Signs still pointing to a Walter Thurmond retirement


One of the Legion of Boom’s various Ringo Starrs could be leaving the NFL after only six seasons.

Per a league source, Eagles safety Walter Thurmond is currently leaning toward retirement.

Last week, Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News reported that Thurmond was considering walking away at age 28, after four years with the Seahawks, one with the Giants, and one with the Eagles.

Thurmond, according to the source, has opportunities to return, earning in the range of $4 million. But for now Thurmond is closer to calling it quits than coming back for a seventh season. Converted to safety last year by the Eagles after playing cornerback his first five seasons, Thurmond was selected by the Seahawks in the fourth round of the 2010 draft.

Thurmon, Brandon Browner, and Byron Maxwell each left Seattle via free agency after stints with Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, and Kam Chancellor. None has spent more than one year with any team since departing Seattle.


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  1. “None has spent more than one year with any team since departing Seattle.”

    This makes me so happy.

  2. I really liked Thurmond on the Seahawks. He had a hard time staying healthy, but he’s a good player. Crazy that he’s considering retirement in the middle of his prime.

  3. guy is a playmaker.
    had one of his best seasons last year. He’s earned plenty of cash..

    he gone

  4. He was one of the few success signings under Kelly. Expectations for him couldn’t have been lower, yet he proved a totally reliable safety in his first year at the position. Would be disappointed to see him walk away after seemingly just discovering his proper position, but wish him the best regardless. Interesting to see so many players walking away with money on the table and a few years of good football ostensibly still left in the tank.

  5. Legion of Boom? I believe that myth has been appropriately dispelled…. Nice little 1-year dynasty they had going there though….

  6. When these guys are 40 yrs. old, the light will go off that they’ll never make as much in their remaining lifetime as they made one good year in the NFL.

  7. Good for him. Played very well last year, and has always played well when heathy….he’s made millions, and has other interests outside of football (he’s currently directing a film) and would like to walk away healthy. Kudos.

  8. nhpats- the seahawks are either the best defense of all time or #2. They are a defensive dynasty no matter Sb wins. They’ve done what no other team have ever done in modern era football and that’s finish with the top defense or scoring defense 4 straight seasons. They’ve also lost a ton of players and over half of their defensive coaches and have maintained excellence. If not for a bonehead decision the seahawks are 2 time world champs. I know it hurts that 99% of the public blames NE Sb victory on Seattle not playing their own game but it is what it is. No team can roll out 5 injured ailing secondary members like they did Sb 49 and not expect to give up yards and pts. 4 surgeries out of 5 players within weeks of the Sb all ligament surgeries also. Let’s not forget your gift wrapped Sb Pats fans I like how yall try to change how the game went into somehow the Patriots dominating when really they were probably the luckiest team in Sb history to ever win the game.

  9. @allidoiswin55: Seattle’s 2013 defense is a contender for one of the best defenses of all time, they fit into the top five easily, but it is a bit of a stretch to say they are a top two all time dynasty. They didn’t even have the best defense in the league last year.

  10. I have been a Thurmond supporter since he was a young Duck. Sad to see him ride into the sunset, but a great player, and a class act. I was intrigued by his move to safety, and would like to see him expand his role there. Maybe he doesn’t like Roseman and will cleat up for another team.

  11. steelerben says:
    Mar 15, 2016 2:53 PM

    @allidoiswin55: Seattle’s 2013 defense is a contender for one of the best defenses of all time, they fit into the top five easily, but it is a bit of a stretch to say they are a top two all time dynasty. They didn’t even have the best defense in the league last year.


    Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of us real Hawks fans who recognize that we WERE great and elite, but not the great dominant force in the NFL as some vocal Seattle fans gloat. It’s surprising, yes, but there is a good amount of respectable Hawks fans!

  12. It’s pretty obvious by his comments before free agency he thought he was in line for a pretty big raise. He said he would like to return to Philly but didn’t think they had the cap space. IMO he expected to be getting contract offers in the $8 million a year range. Believing that he was in the upper echelon of safeties and/or nickel corners, and that after proving last year that he could stay healthy that those offers would be for multiple years.

    After finding out those offers weren’t coming, he probably realized with his injury history that those contracts never are going to be coming.

    So instead of moving around year after year from city to city for a lot less money then he thinks he’s worth, he would rather just retire.

  13. Can’t blame these young guys for retiring early.
    Get millions, don’t waste it on stupid stuff and leave the game while you still got some brain cells left and are able to run/walk around decently.

  14. steelerben…

    if you get bored, look up which defense had the fewest points scored against them last year.

    and even if it weren’t the case that the name you will find starts with Seattle, if you look at every key stat a defense can put up (scoring, total yards, rushing and defense yards) over the last 4 years, i think you will find a run that few if any defenses can show…ever.

    including the steel curtain

  15. He won’t retire. He is looking at options and will ultimately take the money. My guess; three more years and about 12M in the bank.

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