Chris Givens signs one-year deal with Eagles

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Wide receiver Chris Givens visited the Jets on Tuesday and moved on to a visit with the Eagles Wednesday that will be the final one he takes as a free agent in 2016.

The Eagles announced on Wednesday afternoon that they have signed Givens to a one-year deal.

Givens split the 2015 season between the Rams and Ravens after a trade sent him to Baltimore in October in exchange for a 2018 seventh-round pick. Givens caught one pass with the Rams in three games and 19 more in 12 appearances for the Ravens that included six starts.

Signing with the Eagles reunites Givens with quarterback Sam Bradford, who he played with in St. Louis during the 2012 and 2013 seasons. Givens was a regular starter during those two seasons and had 76 catches, but saw his playing time and production drop in 2014.

The Eagles released Riley Cooper in February and Seyi Ajirotutu is a free agent, leaving Jordan Matthews, Nelson Agholor and Josh Huff to go with Givens at wideout.

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  1. Eh. Competition and depth. Hopefully he’s got some type of speed. I still see them drafting someone but we had to get a veteran to go with our youth.

    I much prefer this type of free agency. Low level moves. Depth and competition. Not those high priced dudes that don’t pan out. Draft will be interesting. I really think they set themselves up to take the best player available at 8 and not reach. You could use more depth at many positions but I don’t see a glaring need anywhere. Don’t have too many studs, but at least we aren’t completely weak anywhere.

  2. Nice pick-up. Ran 4.35 at the combine in 2012 and can stretch the field a bit. A #3 or #4 receiver on most teams but may play quite a bit for the WR and speed starved Eagles, if he stays healthy through camp. Has a rapport with Bradford and is a definite upgrade from Cooper.

  3. He’ll draft a WR in the first 4 rounds and maybe another one late, plus bring in a bunch of UFA’s to compete for a potential 6th spot. They need speed. Matthews, Nelson, and Huff will be the starters depending on how Givens performs he might boot out Huff. All that matters is this guy gets deep. You just need the illusion that you can go deep which wasn’t an option last year.

  4. I hope he can beat out Huff for 3rd on depth chart….

    Wow, I am hoping some guy i basically never heard of is taking the majority of snaps at wideout next year.


  5. The illusion of being able to go deep requires a WR who has speed and can out run the coverage and a QB who is willing and able to throw an accurate long ball. So the Eagles are filling the first requirement with a WR who has never really performed at a decent level and a QB who refused to throw the deep ball last year . . . so due to the lack of willingness we have no idea if the ability is there.

    I am an Eagles fan and really like what Howie has done this offseason, but they needed to get a better WR than this offering and the FA cupboards are empty. They should have gone after Mike Wallace, who has proven the ability but has played with sub-par QBs the past three years with the Dolphins and Vikings.

  6. I like this pick up. We really needed a fast deep threat. Philly hasn’t had that since they got rid of Djax. Also it would be crazy drafting another WR , Hargreaves is the way to go.

  7. While not an elite receiver, signings like this are putting the Eagles in a position where they can draft whichever player they like best. I don’t think you can say any position group stands out as one of the league’s best. But draft Hargreaves, Elliot, or Stanley and they could build around their ground game, secondary, or offensive line, respectively. Or they could bet on Goff, Lynch, or Wentz should any of them fall. Regardless, they have options, and are in a good position to considerably improve the team.

  8. Not the “veteran” WR signing we needed. Anquan or Roddy could teach these young guys a thing or two about being a WR even if they’re way past their prime. Their words of wisdom would outweigh they’re production.

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