Elway calls Anderson deal a “very fair package” for “what he’s going to do”


No one in the NFL ever expresses regret for decisions made or not made. Still, when Broncos G.M. John Elway says he doesn’t regret using a higher restricted free agency tender on running back C.J. Anderson, Elway has a point.

“We’re glad we got him tied up for four years,” Elway told reporters on Tuesday after the Broncos matched the $18 million offer sheet Anderson signed last week in Miami. “We found out what his market value was. Obviously, he’d been with [Dolphins coach Adam] Gase here, and so Gase had an interest in him. Miami as well as Chicago showed interest. Overall, when we look at the package, we think it’s a very fair package for what he’s going to do.”

Regardless of what Anderson is going to do, Elway expects the one-time undrafted free agent to do plenty.

“Anytime that they step up when they come off a rookie contract like he is and they step up, they’re getting paid the money and C.J.’s contract, what he’s getting paid in his contract, the expectations always go up,” Elway said. “That’s what I told C.J. ‘You know what? The expectations of you as a leader as well as somebody that is a part of this organization — all those expectations go up.’ With the rise in pay also goes the rise in expectations, and I think C.J. understands that and he’s ready to handle that.”

The contract cries out that Anderson will become the lead dog, but there’s still a chance that Ronnie Hillman will return.

“Ronnie is obviously testing the market,” Elway said. “Again, that’s a fluid situation. Things are starting to calm down a little bit with where we are in free agency. Obviously we’re always concerned with where we are as far as the numbers if you understand the compensatory picks situation of where we are there, too. Again, it remains to be fluid. We’re continuing to study everybody out there. As opportunities or different players that we believe that can help us come about, then we’ll go in that direction.”

Thanks to Anderson going in the direction of Miami, Anderson is back where he started. With a contract suggesting he’ll have every chance to be the starter.

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  1. good for C J, john said go get your best offer and we’ll match it. With Danny & Malik we can’t match, so give us compensation —

  2. Elway is so full of crap…such a hypocrite. ..”i only want players who want to be in Denver”….HE SIGNED WITH ANOTHER TEAM TO GET OUT OF DENVER!!!now your cheap azz had to match it because you can’t have Sanchize hand off to…well nobody…please explain why you want a guy who obviously didn’t want to be there..cause he could of signed in Chicago for more so its about the Dolphins situation that he wanted to be in…enjoy getting the chemistry back in that locker room

  3. Last week Elway States he only wants players that want to be a Bronco then goes out and matches an offer a player signs with a different team? Elway is a good talent evaluator but this error cost the team 2 million bucks.

  4. This was a front office blunder which costs the Broncos any shot at another QB. If they had applied the second round tender, then this would not even be an issue. Instead, they completely under-valued CJ, and now will have to pay more for him than they should have.

  5. Elway’s an idiot. He has to pay him 4 mil more this year then if he would have tendered him with a 2nd rounder AND, he didn’t want to be there as evidenced by his signing with another team.

    Donkeys don’t make the playoffs with Sanchez.

  6. There is not one player in any locker room that will look down on another player doing what ever he can to secure a good pay day. Everybody uses Miami as a stepping stone. Tannenbaum is great for that.

  7. Wow I love Elway. It’s nice to hear someone talk that’s smart. He doesn’t just sound smart, he wins.

  8. iammrbinky says:
    Mar 15, 2016 7:18 PM
    Elway’s an idiot. He has to pay him 4 mil more this year then if he would have tendered him with a 2nd rounder AND, he didn’t want to be there as evidenced by his signing with another team.

    Donkeys don’t make the playoffs with Sanchez.

    Hahaha! The World Champion Denver Broncos officially request that you change your name to you want fries with that.

  9. ” … Elway expects the one-time undrafted free agent to do plenty.”

    Pretty good for an undrafted free agent. RB’s are dime a dozen, with few exceptions.

  10. I know the guy was a great, super bowl winning qb; that said, he lost all credibility when he was willing to pay a (7 career start) backup quality qb 16 mill per year. On any other team, except the Broncos and now the Texans, Osweiler is nothing more than Christian Ponder II. A qb, who rode the running game & teams stout defense to eek out 5 wins in the 7 games. He was average at best, didn’t impress anyone else outside the two cities mentioned above, but somehow got paid an egregious amount of money for doing, well nothing more so far in his career than the aformentioned Ponder. He will fail in Houston, as will the vastly overpaid Bradford in Philly.

  11. Lest everyone forget, when Anderson was tendered the Broncos were anticipating they would cap space for their QB

  12. Lot of Elway haters. Agree with the comment above where Elway basically said go get your best contract and we’ll match it. Yes we pay him a nice amount this year but his contract is front loaded he comes at s discount next year and although he’s been injured he’s still only 25. He’s worth the money when he’s healthy hopefully he can give us a full 16 this year still need someone to compliment him though.

  13. Spoken like a true car salesman.

    So fair of a package they didn’t immediately match it?

    Watch the right hand, and please forget that the left hand tried to lowball him and pretty much let him go… but after so many defections they could keep him.

    Still again, it was so fair they waited to match it.

  14. Elway really skirted around the issue of not offering CJ a second round tender. Major blunder.

  15. It wouldn’t surprise me if the only reason Elway matched was to screw Adam Gase. He seems like the kind of guy who would roll like that.

  16. No Malik no osweiler, frees up cap space. Enter cj, a qb to compete w Sanchez and seimian, plus other guys for other slots that need bodies. Elway has this under control and looking good.

  17. One of his last acts of pure desperation.

    No QB, and this is the guy you decide you’re going to ride with?

    It’s slamming shut as I type.

  18. Nice ploy phins, Elway ponies up for a RB. Wait I thought this was the, ” just add water RB team.” I mean we always here we can plug anyone in and the system will allow for a 1000 yards to anyone.

    They could have easily paid Jackson and Trevathan. Kept the defense all together and still save that $ to up the deal for BO and had their QB and drafted a RB and would have been easily favored to win it again. But they lost those two “d” guys and a bitter QB, even DW took a pay cut which was the plan all along and still had $ to keep MJ & DT and still drafted a RB and maybe apologized to Brock. Elway is really taking heat cause he won’t admit it with that big ego but knows this team had 1 maybe two years to get another. But now they are a mid level team and in two years Ward, Ware, Talib Sanders, will be done and the team will mortgaged to the gill with VM, Bebe, and will fall back to the pick or 7-9, 6-10 maybe 8-8. This league is about timing and you have to hold on to them for that 2-3 year window when you get one and try for the next cause between contracts and it always seems injuries mount when you win one the following year the psychology of the game takes over and players find ways to take a play off or odd injuries occur along with tougher schedules start taking till. Hell Payton was mad that info leaked out that he was retiring from within and that is why he postponed his retirement just to say, maybe I will force you to cut me and that out a damper on signing Brock up earlier which could have happen but they forced their hand and now it but the hell out of them. Thank god though. The Chiefs, Raiders, and Bolts love it. Maybe they take a big five this year and leave Sanchez in all year and end 5-11 so they can get an Indy Colt draft where they can get their QB and top 5 picks all the way through the draft along with the 4 compensatory picks they will get as well making 17 draft 11 players. Beware this could be their plan now going forward. Nice QBs and a way better draft next year too to bottom then this year.

  19. Elway is such a tight asss. That’s his way of bitoching about paying him that kind of money. 4.5 million a year is a lot of money for a running back, but I’m sure there are plenty of clauses in it.

  20. Broncos win a Super Bowl and Elway’s first order of business is to consolidate the riches and lowball all the players. His masters are loving him, especially as the ticket prices go way up, I’m sure.

  21. In Elway we trust and here’s why:

    Elway has hit the jackpot in all phases a GM can.

    First, Elway has hit on his draft picks: his first pick Von Miller has turned out to be a NFL superstar, Malik Jackson-5th round pick, Danny Trevathan-6th round pick from the Tebow trade with the Jets, Derek Wolfe-2nd round pick, Ty Sambrailo-2nd round pick, Sylvester Williams-1st round pick, Bradley Roby- 1st round pick, Shane Ray- 1st round pick, Brock Osweiler- 2nd round pick, Kayvon Webster- 3rd round pick, Omar Boldin- 4th round pick, Orlando Franklin- 2nd round pick, Nate Irving- 3rd round pick, Julius Thomas- 4th round pick, Virgil Green- 7th round pick, Max Garcia- 4th round pick, Matt Paradis- 6th round pick. All of these players vary from NFL stars to solid starters.

    Second, Elway has hit on his undrafted free agent pickups after the draft. They picked up: CJ Anderson, Chris Harris Jr., Bennie Fowler, Shaq Barrett. Two NFL stars and two budding stars from undrafted free agents is quite an accomplishment.

    Third, Elway has hit on his free agent pickups. Peyton Manning, Darrian Stewart, TJ Ward, DeMarcus Ware, Aqib Talib, Emmanuel Sanders, Louis Vasquez, Terrance Knighton, Brandon Marshall who was undrafted and never started before his chance with the Broncos.

    It all looks and sounds so easy but show me another team that has had this kind of success in those 3 phases over the last 4 years.

    Not to mention, he constructed teams that went to 2 Super Bowls in 3 years. The first Super Bowl team was the best offense in NFL history. Two years later they returned to win it with one of the greatest defenses of all time. Who does that!? Completely opposite functioning teams with two different head coaches in just 3 years? That’s elite management in display.

  22. johnniemayes …

    You said it man!!! damn I love how you broke it down for all the haters. I love telling them all DENVER BRONCOS SUPER BOWL 50 CHAMPS! hahaha

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