Rod Streater is “ready to go” after four games in two years


Receiver Rod Streater’s contract year in Oakland consisted of one game in September, which forced him to take a one-year, bargain basement deal with the Chiefs in order to prove himself all over again. From a health standpoint, Streater says there’s nothing keeping him from producing.

“I’m ready to go,” Streater told reporters during a Tuesday conference call. “I’ll be out there in a couple weeks, hopefully throwing with Alex Smith and the guys. I’m ready to go.”

Streater has been healthy for a while, after a foot injury derailed his season in 2014, limiting him to three games. Last year, he played in only one games, due to a numbers game at the position.

“They kind of had who they wanted to play, had a bunch of great receivers last year,” Streater said of the 2015 Raiders. “They produced. I kind of fell back on the depth chart, but I was a healthy scratch and gave it my all in practice and was ready to go, but you’ve got to respect the coaches and what their decision was.”

Streater’s decision was to stay in the division, with an offense he found attractive to his skill set, even thought he’ll make $810,000 with an opportunity to earn another $1 million based on playing time, touchdowns, receptions, and receiving yards.

“I love his offense,” Streater said of head coach Andy Reid. “He gets the ball out pretty fast. I watched [Jeremy Maclin] over the past year and the other receivers. They get the ball fast to make one guy miss and go the distance, so it’s really, really interesting and it’s a great philosophy he has going on there. I feel like, you know, I can get the ball and come big, and whether it’s inside or outside like I said, YAC is very important I feel like. Get the ball and take it the distance. I have the speed and size so however I can contribute, I’m just ready to go.”

The Raiders have the weapons to not miss Streater, but Streater could end up being a factor in Kansas City. He had 60 catches for 888 yards and four touchdowns in his second NFL season, before a foot injury and a glut of wideouts limited him to four games in two seasons.

14 responses to “Rod Streater is “ready to go” after four games in two years

  1. Good Luck Rod at your new home..We will still welcome you back once a year. ….with Alex I wouldn’t expect anything more than 10 to 15 yards max. But he can dink with the best of them.

  2. Mr. Streater was a very good WR for the Raiders. It’s unfortunate that he got hurt and dropped on the depth chart. I sure would have liked to see him get some more opportunity in Oakland, especially with a QB like Carr that can rocket it downfield with ease. The Chiefs got a good, fast player on a cheap deal. I hope he has a great career, but I hope those career days don’t come against the Raiders.

  3. Streater had some undisclosed health issues during training camp last year. He lost weight, and got behind. But he’s a good player, and should help the Chiefs this season.

  4. Jerry Rice made a nice living catching 7 to 12 yard darts across the middle from Montana for years.

    If you’ve the shifty, speeding ball catching receivers and an accurate game manager QB…

    You can get chunks just as quickly as you can lofting 50 yard rainbows.

  5. I remember watching Streater in his second season. Tons of potential. If he’s healthy and ready to go as he says, I’m optimistic that this could be a great signing.

    Oh, and seeing him torching Sean Smith for a couple of TDs would be a nice bonus!

  6. I’m sorry to see Streat go. He’s got a great, positive attitude. Even though he wasn’t getting any playing time this past season, he was always super excited and celebrating wins on Twitter. Wish him the best, when he’s not playing the Raiders obviously.

  7. I wish Rod nothing but the best. He is a good player and an even better man. Chiefs have picked up a great team mate and the fans are gonna love him. I hope he has a great season but not good enough to help the Chiefs win.

  8. …with Alex I wouldn’t expect anything more than 10 to 15 yards max. But he can dink with the best of them.

    …however Alex Smith will not be able to get him the production that Carr would be able to give him.
    2015 Stats:
    Smith YPA 7.42 Longest pass 80 yds
    Carr YPA 6.96 Longest pass 68 yds

    Keep drinking the Kool-Aid fella’s.

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