Weddle: Ravens offered first, kept selling


New Ravens safety Eric Weddle told Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune Monday that the Ravens were the first team to make him a contract offer and that Weddle ultimately chose to sign with the Ravens because he felt wanted and valued.

“There is a reason why they’re the Ravens – the culture, the winning – and it just showed throughout the whole process,” Weddle said. “They were adamant about what they thought about me, what I bring, how I could help on and off the field.

“At the end of the day, it was just their continued effort. And it wasn’t just the contract stuff. It was what they said, what they thought, how we talked. They just showed me they want me.”

Per Acee, Weddle chose the Ravens over the Raiders, Cowboys and Steelers. He will sign a four-year deal worth as much as $29 million with $13 million guaranteed and be formally introduced in Baltimore Wednesday.

“You think of Baltimore, you think of winning, you think defense, you think blue collar, grinding, guys working together,” Weddle said. “When I went to bed (Sunday) night and I was trying to decide which team, Baltimore just kept popping in my head. When it comes down to it, my heart was there.”

Weddle will make $9 million in 2016 thanks to a $7 million signing bonus, $1 million roster bonus and a $1 million base salary. At least for now, that will make Weddle the NFL’s second-highest paid safety in 2016 behind Eric Berry, who is scheduled to make $10.8 million on the one-year contract he’ll get as the Chiefs’ franchise player.

Weddle, 31, had played with the Chargers since they selected him in the second round in 2007. He went to three Pro Bowls and was twice named All-Pro. Before being placed on injured reserve against his wishes last December, he hadn’t missed a game since 2009.

54 responses to “Weddle: Ravens offered first, kept selling

  1. You are overrated, yet at least you didn’t pick the off-season chump/champs….raiders.

  2. Even Ozzie Newsome, best build through the draft GM in the league, will pounce on an elite player if given the chance. Rick Spielman in Minnesota and the Ted Thompson in Green Bay could learn a thing or two from the Master.

  3. There is a reason why they’re the Ravens – the culture, the winning

    Did he happen to look at their record last year? Maybe he thinks he can change that all by himself but they have a lot of holes to fill. What he meant to say is the reason he signed with them is that they overpaid for him. Second highest paid safety in the league? I don’t think he’s the second best safety in the league but keep overpaying people Ozzie.

  4. My guess is the Ravens are desperate and offered him A LOT more than those other teams were going to pay him. I know there’s no way Pittsburgh would’ve offered anything close to that!

  5. They over paid for him. 31 and injured last year…and get $28 million ?? Good for him cashing out and being set for the rest of his life though

  6. You chased the money and they paid you. Congratulations. You’ve been overrated for the last 2-3yrs and showed your loyalty to the team that’s overpaid you for your entire career by crying and whining about money.

  7. Watch how when he stars to get beat and it will be often that the mysterious hamstring or lower back will start hurting. He is only solid at the line or around a group tackle. 1 on 1 he gets beat 3/4 times. AB will burn this guy all day not to mention AJ and anyone else they play. But I am confident enough when he left americasfinestcity it was strictly cause he became old. Smart move by TT to move on and go young. This will be one he looks back on and others and applauds this call. I would save $$ cause this will turn out to be a one year 9mil contract. Your only there cause Oz made a bad draft move with Matt Elam and will draft another safety this year so ice up partner.

  8. @central cali chef: Take that noise back to Missiouri.

    The only chumps are those who are denial about the Silver and Black.

    I’m sorry Raiders fan stole your lunch money, but get over it.

    Troll on, buddy.

    Go Raiders

  9. This is my last chance at a big contract so I bit on the biggest worm. I’m just blowing smoke about wanting to play for a winner and Baltimore really wanted me I mean look at those numbers! I’m just cashing in but everybody will buy it and I sound cool at least until September, so yeah love Baltimore lets go Crows!

  10. Wow! Look at all the bitter little trolls whining it up. Lot’s of hate from Steeler fans because they wanted Weddle and lost out! Lol at the steeler fan who said Weddle can’t cover Brown! Dude, we shut all of your wideouts down as we swept your sorry team twice!

  11. I would’ve like Weddle in the black and gold. Even as bad as the Steelers secondary is, paying him 29 mil for 4 years, 13 mil guaranteed is way too much for his age and skill in decline. I believe he has a lot to teach young guys but I where near worth that. 2-3 mil a year…maybe 4 mil a year would be about right.

    Watson and Weddle may have experience but they are just making the team older and slower. I’ll take LaDarius Green over Watson any day of the week.

  12. All the “AJ / AB / Etc” will blow by him…..

    What??? He’s not a CB. He’s a safety. He’s a pretty good ballhawk & will be back playing center field in single high safety & will roll coverage if playing 2 deep safety. He will rarely, if ever be asked to cover a #1 WR unless there’s some kind of blitz pressure. Maybe a slot WR at times.

    And, for those talking about the Ravens record – look deeper. 9 losses by 1 score or less with 20+ players on IR. Every ball that bounced went against them last year. That trend won’t continue for a 2nd season.

    And, even in a 5-11 season….there was a SWEEP of the Steelers. Their best lost to our 2nd team.

  13. The Browns are a minor league team. Cincy lost a couple of key pieces. Steelers get a game breaker suspended for a year, an RB coming off an ACL year, a QB 13 years into a car crash, and the Ravens get back a Superbowl MVP QB, and now Weddle. The Ravens can easily win the division. Harbaugh is a great, not good coach. Sour grapes are bitter, just like the moonyaks who troll the Ravens and Weddle. Enjoy your misery.

  14. No doubt Weddle has been a stud. But the Raven’s have a history with signing older players that can’t make it through a full season healthy.

    Hope Weddle has something left. He’s a class act.

  15. Im lowkey salty about this, Raiders have everything he wants:
    -West Coast location so he doesnt have to move his family.
    -More money.
    – Up and Coming team a few pieces away from a legit run.
    – Hes needed and would get playing time.
    – Would get to play the team he hates twice a year.

    I can only think that Reggie got stingy with the checkbook after spending so much this offseason. I would like to know if he turned down a bigger offer from us and it was just about preference to play with the Ravens, i guess i could live with that but if it was because Reggie didnt give him the money he wanted that we have to blow then ill be super disappointed.

    Good offseason regardless, i guess this means Carrie will be playing alittle more FS here and there this season.

    Go Raiders.

  16. Central Cali Chiefs says:
    Mar 14, 2016 9:26 PM
    Raider fans are a joke, not a Raven fan but to dismiss the Baltimore Ravens as an afterthought is laughable.
    I admire the hard nosed nature that Baltimore has.
    Ravens fans, pay no attention to that very old man, that are the Raiders behind the curtain.
    They live in the past and are a delusional bunch. Not ONE winning record since 2002 and they are now contenders, yet again.
    Every year they are the off-season champs, yet come September, reality hits.
    They are the only fanbase that continually lives in the past. I’ve seen them lose and lose royally, they don’t care, (we won 3 SB)!!!
    They play in a depressing dump, right in the middle of Urban-blithe….”we won 3 SB!!!!
    14 years of sub .500; we won 3….
    Delusions grandeur, they are.
    Pay no attention, to the old man behind the curtain.

  17. Look at all the hate from Steeler’s fans. So dumb. We beat you with our practice squad. This guy definitely makes us better. Go smoke a doobie with Martavis. It will help take the pain away.

  18. He was really good in his prime, but you don’t pay 31 year old safeties this kind of money. He’s been on the decline for the past two years

  19. One stat about Eric Weddle that no one talks about is how many penalties he has had called against him in nine years. Hint, he gets one every other year for a total of five. While he may get burned once in a while, he makes up for it with his smart play and will not draw a flag. Plus the team leadership thing will make him a team captain by the start of season. Good luck Eric, this future former Charger fan wishes you nothing but the best.
    As for the Chargers, you really messed up on this one.

  20. Sorry, but Weddel’s best years are far behind him. A classic case of a desperate team overpaying a player for what he has done in the past. He would have been a nice addition to the Cowboys or Raiders on a 2 year deal with $5million guaranteed. Ravens got ripped off! Weddel scores!

  21. Has been a solid player for a long time with excellent leadership skills.
    Had a bad year last year, missed more tackles than in years past. We will see if it was due to his perceived “disrespect”. (The Chargers did make him the highest paid safety when he signed his last contract- sounds like they showed him plenty of respect).
    As a Charger fan I always liked him and even bought a “Eric Weddle’s Beard” Tshirt. I was disappointed how last year played out. It was time to part ways.

  22. They’re just one more signing of a 30+ year old has-been before they can open up their own old age home!!! LOL!!!!

  23. Maybe Weddle will never admit that he regrets his decision, but he will think about it and regret it as the season goes on and he may even learn how to spell it. Did he get it in his contract that he could take off games or practice to see his kids perform, he should have.

  24. “The Browns are a minor league team. Cincy lost a couple of key pieces. Steelers get a game breaker suspended for a year, an RB coming off an ACL year, a QB 13 years into a car crash, and the Ravens get back a Superbowl MVP QB, and now Weddle. The Ravens can easily win the division. Harbaugh is a great, not good coach. Sour grapes are bitter, just like the moonyaks who troll the Ravens and Weddle. Enjoy your misery.”

    Your observation on the Browns is spot on. With all the departures from Cincy, they will still give Baltimore a run for their money, they have beat the Ravens 5 straight. Since when is a #2 receiver gone for the year a “game breaker”? This receiver corp is very deep, Wheaton and Coates will do just fine. How is Bell coming off an ACL(Flacco is too, and he will be even less mobile now)an issue…plenty of backs in recent history have come back strong. A 12 year vet missing around 5 1/2 games still led the league in passing ypg, without a significant loss on offense he will continue his trend over the past few years. Back to Flacco, he may have been the playoff MVP but he was hardly SB MVP. He completely disappeared in the second half.

  25. I love how Ravens fans gloat about sweeping the Steelers. It was for nothing. They won 5 games, finished 3rd in the division again and barely beat Mike Vick. Now in 2008, the Steelers completed a 3 game sweep of the Ravens, won the division, won the Afc championship and won the super bowl. That was a sweep that had meaning. The sweep last year basically had no impact on the Steelers season. But enjoy because I guess that is all you got.

  26. It must be disappointing for the Steelers’ fan to see Weddle slip by. Perhaps losing their star WR was a distraction. Or perhaps Weddle just liked Baltimore much better. Who knows? But it’s important to take the high road here and say, “Steelers’ fans, we’re sorry for your loss.”

  27. Our little friend who is obsessed with that quarterback down south and also obsessed with the team that wears the black and gold sounds a bit desperate these days. The team that wears the black and gold continues to take up most of the space in our little friend’s head.

  28. Wait a minute. I just realized the Ratbirds have been in third place in the division for THREE straight seasons, going for a record FOURTH time in a row in 2016. (It WILL happen)

    NO wonder In Ozzie we Bust is shelling out $$$ to has beens.

  29. i love how the steeler fans say Antonio Brown is going to “blow by him” ummm did you watch the ravens vs steelers games last year??? AB got SHUT DOWN

    broke his cherry picked streak of 5 catches and 50 yards in game 1 and then he had like 5 drops in game 2 while they lost to ryan freaking mallet

    Joe flacco is making the steelers his little whipping boy

  30. Iamedreed, yes Brown had pedestrian games against the Ravens this year but he was hardly shut down. Vick had more to do with the streak being snapped then the Ravens defense. I missed the second game due to it being out of market.

    All you Raven fans that mocked the Steeler fans about the “Steelers Super Bowl” a few years back when Batch school Flacco and the Ravens are now doing the same exact thing about the Ravens might sweep of the Steelers last season. Tell me something tho, what is the Ravens record against teams with a winning record over the past 3 years? I don’t know it off hand, but I do know it’s a losing record. Also stop talking about injuries and players on IR, the Steelers were one of the most hit teams by injuries as well.

  31. Why are there Steeler fans who come to a story about the Ravens, read the comments, and then complain about how we characterize sweeping the Steelers last year? What else would you expect to read here? If you don’t like it don’t read the comments from a rival’s story.

  32. Congratulations on landing Weddle. He’s an intelligent player that seems to be in the right place at the right time. He can read plays and make defensive adjustments with the other Secondary defenders, as well as Linebackers. That being said, he is the biggest wimp that I’ve seen play Safety and he can’t tackle for nothing. He never, ever drills anyone and when he does tackle, there’s no inflicting of pain. He always helps his opponent up from the turf, too.

    NOTE: In the last three years, he’s had only 3 INTs and 1.5 Sacks. Temper whatever enthusiasm you may have.

  33. It’s funny seeing all Steeler trolls talk about how Weddle is overrated but it was only a couple of days ago that they were begging their GM to pick him up. But this happens every time a player picks a team over another. He’s a good safety with great leadership skills. He’ll help the team a lot if he stays healthy.

  34. Thought he wanted to play for a superbowl contender guess he just wanted the money. Ravens aren’t going nowhere, Goodluck Weddle watching the playoffs from home like you have been have longer to count all that cash

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