term. After the last couple years his value has changed and he will need to go out and earn another big pay day for next free agency cycle- whether one or two years down the road.

  24. Well at least Trent Baalke can concentrate on other things while Kap and his agent try to negotiate the trade deal. Pretty clever setup to get himself in that position.

  25. Could they not do an under the table, wink nod, hand shake deal & wait until the draft then allow the 49ers to choose which player the Broncos pick w their 4th round compensatory pick then trade that player for Kap after the draft is complete? Doesn’t seem so far fetched.

  26. The major difference between the Browns’ offer of a 3rd round pick, and the 49ers’ offer of a 4th round pick is that the 9ers pick is made from experienced football people, while the Browns’ offer comes from Harvard lawyers and a MLB guy.

    In the MLB they have 666 rounds of picks, so the draft means little.

    Same old Browns

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