49ers, possibly Patriots, could enter pursuit of Courtney Upshaw


Linebacker Courtney Upshaw launched his free-agency tour with a trip to visit the Jets. If he doesn’t sign there, other teams have interest.

Per a league source, the 49ers and possibly the Patriots represent other alternatives for Upshaw, who started 15 games in 2015 and, in all, 55 games in four seasons — including Super Bowl XLVII.

Upshaw, a second-round pick in 2012, has five career sacks and three forced fumbles. He is listed at No. 33 on the PFT Hot 100 free-agent list.

18 responses to “49ers, possibly Patriots, could enter pursuit of Courtney Upshaw

  1. Yes, please 49ers. He’s proven. And we need D because of the style of offense Kelly plays. Please spend on this guy. The draft doesn’t always put out starting caliber players so we can just bank on our 12 picks this year.

  2. Its hard to trust Alabama players, that being said if we sign anyone at this point its a positive sign. Atleast we got a guard today.

  3. Let’s see. Play for the 49ers, the worst franchise in the NFL, or for the Patriots, the best franchise in the NFL.

    Hard decision.

  4. Caveat Emptor on this one. Look back over the history of defensive free agents the Ravens have let walk and see if any of them match the level of success that they had with Baltimore. This kid hasn’t even had a ton of success to begin with.

  5. I don’t think the Pat’s would sign him. They are only signing players who are past they’re prime, disgruntled or 1st rd busts.

  6. Steelerben Pernell McPhee was better in Chicago after leaving Baltimore. Just a note. And if you go to specific stats to justify your logic and ignore others then you definitely are a steeler fan.

  7. Just a few posts ago, some dingaling ranted about BB being so smart to pass on Upshaw to grab Chandler Jones who just got unloaded. Now BB is courting Courtney. LOL!

  8. I would be ok with the Niners signing him. He may not be a dynamic pass rusher but he’s good against the run and we need that in our division. Would let us rotate guys more. He could play on run downs and Brooks, Lynch and Harold and whoever we draft can rush the passer on passing downs. Get it done Baalke because you haven’t done much else. Hopefully Beadles works out at Guard for us

  9. Sign him to a decent contract, please. Ravens need offset for the signing of Watson and Weddle. The Raiders signing of Osemele to a large contracts should provide the Ravens with a 3rd round pick next year IF the Weddle/Watson picks are offset by equal losses.

  10. Upshaw as a bust in the early 2nd rd is not really a fit in NE.

    Maybe vet min, camp invite kind of thing. The guy was invisible for 4 years in Baltimore.

    One of Ozzie’s many busts piling up at this point.

  11. BB brought in a guy named Vrabel, Ninco, Teddy Washington, etc.etc, list goes on with the unwanted and disgrunted cry babies. Must b something in the dirty water up here, wonder how Corey Dillon is doing these days looking down at his ring finger. So much hatred towards BB and tb12, 2 GOATS

  12. It makes me laugh when people joke about team building and Belichick…he puts on a clinic every season…I imagine the jealousy is ridiculous, but I still get secondary embarrassment watching it.

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