Sanchez could be a steal for the Broncos


They got him for a conditional seventh-round pick in 2017. They’ll pay him peanuts in comparison to what Brock Osweiler wanted. And the Broncos quite possibly have found their quarterback for 2016.

What appeared to be a Band-Aid aimed at getting the fan base to stop freaking out (imagine how worse it would have been if marijuana weren’t legal in Colorado) over the retirement of Peyton Manning and departure of Osweiler could be something more than that, based on the introductory remarks of quarterback Mark Sanchez. Put simply, if Sanchez is merely a placeholder, he hasn’t gotten the memo yet.

In his introductory press conference on Monday, Sanchez sounded like a guy who plans to be something more than a small, flightless bird in the hand for the Broncos. Instead, Sanchez sees the opportunity as a way to turn his career around after seven seasons with the Jets and Eagles.

“All that experience, I feel like that can only help you as you move on in your career, and going into my eighth year, I’m battle tested,” Sanchez said. “I’ve been through the fire. I’ve been in some tough media markets. I’ve played in some great games. I’ve seen the highs and the lows of this league. I’m just eager to get started.”

When he got started with the Jets in 2009, Sanchez took the Jets to consecutive AFC title games, beating Peyton Manning and Tom Brady in consecutive weeks to cap his second year as a quarterback.

“I think just that experience in that atmosphere and understanding what is expected of the quarterback down the stretch and playing some of my best games in the toughest situations — on the road in the playoffs — all that experience can only help you,” Sanchez said.

Sanchez, in his mind, brings another plus to the table.

“I’m not married,” he said. “I don’t have a girlfriend. I don’t have kids. I just want to play ball and I want to win. I really want to win, and I’m so lucky to be in a spot like this. Every waking moment, that’s all I’m thinking about. What an opportunity this is. I want to win and I want to play here.”

Setting aside for now the question of whether success from Sanchez will cause the copycat NFL to start looking for quarterbacks with minimal personal attachments, Sanchez seems to be in position to possibly do good things for the Broncos.

If nothing else, his confidence will give the Broncos added leverage if/when they try to trade for Colin Kaepernick or sign Ryan Fitzpatrick. Likewise, it makes the needs at the position less glaring during the draft, making it less likely that the Broncos would be leapfrogged as they prepare to draft a quarterback in one of the middle rounds.

Or maybe the Broncos will pay $4.5 million for one year for a starting quarterback with six career starts in the postseason instead of giving $72 million over four years to a starting quarterback with seven total career starts.

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  1. Funny how Broncos fans were screaming “Don’t overpay for Osweiler, just get a cheap placeholder!”. Then when they don’t overpay and get a cheap placeholder the fans scream “Gaaaaa, not that guy!”

    Just draft a QB and start Sanchez for a year while he learns the offense. There are a few available that can be as good or better than Osweiler and be cheap for a few years.

  2. Was florio laughing as he wrote this article?

    There is a reason why the Broncos got Sanchez so cheaply

    1) Eagles signed Chase Daniel for a lot of money
    2) Eagles saw enough of Sanchez to not want to keep him
    3) Gave him up for a 7th rd pick, better than cutting him but…

    I mean did you see the Eagles play with Sanchez at QB this year? Have you seen Sanchez play qb since he lead the Jets to 2 AFC title games?

    Veteran QB that can’t handle pressure, not accurate, and can’t make all the throws. Also poor decision making, not very mobile but prone to fumbles. Including Butt fumbles.

    In a league desperate for QBs, most teams saw his play with the Jets and said no way.

    At this stage of his career, I don’t think Sanchez is going to “get it” and become a veteran QB that makes a few plays a game and avoids turnovers. Thats the issue–he doesn’t make many big plays in a game AND he still throws a lot of INTs or fumbles when hit.

  3. Everyone likes to make fun of Sanchez (myself included), but he really is an asset at that price. No, he’s not going to suddenly turn into a top 10 QB at this point. But he also isn’t terrible, and has never been in a situation this good. I’m quite confident he wont hurt the team as much as manning did this past year.

  4. This article is either the most optomistic article I have ever read or the most dilusional. Apparently the author missed the several seasons where he threw more int than tds and buttfumbled his way out of New York. If the Broncos are pinning their hopes on the Sanchize than they are going down in flames. Hilarious article though. I needed a good laugh.

  5. Sanchez could be a steal for the Broncos
    Well just don’t plan on having consistent offensive production. Get a rush and he’ll disappear as usual..

  6. Oh here is the point

    If the level of QB play the Broncos expect is what they got from Peyton Manning this past year–leading league in INTs despite not playing every game, then YES Sanchez can provide that level of QB play

    If they need anything slightly better–they may be hoping for too much.

    He is a turnover machine. And they may have an even worse running game this year.

  7. The Broncos won the SB without getting much from the QB position and so far it appears they are determined to try doing it that way again

  8. “Veteran QB that can’t handle pressure, not accurate, and can’t make all the throws.”

    That is exactly what you will get in the NFL if you don’t have $18M/year to spend on a QB.

  9. I hope he does well. Everyone citing the buttfumble over and over again is no better than an ESPN hot take afficionado.

  10. I suppose getting a subpar quarterback at a low price could be seen, from certain angles, as a “steal.” Hey, they just won a Super Bowl with subpar quarterback play… it’s not impossible that they could muddle through this season and win a few games with Sanchez at the helm. But I can’t imagine anyone on the planet would actually be happy to say, “Mark Sanchez is our starting QB.” He’ll be one of the 2-3 worst starters in the league.

  11. I remember when Sanchez played well for his first two years. The Jets had weapons and that Banana’s D. Could be very similar if the Broncos can ground and pound and play D.

  12. Sanchize is a noodle-armed runt with zero ability to play the position. He does hold a mean clipboard though….which he’ll be doing for Paxton Lynch.

  13. I love how Mark puts it out there “I’m not married,” “I don’t have a girlfriend. I don’t have kids.” Is this his profile or a press conference?

  14. so I guess Sanchize was participating in some legal recreational activities prior to his press conference. He’ll be fine against bad teams, but he won’t win you games against the good ones.

  15. Sanchez very well COULD be a steal. Honestly, are Ryan Fitzpatrick, Colin Kaepernick, Brian Hoyer, or a dark horse like Mike Glennon that much better? His worst seasons came after signing a huge deal with the Jets that put him into a position where he was under pressure to win games on his own. His best seasons, which both ended with him in the AFC Championship game, were when he had a good running game, great defense, and was only asked to manage the game and minimize mistakes.

    Denver has a very good defense and a solid running game. The focus is going to be even more heavy on the run game without Manning under center, so I don’t see why Sanchez can’t be successful in those surroundings. Setting aside the hairbands, GQ spread and the Buttfumble, he isn’t a terrible quarterback when put in a good situation.

  16. What is hilarious is the Eagles fans boasting how all this unloading of players is a windfall for them. Yet when Chip did it……

    Elway said it himself. “There is no mid range pricing for QB’s”. They got him at 4.5M a year.
    Matt Moore has been stealing 4M a year from the Fins. Watching him play you can tell he won’t be saving any teams season.

  17. As a Jets fan I can assure you that Sanchez can do what Peyton Manning did last season –
    throw 4 picks in a game.

    I’ve witnessed Sanchez do that in person. In fact, I’ve seen him throw 5 picks in a game. But what most fans don’t realize is that Sanchez also has a major fumbling problem. Don’t just look at picks, look at turnovers.

    I think his last 2 years with the jets he lead the league, with something like 51 turnovers, or around 1.5 per game.

    Imagine Von Millers performance in the super bowl with 2 strips. Then imagine the effect on the team when Sanchez fumbles for a turn over, then due to his patented mistiming and poor accuracy and bad decision making, throws a pick, maybe a ball that bounces off a receivers hear or fingers because it’s poorly placed.

    Is it worth it to play Sanchez if it dooms you to 6-10 (or worse)?

  18. Sanchez isn’t terrible?
    Have you seen him with the Jets?
    Have you seen him with the Eagles?
    He was terrible last year with them.
    In 2014 he started out ok, but regressed towards the end as teams got familiar with Chip Kellys system.

    Sanchez is abysmal.

    >>walker615 says:
    Mar 15, 2016 9:53 AM
    Everyone likes to make fun of Sanchez (myself included), but he really is an asset at that price. No, he’s not going to suddenly turn into a top 10 QB at this point. But he also isn’t terrible, and has never been in a situation this good. I’m quite confident he wont hurt the team as much as manning did this past year.

  19. Sanchez had his best seasons with an offense where he didn’t have to do much and a defense that carried a team.

    Now he walks onto a team with more offensive receiving weapons than he has ever had.

    He sucks. We know that. But this is probably the ideal QB situation for for success.

    If he can refrain from turning the ball over (avoiding butts is a good start) then he might be able to keep this team at least competitive.

  20. Mark Sanchez = Trent Dilfer

    They have the same throwing motion and the whole game manager thing down. This could actually work. I HOPE NOT! 🙂

  21. I agree. Sanchez could be a steal – for the defense. He has thrown as many interceptions as touchdowns and is a turnover machine! So good call, he will be a steal – but for the other team!

  22. Broncos just need a game manager. Sanchez can do that while Denver waits patiently for the QB opportunity to come to them. Not paying top dollar for Osweiler was the right call. Few GM’s have the balz to make that call.

  23. Can Sanchize be counted to score twice as many TDs as Brady in the AFCC game? Because that’s what they needed from Manning to get to the SB.

  24. Sanchez is a likable guy and he’s got great energy, but he makes way too many mistakes. I would like to see him get the chance to start for Denver though. It would be pretty cool to see him put it together on a good team.

  25. waldoampere says:
    Mar 15, 2016 10:02 AM
    Mike, with all due respect, have you seen Sanchez play?

    Waldo, with all due respect (I’m glad they found you), did you see Peyton and Osweiler play last year?

  26. There is a chance he is the QB of the future but; he is a turnover artist. Not just the butt fumble but the pick-six, the killer interception in the red zone and the fumble deep your own end. He was a back-up for a reason; see what Elway does in the draft and we will all have a better idea. I am guessing Elway just could not hold his nose and pay Brock the asking price. Maybe he should have called Scot (with one t) and asked how he felt about paying Kirk Cousins (who I think has a high upside beyond 11-14) 20 million for one year.

  27. Well, I guess he could Trent Dilfer his way to a Super Bowl if the Denver D continues to play lights-out. They’ll probably need to keep CJ Anderson too, just to give the Sanchise some stability in the backfield.

  28. So many people are turned off by this Sanchez deal. I’m going to tell you, my bold prediction: Sanchez will be a viable starting fantasy QB by the end of this league year.

  29. I wish him the best and hope he makes the most of this opportunity. As an Eagles fan, he still has a tendency to make crucial picks at the worst time. Not sure what he needs to do to get over this

  30. I doubt that he will start but if he does J. Houston, Mack or even T’ao will be sure to make Denver wonder why they ever picked him up.

  31. So building your team around a proven failure of a QB, who’s been nothing but the butt (!) of jokes for years and has performed terribly in the few recent opportunities to play he’s had, is a ‘steal’ because you got him relatively cheaply. Wow, good to know that standards have fallen so embarrassingly low.

  32. Watch Sanchez have a better year than Osweiler. Not saying that it will be a GOOD year, just saying it will be better than Brock’s.

    At least the Broncos are paying low for average QB play, as opposed to paying out the nose for average QB play.

  33. “Time will always tell” , but we already know what time has told when it comes to Mark Sanchez

  34. How will he do though, once on the Von Miller, and Peyton Manning High Greatness Health (HGH) diet?

  35. Based on what evidence? Sanchez hasn’t played well enough to be considered an NFL starter.

    He may do alright in Denver surrounded by a cast of stars, but anyone expecting him to morph into a QB who elevates the play of those around him is likely to be sorely disappointed.

  36. Elway picked up Sanchez to push and back up Trevor Siemian. Doubt it? Ask yourself,”Who was Osweiller’s backup for seven of eight games last season in the midst of a playoff run? Trevor Siemian. Inside the Dove Valley complex there is a lot of confidence in the kid. Yes, he’ll make mistakes. But he will make quicker reads and decisions than Brock ever could.

  37. Sanchez was a first round draft pick.This just goes to show how difficult it is to draft a franchise quarterback.

  38. Mark is a good gut and says all the right things but he isn’t a #1 QB on a Super Bowl type team. He is just fair and when he try’s to do more then he is capable of (which is often) he makes bad decisions. Really bad decisions. His TD to interception ratio is brutal.

  39. Saw the word steal 8 the headline and started reason because I figured the story had to be about slick Jimmy Haslam and the Browns

  40. I think history has shown there is no point in spending much more than the league minimum on a non-top 15 QB so Denver is succeeding there. Garbage is garbage and there is really no benefit to having the #18 ranked QB instead of #23. Neither of them are good enough to lead you anywhere.

  41. hamlet423 says:
    Mar 15, 2016 9:52 AM
    Was florio laughing as he wrote this article?

    There is a reason why the Broncos got Sanchez so cheaply

    1) Eagles signed Chase Daniel for a lot of money
    2) Eagles saw enough of Sanchez to not want to keep him
    3) Gave him up for a 7th rd pick, better than cutting him but…

    1) The 2016 cap hit for Daniel is $5m. The 2016 cap hit for Sanchez is $4.5m. Not a big difference. Yes, Daniel is owed more guaranteed money down the line, but not significantly more than Sanchez would get if he plays even mediocre this season.

    2) No one on the current staff saw anything of Sanchez other than game tape since none of them has ever coached him. The head coach, however, HAS coached Chase Daniel for three years and obviously has a comfort level with him.

    3) Getting a draft pick for a guy 99% of the league thought was about to get cut is nothing to scoff at.

  42. This was one of Mannings worst years statistically. But his value will be seen this year in his absence. People talk about what Manning does at the line of scrimmage, but I still think it’s underappreciated because we didn’t get to see what would have happened if he didn’t do what he does.

    This year we will. With both Sanchez and Osweiler. When they step to the line and they don’t notice all the things that Peyton did and make the adjustments to blocking or change plays or get rid of the ball quicker. All the sacks that were avoided will be sacks. Runs will be stuffed. Passes will be thrown into disguised coverages.

    Sanchez and Osweiler will be fooled. Peytons arm may have failed him at the end but he was rarely fooled. Kubiak is really gonna need to do some coaching.

  43. With the roster the Broncos have got you don’t need to be Peyton Manning to win in Denver. Sanchez only needs to be Brock Osweiler.

  44. Not a steal. A conditional 7th round pick is nothing, but they still technically gave something up instead of keeping their guy without losing a pick. Osweiler is not worth $18M/year and Elway obviously knows that, but in the short term he’s also better than any quarterbacks available in free agency, the trade market or the draft.

    Denver is a team built to contend now and only needs a competent offense to do it. Houston is in the same boat and was smart enough to overpay to get him. I’m sure Osweiler won’t be the long-term answer, but over the next few years he’s a much better option than Hoyer or an incoming rookie like Hackenberg.

    With Sanchez only being the first part of the plan, the money is going to add up. They already committed $4.5M to him and clearly plan to add someone better still, so by the time that is done they will probably be committing $13-15M to two mediocre quarterbacks instead of $18M to one competent passer.

    And of course Sanchez is going to talk like he didn’t get the memo about being a placeholder. He was told he will get a shot to compete and he is just projecting confidence saying he is going to go out and earn the job. Around 90 percent of players would say the exact same thing.

  45. Sanchez is probably the perfect backup/ emergency starter. He’s won playoff games and started in the toughest media market there is so he’s used to pressure. And he’s been a backup already so there’s no fear he won’t accept that role. There are obvious limitations to him but he’s taken teams further than a lot of guys, including Ryan Fitzpatrick who looks like he will totally cash in.

  46. One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. I’m sure there are some people that go to garage sales and think of it as stealing… but it’s really just other peoples junk.

  47. If I were the Broncos I’d be trying to pry Brian Hoyer away from the Texans. As a Texans fan I can tell you that he was actually pretty good for us last year, minus a few games where he was completely roasted. He’s a great fit for the Kubiak offense, and has a very team-friendly contract for the Broncos as they try to get guys like Von Miller signed long-term. I personally believe he’d be the best fit since he’s expendable from the Texans.

    Would be funny to see which QB was able to lead their team further in the playoffs if Hoyer and Osweiler switched teams.

  48. Funny how everyone is an expert on Sanchez from behind a computer. He’ll be fine. He can manage the game and the D will do the rest. Just like last year.

  49. I feel it will be him.or Trevor Siemian at QB. Thus year. Sanchez numbers aren’t abysmal, but his 2015 year was on par with brick last year.

  50. Trading Sanchez had nothing to do with a thrown in 7th round pick. The Eagles would have traded him for a bottlecap if the league would approve it. Trading Sanchez was all about Cap Savings. The birds saved 4.5 million on the Cap by trading him and they would’ve only saved 3.5 million in cap space for cutting him, hence the bottlecap ……

  51. I agree the price of a conditional 7th rounder is not high, but the $600 that I’m asking for my 1972 Ford Pinto with 250,000 miles and 4 bald tires isn’t that much money either.

    In both cases, buyer beware, the true value is closer to zero.

  52. any team who looks at Sanchez should look at film when he was playing for the Jets….

    franchise QB leaders should be working on the sideline every defensive series to win the game… I can’t remember how many times Sanchez was down by 4 late in the 4th quarter and he was on the sideline, parked on a bench with a Gatorade, huge smile on his face and yukking it up with players instead of looking at shots of the last offensive drive and working with everyone

    and he wants to claim total devotion to the job?

    very hard to believe he’s ever going to be a starting QB again

  53. I can think of about four teams that could actually get praised for making Mark Sanchez their QB. The rest would be openly mocked (and rightly so).

  54. Is this Sanchez’ mom’s only article for PFT or will she be an ongoing contributor going forward?

  55. the guy came in for 9-3 team and couldnt even get them to the playoffs. how is he a steal? he sucks.

  56. “You put Peyton and his experience in there over Osweiler; I mean, look at those run audibles he calls – he makes a huge difference.”

    A couple months later…

    “Did you see Peyton Manning play QB last year? Sanchez is no big drop off”.

  57. Sanchez is about the same level of QB as Osweiler anyway. Kubiak will raise Sanchez’ game more than Bill O’Brien will raise Osweiler’s.

    Plus– Elway will get another QB before the summer.

  58. It’s very juvenile to constantly joke about marijuana legalization. Were not a bunch of teen agers here.

    Are you sure about that?

    Anyway, I remember when the Seahawks were supposed to draft Sanchez after KC took Aaron Curry… but then KC took someone else leaving the amazing can’t miss Aaron Curry on the board for us so we took him instead.

    Curry may have been a total bust but I am still glad we took him instead of Sanchez.

  59. Broncos fans think because of the “way manning played” last season it doesn’t matter who is a QB.

    The chances of Denvers D playing just like they did last season is slim

    How many “great D’s ” have won back to back?

    85 Bears 1 win
    2001 Ravens 1 win
    2002 Bucs 1 win
    2014 Seahawks 1 win

    Point is you need some breaks and luck to go your way. To the Broncos credit they took advantage of those breaks.

  60. It’s all about the cap. Defense led them to a SB win, so they want to retain as much of that as possible.

    At 4.5 mil, Sanchez really is a steal. Is he a great QB? Of course not, but they barely have to pay him more than a backup. There are no good FA QBs available. There isn’t much available in the draft either, so they’re biding their time and using the money elsewhere. Not much of a controversy. What else are they going to do? Pay 20 mil for Fitzpatrick? Please. He had one good year. In every other year of his career he’s been no different than Sanchez in reality.

    Time will tell if they should have bit the bullet and put up 20 mil for Osweiler, but they’ve had him on the roster for several years, and they had guys like John Elway and Peyton Manning around to evaluate him. My thinking is that if he was worth it, they would have paid him.

  61. The man has won many games leading him to win several playoff games and at least twice 1 game from the Super Bowl and all they can remember him for is 1 unfortunate moment…

    I guarantee those same people are glad their unfortunate moments are made public!

    Best of luck to him!

  62. They could put Elway back in there with that defense and still make the playoffs. They go 11-5 next year with Sanchez OR Osweiler. 9-7 with a rookie. Not sure either karpernick or FitzMagic will be any better.

  63. Funny how everyone are experts ! In the past i thought ‘Ha ha Tommy Maddox, he wont do anything’ and he surprised me at the Steelers for a year or two.

    When the Raiders cut rocket armed Jeff George and signed noodle armed Rich Gannon i thought ‘bad bad move’ and I was totally wrong

    Some QB’s just need the right teams in their career, Sanchez will be on a very strong team, great defense, good coaching. Its the best place hes been in in his career.

    IF he gets the chance to start and become the starter its not fully on his shoulders, just do his job and Denver should win a fair few games.

    As much as we laugh at Sanchez you just never know in the NFL, you see surprises like this happen every year.

  64. This is the same Sanchez who went 1-5 for his last 6 starts with the Eagles. Wanna bet that if the situation were reversed and Philly acquired him from Denver that the pundits would be blasting the move?

  65. I’d take a guy that had one really embarrassing moment and some great ones over an untested QB who’s only real talent seems to be getting passes batted down all the time despite being 6’7″. Especially w/o paying him 18 million a year.

  66. It’s easy to look at the past and assume it is the future. It’s easy to come to conclusions based on groupthink. It’s easy to accept what you are told without using any personal reasoning. But no matter what, reality always wins.

    The reality is Mark Sanchez has the tools to win in Denver’s offense. The reality is he isn’t that old and has plenty of football left. The reality is the football “experts” are probably wrong more often than right. The reality is Sanchez played for some really bad offensive teams. The reality is even great quarterbacks play poorly when under constant pressure.

    Denver’s offense was so bad this year because Peyton Manning couldn’t run it properly. Mark Sanchez can. He will have steady line support, Manning had a makeshift line. Kap is still a better choice because of arm strength, but Sanchez can fill in. With another year of the line knowing their job Sanchez will be fine. And Denver can repeat. He could be a solution for the next few years. Though people also really need to stop dismissing Trevor Siemian. Again, the kid can play.

  67. If he’s not married and doesn’t have a girlfriend, it’s probably good he wasn’t interviewed by the Falcons. Just sayin.

  68. tvguy22 says:
    Mar 15, 2016 10:05 AM
    He’s mobile and can throw it, but my goodness he is a turnover machine.


    True, but last year they won it all with a guy who was immobile, couldn’t throw it and was a turnover machine.

  69. Maybe the Broncos feel like they can get more out of him than what Chip Kelly could. Does Chip Kelly sound like someone who can motivate and get the most out of his players?

  70. It’s hilarious reading these comments. Perhaps some of you need a reality check. Denver isn’t resting their future on Sanchez, he is simply a place holder. I don’t think they are even resting their season on Sanchez. He is nothing more than veteran depth at a reasonable price.

  71. I am not a Broncos fan, but I watched a number of their games last year. There is no way that Sanchez is worse than Manning and Osweiler was very up and down and average most of the time.

    As long as Sanchez plays smart, conservative football and does not put the defense in a hole, he could be a steal for the money.

    If not, well, the Broncos paid very little. Think about it, the Broncos won the Super Bowl with Manning who was actually pretty ineffective.

  72. So if any other team signs Sanchez (Browns) I think a totally different article is being written here. Nice to be John Elway right now. Free pass for one year.

  73. As an Eagle fan who has watched Sanchez for the past 2 years, I will say this….He’s better than Manning was this past year. He actually played very well in stretches 2 seasons ago. He was awful last year, but it wasn’t entirely his fault. The offensive line was horrible, running game was non-existent and the receivers didn’t have a clue what they were doing. If he could just stop the turnovers, I still think he can be an above average quarterback in the right system. That’s a big “if” though!

  74. Teams with strong defenses and running games can be contenders without great QB play. That’s been shown numerous times. With this Broncos roster, Sanchez just needs to be mediocre.

  75. Veteran QB that can’t handle pressure, not accurate, and can’t make all the throws.”

    “That is exactly what you will get in the NFL if you don’t have $18M/year to spend on a QB.”

    18 mil will get you that as well. See Sam Bradford.

  76. The Jets got to the AFC championship despite Sanchez.

    Since then defenses have figured him out even more, and he can’t even play up to that shoddy level.

    He couldn’t beat out Nick Foles or Sam Bradford. That says alot.

    Sanchez just isn’t a starting QB. If the Broncos roll with him, they’ll regret it.

    A backup QB, ok. But now they need a starter. Fitzpatrick is available and then…. a bunch of losers.

    They only have one choice if they want a shot at competing for a championship. Otherwise they are competing for about 5-7 wins.

    The remnants of last years defense is still good, but it isn’t as great as it was. They won’t be as dominant, which means those games that were something like 19-17, are going to need to be in the mid 20’s on any given day. If you think Sanchez can consistently get you 28 points or thereabouts, you are sorely mistaken.

    That’s what it takes. Even good defensive teams need to regularly score in the 30’s to win games.

    Chiefs and Raiders are nipping at the Broncos heels, and it took until the last week of the season to win the division.

    Sanchez is simply a QB that won’t completely implode the team. But it would be very, very bad.

    He can’t manage a game. Broncos fans have been used to high IQ QB in Manning. Sanchez isn’t one.

    People reading into his numbers are forgetting that after riding the pine he could temporarily surprise everyone until they bring out the tape and study it.

    The complete crap he was after they did that, is exactly what you are getting.

  77. As long as Denver’s D remains competitive then Sanchez will be ok. But if Von and/or Ware go down for any length of time then they will be in trouble. Sanchez is not going to lead the team to many victories…..especially with a 1st place schedule.

  78. He throws too many picks, plain and simple. If you were looking for a game manager who could “not lose” you a game, you probably couldn’t have picked a worse one.

  79. Sanchez played more than adequately when he had a good (not great) team around him.

    Things didn’t start to go south until Ryan started to screw the pooch with his offensive blunders.

    Example: Dumping Cotchery (who hopped on leg leg after pulling a hamstring to catch a ball and get a first down) for an over the Hill Derek Mason. Mason lasted 8 games, Cotchery played in the last Superbowl.

    Is he top 10, no way but he is far better than you twitter trolls realize. Try to watch some game tape before you prove how little you know.

  80. Manning was the 28th rated QB last year… Even if Sanchez is dead last the Broncos could still be in the playoff/Super Bowl hunt with their Defense.

  81. USC QBs are all flash-in-the-pans: The Sanchize, Matt Cassel, Carson Palmer… they look good, for the most part, throughout the regular season, but when it matters the most-est, like Ryan Fitz(fizzle)patrick, the candle flickers out. Just proves that your innate talent can only take you so far. (Are you listening, Andy Dalton… Tony Romo…)

  82. You do know Aprils Day is on April 1 and not March 15. Seriously though this is a joke right? Mark Sanchez is stealing from the Broncos and not the other way around.

  83. I haven’t seen a SINGLE Broncos fan panic. Not one.

    No one panics in March..come pre season it’ll be like the creeping terror…he’s that bad.

  84. To be clear, Sanchez could not beat out the immortal Sam Bradford as the starting QB for a crappy Philly team. And his trips to the AFC championship were on the backs of the Jets D, not some all-world QB play from Mr. Butt-Fumble. This guy is a career backup, and if he does start for the Donkeys its because Elway was not able to get a real QB to come play for them.

  85. And Philly was all too happy to unload him for a conditional 7th round pick? Wow, the team that knew him the best really valued his QB ability, didn’t they.

  86. I think it’s hilarious that the Broncos announce they won the Super Bowl despite poor to below average play from QB one day.

    Then the next day they trade for Sanchez, guess they don’t expect much from that position this year too…. And they shouldn’t!

  87. Things I don’t trust –

    Mark Sanchez as the QB of my football team
    Bill Cosby with a mixed drink
    Hillary Clinton in charge of embassy security
    Bernie Madoff with my money

  88. Let’s not forget the Broncos are losing a lot of talent to FA. They will not be the same team.
    Agreed. But if that’s the price for winning a Lombardi, I’ll do it every time.

  89. Denver won the SB with horrible qb play pretty much all year Brock was ok but he was just that ok. We’ll see how Denver and Houston does before seeing who is the real winner.

  90. I have reservations about having Sanchez as a starting QB for my team but in fairness they won a Super Bowl with a QB who was probably worse. If the defense can find a way to compensate for their lost free agents I don’t see why Denver can’t win the Super Bowl again next year.

    And honestly, I’d rather have Sanchez than Osweiler at their respective cap numbers. And I don’t think that much of Sanchez.

  91. A few points about Sanchize:

    In his first two years in the NFL, he was asked to be a game manager on a team that featured a great defense,. He led the NYJ to the AFC Championship game each of the first two years.

    After his first two years, the Jets’ defense wasn’t as strong and the Jets asked Sanchez to do more than just be a game manager. This is when his turnovers, and of course the “buttfumble”, occurred.

    Sanchez’s athletic skillset is also a good fit in Kubiak’s offense. His athleticism will allow him to scramble around to extend plays and convert third downs.

    I think if he wins the QB job (which is far from a given), the Broncos’ offense will be better this year than it was with Brock last year. And he will do that while only making $4.5M, versus the $18M Brock will make. That’s like an extra starting olineman or two FOR FREE.

  92. To dcbronco: My guess is the dc should be DC. Further, I suggest you check your favorite dictionary for the word reality. Your abuse of it in your comments was, at best, humorous. More that one of your “reality” statements was merely your personal opinion, and as such does not equate to reality. Or, in my opinion, not even close.

  93. Sanchez could be a steal…yeah Sanchez “could be” a lot of things. For instance he could be a Doctor if he would go to medical school.

    SO, lets talk about what he “is”, and that would be an above average QB that folds under pressure and makes critical mistakes when the game is on the line, normally resulting in a loss for his team.

  94. In his first two years in the league, the Jets defense took New York to two consecutive AFC title games, despite having Mark Sanchez as its quarterback.

    There, fixed it for you.

  95. One thing to consider how well he did when he was given a stellar defense to play behind. As long as he limits his mistakes, it could possibly work in the Broncos favor. Manning and Osweiller were less than stellar and they won a Super Bowl.

    And just to prove I’m not a biased Broncos fan, I’m a die hard Oakland fan. Trust me when I saw I hope I’m wrong…but again, it could just work out

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