49ers still claiming they plan to keep Colin Kaepernick


Publicly at least, the 49ers are continuing to claim they plan to keep quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

The latest such claim came from an unnamed source to Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com, stating the same thing that General Manager Trent Baalke said at the Scouting Combine: The 49ers are planning on Kaepernick remaining on the roster and competing with Blaine Gabbert for the starting job.

“There’s a good chance he’s still on the team the way things look now,” a source told CSNBayArea.com early Thursday.

Of course, even if the 49ers don’t plan to keep Kaepernick, the smart thing to say now is that they want him. If they acknowledged publicly that they’re ready to move on from Kaepernick, they’d lose leverage in trade talks.

And Maiocco’s report says the 49ers are, in fact, open to a trade. The only issue is that they want a draft pick in the second or third round for Kaepernick, and so far trade talks with the Browns, Broncos and Jets have not yielded an offer that good.

So for now, anyway, the 49ers’ plan to keep Kaepernick seems more about a lack of good offers for him than a true commitment to him. We’ll get a better feel for the situation on April 1, when Kaepernick’s $11.9 million salary becomes fully guaranteed — if he’s still on the roster.

26 responses to “49ers still claiming they plan to keep Colin Kaepernick

  1. Baalke: “Kaep, we’re gonna guarantee you for 2016.”
    Kaep: “Great”
    Baalke “April Fool’s!”

  2. 3 consecutive NFC Championships and a Super Bowl don’t lie. Granted it was under Harbaugh but Kelly will let him loose and play the way he needs to.

  3. What ?!

    Did Chip Kelly watch the broadcast tape and after watching Kaep vs. the Vikings Week 1 and hear how bonkers Trent Dilfer went in the booth, decided he saw enough and needs to keep him?

  4. Just keep him and Hope that Kelly can “fix” him or at least call plays that suit Kap’s strengths i.e. the read option. See if it works and then if not we draft a QB next year (better group of QBs coming out too.) With Michael Vick in Kelly’s scheme the Eagles lead the lead in total yards. Last I looked 49ers were last in yards and points in 2016.

  5. There’s no reason to cut him. In fact, it’d be kind of stupid to do so right now.

    First, the NFL cap rules require the 49ers to have a minimum payroll of at least $142 million for the season. Right now they’re at $117 million. So cutting Kaepernick to save some money would make it just that much harder to meet the minimum.

    Second, while I think it’s likely that we’re going to draft a QB, if Goff or Wentz is available, we still need a back-up for Gabbert who is, frankly, not much better than Kaepernick.

    Third, there’s a chance a desperate team trades for Kaepernick. Fact is, there are still a lot foolish people in the NFL who equate physical talent with football talent. They’re not quite the same and yet, year-after-year, ‘work-out warriors’ with middling college performances get drafted high and, eventually, bust.

  6. Of course, they say that.
    No one wants to give up a 2nd round draft pick for an inferior QB.

  7. My Birds traded Foles and a 2nd for freaking Bradford. Wish we still had that 2nd round pick, especially before resigning Bradford to a contract way above his worth we could have used that 2nd round pick on Kaep along with a team friendly contract

  8. Ha

    Meida finally realizing not to bite.

    Like the dog that thinks you are throwing the fake toss, it took awhile.

    Worthless QB will be cut before 4/1, signed at vet minimum, and if he does not curb his attitude, memento will be out of the NFL by this time next year.

  9. He probably doesn’t want to play for Kelly, not many players do since he has a reputation as a prick, and he knows the locker room doesn’t like him because he messed with another players girl.

  10. Kaepernick gets too much credit for the teams successes when he was the starting quarterback there. The 49ers had the number one defense and a top running attack then. Once the defense got mediocre and the running game left, Kaepernick wasn’t nearly as effective. He even lost his starting job. I must be a hater because I see that as what it is. LOL

    The 49ers are pretending they want to keep Kaepernick in order to get a better deal when they trade him. There is no way they keep him past a point where he is due money. Problem is, other teams don’t put much value on him. Amazing for a guy who went to 3 straight NFCCG and a SB, right? Teams are better at judging what the guy has done and what he is capable of.

    I read an article the other day that talked about Kaepernick being a promising athlete and how if a team taught him the game of football he might be a capable quarterback. Who wants to do all that with a guy who is contracted at 12 million per year? You can pick any athletic dude off the street and make a quarterback out of him if you get lucky in the picking.

    Kaepernick isn’t very good. Teams know it, the 49ers know it. The only people who don’t know it are the folks who think he is the only reason the 49ers were winning when he happened to be the quarterback for 3 successful seasons.

  11. Don’t believe anything a politician says this close to an election and don’t believe anything a team says this close to the draft.

  12. Don’t believe a thing this crappy front office says.
    I’ve been a fan for 40+ years and I don’t believe them.

  13. this is about kap not wanting a repeat of Jim Harbaugh… the stories around the league about Kelly not being a players’ coach have spooked him. He doesn’t want to play for another egotistical control freak. He wants to play somewhere where he is treated with the respect a grown man deserves. He doesn’t even own khaki pants, he will have to buy a whole new wardrope and stop fingerblasting drunk chicks. He will have to put a nice little curve on all those fresh 59/50s and probably have to cover up his tattoos during meetings.

  14. Don’t you guys get it? The 9ers have to say they plan to keep Kaep because:
    1) They might be forced to (or have no better option) and so save face.
    2) And they’ve realized that his trade value is zilch if everyone knows the 9ers don’t want him anyway.

  15. They only thing worse than cutting him for the 49ers would be keeping him.

    He sucks and will cost them $12M. Anyone with half a brain could see he was a flash in the pan with a great team and coach around him. He cannot withstand game pressure. 3rd down and redzone tell it all for QB’s.

    –The 510

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