Darrelle Revis in cast 2-3 months after wrist procedure

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Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis won’t get in a full offseason program this year.

The Jets announced Thursday that Revis had a procedure done on his right wrist earlier in the day. He will be in a hard cast for the next 2-3 months while he recovers.

According to multiple reports, Revis hurt the wrist during the season and continued to have soreness into the offseason. Tests found he had a torn ligament, leading to the procedure on Thursday.

The team says they expect Revis to be limited for offseason work, which culminates with organized team activities in June. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Revis falls on the extremely limited side of the spectrum given his significance to the team’s defense. Whatever the case in the spring, he’s expected to be fine in time for training camp.

23 responses to “Darrelle Revis in cast 2-3 months after wrist procedure

  1. See how smart BB is!!! He knew Revis would have this happen to him this year! He can see the future!!!!

  2. He got hurt during the Jet’s season, so you saying BB can see into the future and know the player’s fate?


    Ya trippin too hard being loyal Pats.

  3. If he injured it during the season, why did he wait until March to have the surgery. I’m a big fan of Revis but this doesn’t sound right to me. Considering that the Jets missed out on the playoffs why wouldn’t he have had the procedure done in January or February? I’m sure he will be fine for the upcoming season but why jeopardize his training camp availability. Again he will probably be ready in time but I just don’t understand why he would have waited this long.

  4. Also Revis is very good player, he can end up like Woodson, which he played with CB positions, as he get older, he will eventually go FS…

    SO, I ain’t trippin like every Pat fans are…

    I can’t wait to see how their trade for Cooper play out this season..

    Pat Fans usually brag about anything that HAS NO EVIDENCES AND in Denials when there heavy evidences against them..

    I guess every pat fans are trippin out.

  5. A wrist injury..not an ACL, Lisfranc, or any type of leg injury, and people think this will doom his career LOL

    If anything this explains why his play was down this year, Revis uses his hands a lot and needs to play up at the line instead, with this injury he had to give the receiver a cushion and just try to blanket them. I would not say his time is up just look at the Cowboys and Colts games.

  6. Jets fans are so bummed that he’ll miss April and May. That will really hurt. When’s Hernandez coming back? Bill needs a new crystal ball.

  7. The latest rumor has NE dumping Amendola. Now there was 30 mil well spent. Should have kept Revis.
    Where was Bill’s crystal ball on THAT ONE?

  8. Simplegodfather


    And not all pats fans IS trippin

    Love Revis & wish he was still here.

    And believe BB The mad hoodie knows exactly what he is doing

  9. He waited so long because he could not get the visions of the last game of the season out of his head where Sammy Watkins burned him the entire game. Do wish him well though. Don’t think a wrist will be a big deal at the position he plays. Now his speed holding up? Going to get a workout playing the pass happy NFC West this year

  10. Jets DL need to all wear clubs like J.P.P. That injury actually works to his favor in many situations. Obviously I’m kidding and feel any injury that leads to an advantage should be illegal. I wouldn’t want to get clubbed in the head all game, eventually it’s going to take a toll. My wife thinks he adds weight during critical situations, I told her he isn’t a Patriot.

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