Report: Eric Weddle will sign with the Ravens

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When it comes to free agents, the Ravens like them old and still productive.

Days after adding 35-year-old tight end Benjamin Watson, the Ravens reportedly will be signing former Chargers safety Eric Weddle.

Reports Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-TribuneWeddle will be a Raven.

Per multiple reports, it’s a four-year, $26 million deal, with $13 million paid out in the first two years. That’s $6.5 million annually for Weddle.

That compares favorably to the five-year, $36 million contract signed by Jaguars safety Tashaun Gipson last week. He’ll also get $13 million in the first two years, with an average of $7.2 million.

The decision represents a quick whittling of the four options Weddle had on the table, given the news that he had a quartet of opportunities and that he planned to reduce the field to two without a counteroffer before negotiating with the finalists and picking a new team.

Weddle, 31, spent nine years with the Chargers before becoming a free agent last week. Acee reports that the other three interested teams were the Cowboys, Raiders, and Steelers.

104 responses to “Report: Eric Weddle will sign with the Ravens

  1. Good. Elam’s days are numbered.

    Meanwhile, all the Steelers fans who were clamoring for Weddle yesterday can now begin trying to knock him down.

  2. And all the Ravens fans who begged Weddle to go to the Steelers because he’s old and slow act like they never would have made fun of the Steelers for signing a 30 year old defensive back on the decline lol.

  3. That team that wears the purple and black are a long way from being contenders. Maybe three wins in 2016.

  4. Apparently Weddle and Steve Smith Jr are very close. I’m sure that played a big factor.

    Weddle is a HUGE upgrade for this secondary. Great move!!

  5. I’m not a big Weddle Fan. I can’t get the visions of Darren McFadden abusing him with his shoulder at the end of TD runs, or destroying him on blocks out of my mind.

  6. “And all the Ravens fans who begged Weddle to go to the Steelers because he’s old and slow act like they never would have made fun of the Steelers for signing a 30 year old defensive back on the decline lol.”

    True that.

    Just like Steeler fans will now pretend they never wanted him.

    Will always be thus.

  7. Lol. How many more bad deals can the ravens make. I thought Flacco was bad, but then they add this old, slow corner.

    This guy was getting burned in the AFC West. Just think what Antonio Bryant or AJ Green are going to do to him.

    Ravens are going backwards.

  8. I guess all that talk about wanting to go to a Super Bowl contender was a smoke screen. The Ravens are in full rebuilding mode.

  9. Is Ozzie Newsome drunk?

    What a terrible contract. I guess that’s what happens when you draft so poorly for so long.

    And, Weddle clearly has no interest in a ring.

  10. So much for wanting to play for a contender. I believe this speaks too Baltimore’s lack of faith in their recent draft picks at safety. Clearly, Elam is on his way out.

  11. Ravens are locked and loaded. This is how champions do it. We are just nine draft picks away from world domination. Here we go, Ravens, Here we GO!

  12. Nice pick up by the Ravens. All you you making the dumb “contender” comments must have never experienced a season where you lost as many starters as the Ravens did last season. Check out the injured reserve list from 2015 and tell me your team would’ve been a contender last season with the same players/positions missing. And they still beat the Steelers twice. They will be just fine.

    -Hawks fan

  13. Funny, half the people with the “thought he wanted to play for a contender..” comments, don’t know what a contender is.

    The other half, jealous much ? That’s right, talkin to you Steeler fans ! lol

  14. Team with a ton of cap space (Raiders) got outbid by a team with almost none (Ravens).

    Raiders must not have been too serious about landing him.

  15. Congrats weddle, you’ve proven that it’s all about the money, not rings and certainly not where is best for your children to live!

  16. Most injuries, first 10 games by one score the Ravens have one losing season and all of a sudden they not a contender no more you people should know better the that of and they did finish top 10 in defense and was the 2nd best defense 2nd half of the season with the QB,Wr’s coming back healthy playoffs is a sure thing.

  17. He’s a nice player, but in the end he’s a 31-year old safety who has never won a playoff game. To pretend that he is the missing piece for any number of teams is ridiculous.

  18. TebowedOutOfThePostSeasonAndNeverToReturn says:
    Mar 14, 2016 1:53 PM
    Ravens are locked and loaded. This is how champions do it. We are just nine draft picks away from world domination. Here we go, Ravens, Here we GO!


    With the way Ozzie has been drafting of late, I would not being getting your hopes up.

  19. Everyone wants to ‘play for a contender’….until the money.

    Great, now you can tell your grandkids all about how you made a couple extra million (a bare ripple on top of the 10’s of millions you’d already made) instead of going to playoffs.

  20. I’m not going to knock the signing, because if the Steelers signed him, I’d be happy. However, with the news of Russell Okung meeting with Mike Munchak today after yesterday’s visit and pics with the 6 Lombardi Trophies (and other LTs visits being cancelled later this week), I can only guess things are looking more likely he will sign in Pittsburgh. So, I’ll take the 28 year old Pro Bowl left tackle over the 31 year old Pro Bowl safety any day. Left Tackle is much more valuable than Safety, anyone in football knows that.

  21. I love how everyone says “oh i thought he wanted to play for a contender” when he signed with a team that won the superbowl 3 yrs ago and had a missed season with last year. These people act like they havent been to the playoffs 7 season under harbaugh. And by looking at your scream names to the teams some of you guys who are saying this stuff are fans of, contender shouldn’t be in your vocabulary.

  22. Love all the “thought he wanted to win” comments.

    Remind me, when was the last time the Ravens had back to back losing seasons?

    Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

  23. No Ravens fan, but that must have been a heck of a sales job by OSmith. As currently constituted, the Cowboys and steelers are much better positioned to win something, although I don’t know how competitive their offers were. I agree with the earlier poster, the Ravens just had a tough year last year, but otherwise are always contenders. No where near full rebuilding mode. Don’t know how this will work out, but I can tell you the fans that missed out on him are saying the same things about Weddle that were said about Rodney Harrison when the Pats signed him.

  24. well he said contender, but at the end it’s alwayd biz, and understandable….obviously he went where they offered the most money…i am ok with it. I am glad the Raiders stood their ground on their three year offer under 20 mill….

    We still need somebody to take over for C-wood…kid from Boise State in the 2nd rd.

  25. Wasn’t he going to sign with a “contender”? I guess he is signing with a contender for 2nd place in the AFC North Div.

  26. That’s a good haul financially and the Ravens are a great organization but moving from sunny San Diego to Baltimore has to sting a little bit.

  27. Aside from one year when the QB and half the team was injured, the Ravens are always contenders. You’ll recall that even with all those issues they swept the Steelers last year. 🙂

    Welcome to the best organization in the NFL, Mr. Weddle!

  28. I’ve always liked Weddle and I did want to see him in black and gold. Alas, that won’t happen but I want backpedal from thinking he could have helped us and had some legs left. He’s a decent player and it’s a pretty good signing for the Ravens. Good on them.

    None of that means I won’t now turn to hating him. That’s the way it is. And the way it should be.

  29. Good signing. In addition to adding a warm body to a secondary that’s constantly chasing after receivers with a 3yd cushion, signing the 30yr old lowers the average age of the team.

  30. @jumboli says:
    Mar 14, 2016 1:51 PM
    Lol. How many more bad deals can the ravens make. I thought Flacco was bad, but then they add this old, slow corner.
    Not a corner…but you can keep trolling

  31. Bmore you might got a rejuvenated guy for 1 year and will keep him for two but you will not win a SB with that roster EW. Best of luck trying and you were a great guy and totally understand you wanted both ( the cheese and the chance). I know you will be all about the game against us this year. PR will throw at you cause he is not afraid. Benjamin all day so I would prepare soon. Work in technique cause the speed is gone EW.

  32. Good signing. Veteran leadership is a need & a solid safety is another. Two holes filled. What happens to Lardarius now? My guess is he & his 5mil cap hit are out the door. May hang on for depth thought. Lord knows we need that in the 2ndary.

  33. 2 Super Bowls in 20 years of existence. Only a few teams can top that. I’d say we’re a contender.

    Welcome Weddle, let’s get you a ring brother.

  34. Weddle has been vastly overrated his entire career, especially when he was actually getting paid more than Ed Reed and Troy Polamolu when they were still playing.

    But the Ravens secondary(and safeties in particular) were SO BAD last year that he is actually an upgrade and they HAD to get someone to play the position.

  35. How is this a blow to the Steelers? I never wanted him. Golden played well as a starter and could actually cover a TE last season so this means nothing.

    The Steelers are a favorite to win the bowl in 2016. The Ravens are favorites to be ahead of the Browns in the division.

    #goals #expectations

  36. He was making 8 million a year and wanted a raise from the Chargers, since a few guys were now making 9-10. However, those guys were all younger, so the Chargers said no. Then all the fighting and finger-pointing began.

    And now he’s making 6.5.

    I wonder what the Chargers would have offered to keep him had emotions all around had been kept in check.

  37. As a Steeler fan, I wouldn’t at all have minded seeing Weddle in black and gold… but not for four years and not for an average of $6.5 million a year. Not only can the Steelers not afford that for a safety, they shouldn’t.

    But the biggest reason I am OK with Weddle not going to Pittsburgh is this: if it is possibly coming down to a choice between signing Weddle and signing Russell Okung, that is a no-brainer. Both would be upgrades for the Steelers, but Okung is younger and arguably better when healthy at this stage in his career when compared to others who play his position. If the Steelers also miss out on Okung, it’s still not the end of the world… but he would sure be a nice addition.

  38. The Raiders have been waiting for Weedle to sign a deal so they can sign Reggie Nelson for a bit less$ on a two year deal. They would have signed Weedle on a short term deal, but wanted no part of a 4 year deal for a guy in his thirties.

  39. cowboys’ fan here; boys, raiders, steelers all lucked out;

    26mm for a 30 yr old safety

    we’re better off hoping j ramsey slips to us at # 4

    have to start wondering about newsome now with these “over the hill signings”

  40. Okung left town w/o a contract, which is never a good sign. The Giants and Lions have much more money to spend, and Okung has his ring already. They weren’t too broken up in Seattle to let him go either. Maybe they’ll get him, they better do something. Last I read Beachum was visiting the Jets, who have a badly declining DFerguson on the books for 14 mil.

  41. Weddle has been a good player throughout his career. And like all athletes, he has had some better years than others.

    In 2015, Weddle did NOT have one of his better years. He got torched a few times good, was injured at times, and never really played at the level we saw in 2014.

    If 2015 was an aberration, Weddle could do well for the Ravens and help them. However, if 2015 was not an aberration, if Weddle’s play does not revert to his earlier years, then the Ravens have paid a lot of money to an average but serviceable safety.

  42. Damn, I wanted him on Oakland. I def can’t blame him for chasing the $…prob hist last chance to sign a sizable contract. That said, don’t preach that you want to play for a contender.

  43. Overpaid? This makes him the 13th highest paid safety in the league. That seems pretty fair for a 2-time all pro.

  44. Franchises like the Ravens , Patriots, Broncos and Steelers are never in a rebuild mentality, they are constantly reloading each off season to compete.

    Clearly,if you look at the Ravens record last season and not having watched their games you would think they are a disaster,but those who actually saw them play all season long know they lost lots of games in the very end of the 4th because of the D and the secondary. They will be in the hunt again for the AFC North crown, playoffs and Lombardi.

    Weddle will enjoy the Crabcake.

  45. Good signing for the Ravens. I would have liked to have him on the Steelers, but it is clear that Pittsburgh’s front office wasn’t offering what he was looking for.

    One thing I know from watching football as long as I have: the Ravens aren’t going to be hanging around the bottom of the division for long. Every season they field a competitive team that is well coached and plays hard. Last season there were twenty plus starters on IR, which explains the terrible record. If Flacco is healthy this will be a much different season. The best part of the rivalry is both teams being good. No one wants to be rivals with the Browns.

  46. I wish vets like Weddle would be honest and say they signed with a certain team because they offered him the most money. The ravens aren’t contenders they haven’t really good since 2012. They missed the playoffs in 2013,only made the playoffs in 2014 because the Chargers got beat in the last game of the season by KC and last year they were horrible Other teams had worse injuries and still made the playoffs.

  47. Well, I guess he did go to a contender. Only the Ravens & Steelers were consistent playoff teams. The Cowboys and Raiders haven’t done really anything for the last 10 years. The Cowboys two years ago had a chance, but I strongly believe that they should consider rebuilding with a new QB at the 4th overall.

  48. mball13 says:
    Mar 14, 2016 3:05 PM
    Damn, I wanted him on Oakland. I def can’t blame him for chasing the $…prob hist last chance to sign a sizable contract. That said, don’t preach that you want to play for a contender.

    So Oakland — a team that hasn’t made the playoffs in 14 years is more of a contender than Baltimore — a team that has 10 playoff wins, a SB win, and 8 appearances in that same span? The Ravens had a double digit lead on the eventual Super Bowl-winning Patriots before their apocalyptic season last year. I would trust their track record to return to form.

  49. One of the very few safeties in the NFL that can some what limit Gronk. Good move by the Ravens since they will likely have to beat the Patriots to win the AFC.

  50. Steelers didn’t even make an offer. Smokescreen for Weddle’s agent to light a fire under Balty’s behind.

  51. Don’t see it for that money. When you have 5 plus safety on your roster that means you have NONE. Weddle is injured and old. I’m starting to lose faith in Oz.

    Seriously, he’s had NO luck drafting a WR and when he gets his chance to take one in last year’s draft he picks a guy with a DEGENERATIVE knee issue…. WTF.

    Long time Raven’s Fan but Ray Lewis and Ed Reed are anomalies that are never going to be replaced. Ray and Ed are the kind of playmakers that make EVERYONE from Biscotti on down look like geniuses and great talent evaluators.

  52. Don’t get me wrong, would have loved to have Weedle on the Steelers. Seeing how he is 31 on a 4 year deal averaging over 6 mil a year the price was too high for Pittsburgh. I will not lose sleep over not getting him in Pittsburgh.

    As for the Ravens being a contender for a decade and a half, think again. In their 20 year history, they have 11 winning seasons. Also they had more then an “off year” last year. They have been in decline since winning the super bowl. They have gone 8-8, 10-6, and 5-11 in the years since, and how many of those wins have come against a team with a winning record(either at the time of game or end of the season)? Maybe 5-6? Yes they win the games they should, but they struggle against a quality opponent. Also the last 3 seasons the Ravens finished third in the AFCN all 3 years…not the track record of a contender.

    Last year does not matter, the top 10 defense is getting older and slower. Who do they have on offense? It would surprise me greatly if they finished better than 3rd in the North let alone contend for a title.

  53. Not going to lie, he’s getting paid on avg 6.5M, below what Gipson got. A needy pickup for the Ravens and probably only $$$ considerations by Weddle, don’t blame him to get the most for his last contract, not sure he will live up to it.

    He would have made a nice veteran addition to the Raiders. Raiders likely valued his service below that mark and lesser years.

    R.Nelson market value is probably in the same range. I consider Nelson a better FS and only a year older.

    Raiders Plan B should be R.Nelson and drafting either Darian Thompson from Boise State or Von Bell from Ohio State in the mid rounds.

  54. Look at all these “herp derp” comments about the Ravens not being contenders. The Ravens have 1 losing season in the Harbaugh/Flacco era. They will turn things around.

    Haters will continue to hate.

  55. Poor Choice:
    Ravens: given the wide ranging needs and the cap issues – they need to be grooming youth not overpaying for age

    Weddel also think its a poor choice for Weddle. The Steelers and Bengals will be play off teams in 2016 – all but insures the Ravens will be going home with the Browns.

  56. Nice player but not close to dominant. Never shied away from contact but isn’t physically strong. He was mediocre last year, and his ego was off the rails to the point where he abandoned his teammates.

  57. Some of you amaze me. You do know how NFL contracts work, right? Concentrate on the guaranteed money. It’s a two year, $13M contract. He fits a glaring need and the price is not bad. Good job Oz.

  58. I wonder what the raiders plans for a safety are. Is there anyone coming up in the draft that makes sense. I was positive this guy would be in silver and black this year. It made all the sense in the world. I guess not to Reggie and the way he’s turning us around I’m not about to second guess him.

  59. Over the past, the Ravens were designed to beat the Steelers. That worked, since we own them now. The next target is Tom Brady. Eric Weddle can’t cover 10+ yards downfield pass, but he does really well with the dink and dunk 2 yard pass – PERFECT.

  60. I am a huge Ravens fan and like this signing. But my lasting memory of Eric Weddle is Anquan Boldin de-cleating him on the 4th-and-29 He Diddle Diddle play by Ray Rice.

  61. Raider fans are a joke, not a Raven fan but to dismiss the Baltimore Ravens as an afterthought is laughable.
    I admire the hard nosed nature that Baltimore has.
    Ravens fans, pay no attention to that very old man, that are the Raiders behind the curtain.
    They live in the past and are a delusional bunch. Not ONE winning record since 2002 and they are now contenders, yet again.
    Every year they are the off-season champs, yet come September, reality hits.
    They are the only fanbase the continually live in the past. I’ve seen them lose and lose royally, they don’t care, (we won 3 SB)!!!
    They play in a depressing dump, right in the middle of Urban-blithe….”we won 3 SB!!!!
    14 years of sub .500; we won 3….
    Delusions grandeur, they are.
    Pay no attention, to the old man behind the curtain.

  62. I don’t like the Baltimore Ravens. Heck, I didn’t like them when they had the Colts. i do like Weddle. I will root for him to do well individually yet I can’t root for his team.

  63. The nasty comments from Steelers fans are disappointing. But we will take the high road and celebrate the fact that we were chosen over other teams who obviously weren’t as good a fit for such a high caliber player.

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