Jon Gruden calls Carson Wentz “the most NFL-ready” QB in years

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We’ve long suspected that the initial read on draft-eligible quarterbacks Carson Wentz and Jared Goff would be based on old stereotypes of where they went to school.

And sure enough, the early word at the Scouting Combine was that the kind who went to FCS-level North Dakota State was impressive, but that the one from Cal might be closer to playing immediately.

But Jon Gruden doesn’t necessarily agree.

Via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Gruden doled out his normal high praise, but suggested an immediacy about Wentz that others may not have.

I think he’s the most NFL-ready quarterback that we’ve had in the last couple of years,” Gruden said during his quarterback camp series, which will air in April.

While such laurels are the kind Gruden hands out to everybody, it’s interesting to hear the conversation about Wentz turn from his long-term potential to what he can do from day one.

And depending on who ends up drafting him, that could be an important distinction indeed.

38 responses to “Jon Gruden calls Carson Wentz “the most NFL-ready” QB in years

  1. Why do people care what Gruden says about quarterbacks in the draft.

    Below is a list of all the young QB’s he had success with while in the NFL:

    That is all.

  2. Two other guys who were the most QB ready in their respective draft classes: Cade McNown and RexGrossman. Look it up. How did those workout?

  3. Doesn’t that pic of “the most NFL ready QB in years” show the same issue holding the ball that plagued Tebow and made it easy for him to get strip sacked?

  4. Am I the only one that has a hard time taking Gruden’s analysis of QB’s seriously. He seems to like everyone. Ultimately it was his inability to identify a quality QB that got him canned in Tampa Bay.

  5. Gruden has been so wrong, that he has become irrelevant. I think he loves the sound of his voice and he’s been so wrong on so may QBs, I don’t even listen to him.

  6. Jon Gruden had a revolving door at the QB position in Tampa, and for a while four QBs on the roster. This man told you that Tim Tebow was a first round talent. His word should mean zero to you, he lacks credibility, and where I’m standing…integrity.

  7. I love Jon Gruden’s enthusiasm and positive approach to covering football. Everyone is the greatest. He says the same thing about every player. I think he’s right about Wentz though.

  8. Jon Gruden sucks, period. I’vev never heard an analyst spout off more nonsense in my life. “watch this play, this guy just wants to win!” oh really gruden? he wants to win? wow, thank you. “watch this play, he breaks a tackle here”, oh he broke a tackle, we didnt see that. “This guy has heart”, again, top notch analysis. And these QB camps is nothing but Gruden siding with whichever QB’s agent gives him more money. In 2013 he gushed about Ryan Nassib. When manziel wasnt getting picked- after EVERY single draft pick he’d talk about Manziel and how great he was. The dude couldnt have been more wrong!

  9. Gruden’s quote: “…the most NFL-ready quarterback that we’ve had in the last couple of years.”

    Headline: “…in years.”


  10. Gruden has been so wrong, that he has become irrelevant. I think he loves the sound of his voice and he’s been so wrong on so many QBs, I don’t even listen to him.

  11. Wentz looks good to go. Goff looks ready too. Paxton Lynch isn’t far behind. This is the best QB class in years. Wait until Gruden sees them all. He’ll really be raving.

  12. …typical nonsense coming from Gruden’s (ever the self promotor) mouth…funny, Gruden always comments on QB’s in the draft but no one can name one rookie QB he developed as a head coach…

  13. I stopped listening to most of these pundits when they refused to give credence, or even a glance at the mountain of red flags that were Johnny Manziel a couple of years ago as if they were on the Manziel Family payroll. I’m a Monday morning couch scout. I’ve watched football for years and can often spot an NFL player given the tape and other data. And when given the data on Manziel, including the fact that he was booted from the Manning Passing Academy (which was never mentioned by any of the networks), including grumbling from his teammates about his lack of commitment to off-season workouts, again this was never mentioned.

    Jon Gruden likes to hear himself talk, and likely for fear that no QB is going to want to come if he bashes someone, even justifiably, he glows over everyone like they are the second coming of either Joe Montana or at least Alex Smith. That said, I am not wasting my time with any Gruden QB camp nonsense until he comes with Greg Cosell-like candidness. A friend of mine really likes Carson Wentz, for the Browns sake I hope Gruden is telling the truth this time.

  14. Cleveland is better off drafting offensive linemen and draft Deshaun Watson next year.

  15. caesar12, the only QB that Jon Gruden developed into a star that I can think of is Rich Gannon, who up until Gruden was a journeyman that didn’t stop believin’. Gruden turned him into a perennial Pro Bowl QB. But I can’t think of anyone else.

  16. bantyrooster97 says:
    Mar 15, 2016 12:20 PM
    Not hating on Wentz, but if he is so good why didn’t he play ball for a major school?
    Why even waste the time listing the successful NFL QBs who didn’t play for a “major” school?

  17. I can’t wait until the qb camp, regardless what Gruden says about anyone, you learn a lot about the qb just by watching the drills and conversations.

  18. The only time I ever watched Gruden’s quarterback camp was a few years ago, and he was working out Brandon Weeden. And was raving about how good he was.

    We all know how well that worked out.

  19. You do realize,he said the same thing about Jameis,last year? I mean,this would actually have some merit,if he had actually DEVELOPED an elite QB,

  20. Last time somebody said that, it was about Brady Quinn! (Because he was coached by Charlie Weis…)

  21. Same guy who, on national television, said “somebody needs to pick Johnny Manziel…please”. Until you’re responsible for the outcome, Mr. Gruden, I think you should be quiet.

  22. Good luck to Wentz, but if Gruden knew any more about who will end up a good QB than you or me there wouldn’t be so many QB flops. It’s a coin flip. No one knows if these boys will become men. Some do, others don’t. Hello, Johnny Manziel and RG III.

  23. Any QB worth taking in the 1st round should be able to start from Day 1 these days,

    As long as the offensive line is to a decent enough standard to avoid a David Carr style battering, throw the QB out there and let him sink or swim. If him throwing some interceptions and have it denting their confidence rather then helping them learn, then there’s a good chance they weren’t the right pick anyway.

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