Bill propose allowing coaches to challenge everything

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Bills coach Rex Ryan and Patriots coach Bill Belichick don’t agree on much. Here’s one thing on which they agree.

They both want coaches to have the ability to challenge everything.

This year, the Bills have formally proposed a rule that would permit coaches to use the red flag to challenge all calls on the field, with the exception of scoring plays and turnovers (which currently are subject to automatic review).

The ability of the coach to challenge plays would encompass anything and everything, including so-called judgment calls, like pass interference. Basically, whenever indisputable visual evidence exists to show that a ruling on the field was incorrect, a coach would have the ability twice per game (and three times if successful on the first two) to throw the red flag and challenge anything.

All teams have the right to propose rule changes. While proposals from the Competition Committee are believed to carry extra weight, ownership can choose to act on any proposal at all — or to craft their own on the fly during the meeting. As long as at least 24 agree, they can do whatever they want.

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  1. I agree, everything should be reviewable, as long as there is still a cap on the number of challenges per half.

  2. How about all reviews go to a panel of 3 qualified people who have not seen the play and are not told what call was made. For instance they are told to look at the fumble and decide if it is a fumble, but they are not told what call the ref made.

    They have 120 seconds to review the play and decide how it should go. Majority rules. They are provided with the rules and unlimited replay views.

  3. There is an infraction on every play… NFL will be a 5 hour game … Stay at home tape it and fast forward thru BS if you are a real student of the game..

  4. Was in favor of this when the Patriots proposed it, am still in favor of it now. There needs to be the ability to get ALL calls right, not just certain ones that the NFL arbitrarily determines are worthy of being allowed to be reviewed.

  5. As long as they only have three challenges a half, I am all for it. Some of the biggest blunders this year by officials were the “judgement” calls.

  6. Makes sense. Plus it will be fun watching Andy Reid blow his two challenges on the opening kickoff every game.

  7. Good, I’d rather introduce this and slow the game down but make sure calls are correct. Lets change the game clock to :20 to speed up play, id be ok with that. But im tired of seeing ridiculous calls get through and a coach cant challenge it. We like to blame the refs, but plays happen very quickly, being able to see a replay with aid in making the right call- which ultimately is the most important thing.

  8. Sure! Why not! Then we can have the games run over into Monday afternoon while we all fall asleep watching little old guys look at the little peep show, while the fans sit in 20 degree weather in a snowstorm!

    For the love of God, can we play the game on the field? Not another interruption! We’ve taken the hitting out of the game and given the offense every advantage in the world. It’s amazing that the game is still thriving after all the things the competition committee does to break it!

  9. Doubt seriously if that dog will hunt. But I love the “Teflon” approach. By proposing to literally throw everything against the wall, the effort should, in the least, open the door to serious dialog about the very necessary need to expand
    the right to challenge. Two things: I would hope they avoid the area of the line of scrimmage. There’s holding on every play at the line, and players, coaches and officials are all tuned in to what one can get away with, and not. Second: instead of a series of “lengthy” challenges that will slow the game, each HC should be able to demand “an officials huddle” especially on a “non-call” wherein the entire crew huddle and each member have input as to what they saw – even if its not in their immediate area of responsibility. Discuss it, call it, get on with it in less than 2 minutes.

  10. How original of the Bills to come up with that truly unique idea all on their own. Just like everything the bills do at least a year or more behind everyone especially the patriots.

  11. How would there be more stoppages? You still are allowed the same amount of challenges, yet you have more freedom to choose what to challenge

  12. Look, I am a Bills fan, so I never thought I would agree with Belicheck on anything. But let’s be honest, I have seen enough unreviewable calls that have been painful to watch.

    A hint of a tug on a jersey at 5.5 yards can turn a 3rd and 30 to a 1st and 10 with no oversight. Pass interference is blatantly called against the defense more than offense. We lost to the Jaguars, the Jaguars, with the game winning drive fueled by a phantom PI call that undid a game clinching interception and instead led to the winning touchdown.

    But nothing as bad as Jerry Hughes getting called for a personal foul where he slapped the helmet of a teammate to celebrate a 3rd down stop. I repeat…a teammate. To celebrate a stop. Which then was immediately turned into a first down.

    Stop the madness. Let the refs be reviewable.

  13. They learned that– from their marriage counselor. The wife gets to challenge everything you do..
    The coach -should- have a chance to explain how he interprets things. BB has been clamoring for this since the Tuck Rule. We need Lawyers on the sidelines

  14. Great idea. I have seen TDs called back in invisible holding calls. Chop block calls that were not chop blocks. As it stands right now the Refs are horrible. I think we can all agree on that. Let the coaches have a say. How many times have we ALL watched the replay and there was no foul? But since it’s not reviewable nothing can be changed. It will make the refs a hell of a lot better when they know they can be challenged As it stands right now we have part time workers deciding the outcome of games and nobody can challenge the call ? Bull crap
    For those maiming about extending the game. I imagine you also moan when a BS bad call is made on your team

  15. Give me a break they are destroying the game. They took contact out now we will have nothing but flags and reviews. The college game is so much better and cleaner. What a shame to f$” up this great game.

  16. I can’t believe how many people think this will make for 4 or 5 hour games and/or lead to “nothing but flags and reviews”. Do they just not know the rules?

    The number of challenges WILL NOT increase. Only the scope of what they can use these challenges on.

    Good grief.

  17. Here come all of the self described “purists” to whine about the games lasting for 5 hours. Coaches would have the same number of challenges, they could just opt to apply them to anything instead of only specific types of plays. Not much controversy here.

    And if it’s a bad challenge, you lose a time out which mostly offsets the clock stoppage of the challenge anyways. This rule would extend a game by a maximum of like 5-10 minutes. In reality it would probably have no noticeable effect. Makes sense to me. Too many games get won and lost on one bad call from a ref because they saw the play from a bad angle or something.

  18. Games are already getting more and more boring, lack continuity and are, like baseball, becoming too lengthy. If we want computers to play the game, why don’t we just sit in front of a video machine?

    This whole thing about replays, etc., etc., is ruining the game.

    Keep screwing with it, NFL.

    And you’ll kill the goose which laid the Golden Egg.

  19. I think there should be 2 challenges per half, not game. In the superbowl the Panthers lost their challenges in the first half, also the first challenge looked like they should have won. The refs make mistakes. I think 2 challenges per half, and winning 2 gets you a 3rd. Also you should be able to challenge anything… (esp PI!!)

  20. If you want to challenge everything then are you willing to allow the ref to call a penalty they didn’t see on the field but see on the replay? Can’t have it both ways

  21. All challenges should go to a committee of 12 who need to ratify the challenge by 8/12 majority to qualify for review by a subcommittee of 3. These elite 3 are appointed by the Commissioner to hear all “qualified challenges.” If 2 of 3 subcommittee members agree to overturn, the opposing team can use one its challenges to send the overturn to an appellate court of 12 separate jurors, and they need a 10/12 majority to send the decision back to the elite 3 for reconsideration. But if they get a 12/12 vote to uphold the ruling on the field, then the ruling on the field stands without reversion to the elite 3.

  22. Apparently no one read the article, just the headline. There would be the same number of challenges allowed, therefore the game wouldn’t run any longer. but being able to challenge anything just might correct a few obviously wrong judgment calls and the better team may win more games.

  23. And the first coach to “Challenge Everything” is Bill Belichick…He wants to challenge that the photo of U.S. District Judge Richard M. Berman and Robert Kraft “Mingling” at a swanky Hamptons just days after making a favorable ruling for the Patriots as a Complete Fraud!

  24. This is pretty straight forward….get it done. As long as there is a maximum number of challenges per game, the coaches will still let small stuff slide.

    Heck, the flags are thrown and the game is delayed on non-reviewable calls all the time anyways, might as well let the call be corrected if it was wrong.

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