Dolphins keep backup quarterback Matt Moore


After drawing some interest elsewhere, backup quarterback Matt Moore will remain with the Dolphins.

Moore has agreed to stay in Miami as Ryan Tannehill’s backup. Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports that it’s a two-year deal worth $3.5 million.

Several teams were interested in Moore, and he visited the Colts and the Cowboys. But in the end he decided to stay with the Dolphins, the team he’s played for since 2011.

Moore hasn’t started a game since his first season in Miami and threw only one pass last year. The Dolphins hope he doesn’t have to play this year, either, and that Tannehill will play all 16 games just as he has in all four of his NFL seasons. But if Moore does have to play, the Dolphins think he’s an experienced player who can fill in and help them win.

24 responses to “Dolphins keep backup quarterback Matt Moore

  1. Moore is a decent QB. Always wished he would get a chance to start. Watched amMiami game a few years ago. Tannehill got hurt and Moore came in and tore the Jets up. That’s really the only time I saw him play a lot but he did real good for a back up

  2. Thank you Matt. Nice to keep the 3rd best QB in AFCE behind Brady and Tannehill.

  3. Definitely one of the best backups. I’m surprised he doesn’t get any offers to come in and compete for a starting job with one of the numerous teams that obviously don’t have a franchise QB.

  4. Good if only for familiarity to keep the whole thing running smooth. T-hill needs it in his big year coming up. Although not getting him a Vet. guard is pretty bone headed.

  5. Why would you want to leave ? South Beach, no state income tax, get paid to hold that clipboard because RT will never get benched. Neil O’Donnel made a career backing up Steve McNair as did Don Strock for the Dolphins.

  6. I remember he was named team MVP after Chad Henne got hurt, then Tannehill was drafted and immediately became anointed the undisputed starter.

    Miami is lucky that Matt Moore is humble enough to even want to stay there.

  7. Tannehill wasn’t anointed in his rookie year – he actually lost the job to David Garrard. When Garrard was injured {then waived} during training camp that’s when Tannehill was promoted.

    I’ve met Matt Moore a couple of times. Always smiling, always friendly, good dude. Glad he’s coming back.

  8. Moore is the best backup in the NFL and he lost out to Tannehill as the first of Philbin’s very debatable decisions,

    he probably could compete for a starting job somewhere, but kicking back with the clipboard and making cash at no personal risk sounds like a good gig… for 6 years behind Tannehill he’s gonna make abour $13M total… easy lotto ticket while living in South Florida

    congrats Moore

  9. I have always felt that this guy has performed really well given the talent around him. I can’t figure out why he hasn’t garnered more attention everytime he is a free agent. When you think about it though, backup QB’s like Moore probably have the best gig around. They can usually play for 12-15 years making anywhere from 5-8 million bucks. They usually throw less than 20 times a year and retire from the game in great health.

  10. Anyone who has watched Tannehills career knows he cant keep taking those huge shots he does year after year because of bad offensive line play.

    Ive been very impressed at some of the shots hes taken, but he still gets back up. Hes a tough SOB. They really should run him a little bit more. If hes already taking the shots( the reason to hold back athletic qbs), might as well let him run more.

  11. Probably one of the better backups in the league.

    If he comes into a close game you actually believe you might win it. Not many backups give the fans the same vibe.

    Shocked he did not get a better offer somewhere else.

  12. cornersss says:
    Mar 15, 2016 8:27 PM
    Anyone who has watched Tannehills career knows he cant keep taking those huge shots he does year after year because of bad offensive line
    __________________________ __________
    While Miami’s line needs improvement a large my of sacks are Tannehill’s fault. Over 40% of the sacks he took were after him holding the ball for over 3 seconds. Sorry but those sacks are in the QB.

  13. The. Tannehill should have thrown the ball away. While I agree from the games I watched when he first started, yes, he held onto the ball but he improved that a lot last year. Nothing he can do when people sprint past the most overrated center in the NFL.

  14. gscott104 says:
    Mar 15, 2016 7:42 PM
    $1.75MM a year to hold a clipboard. Good work if you can get it!

    Yeah, except that Mark Sanchez will make $4.5m to carry one in Denver, and Chase Daniel will get $5m to hold one in Philadelphia

  15. The lights in Dallas would be a little too bright for him. He fits in better on a lower tier team.

  16. 1.75mill a year just to hold a clipboard and live by the beach is a good gig, but a better gig would be to go out to another team and make anywhere from 7-10mill a year, the way QBs are pulling in money these days.

  17. Truth be told, when Matt Moore played with Carolina, he looked like a poor man’s Brett Favre. If Tannehill continues his downward spiral or continues to be “check down chucky” Miami needs to start thinking Plan B.
    I like Moore, but we need room for someone to provide Tannehilll with some competition. Prescott, P, Lynch, Hackenburg, are some names that may be there later along with Cardale from thee Ohio….. Putting Moore next to Tanny does not provide any sense of “he is coming for my spot.
    Miami please do something correct this off season. Give Gase a chance to be successful.

  18. What’s lost on the Matt Moore signing is the guy’s all around intangibles. If you could take Moore’s heart, passion, competitiveness, and leadership, and insert it into the brain of Tannehill’s body that has the speed, arm strength, and athleticism, you’d have the makings of an All Pro quarterback. If Adam Gase can somehow find a way to inject these attributes into Tannehill’s psyche, the 2016 Dolphins could go a long way towards erasing their playoff drought. Jarvis Landry appears to be the only Miami starter that exhibits any passion and leadership, and unless those traits are somehow able to spread throughout the rest of the team, the Dolphins will continue to dwell within the confines of the NFL bottom feeders. Once free agency ends, and the draft has concluded, most will say (once again) that Miami has the talent to take them to the next level, but until the virus of ego, selfishness, and laziness is extracted from this team, the Dolphins will continue to come up empty at seasons end.

  19. Thank You for stayin – with the way the o-line played last season, very good chance he’ll be a starter sooner than later…Tannypanties can’t keep taking hits like that too much longer.

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