Kelvin Beachum agrees to one-year deal with Jaguars, could get longer

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Kelvin Beachum signed a one-year contract with the Jaguars. Unless he didn’t.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the Jaguars’ previously agreed-to deal with the Steelers free agent is a one-year contract worth $4.5 million.

The deal includes a four-year option which could make it worth $40 million, which is an interesting way to build it considering he’s coming off a torn ACL.

It will be interesting to see how Beachum responds from his injury, and also what the Jaguars intend to do with him. They spent the second pick in the 2013 NFL Draft on Luke Joeckel, who now has some competition.

Beachum has some versatility, but the move definitely creates a more solid situation up front for a Jaguars offense that made tremendous strides last year.

10 responses to “Kelvin Beachum agrees to one-year deal with Jaguars, could get longer

  1. This sounds interesting – im gonna have to google him to see who the heck he is and what position he plays.

  2. That’s gonna be the new way teams are gonna do contracts with players coming off injury. Prove it in one year pay up long term in an option. Brilliant job by the front office and agent.

  3. Almost the same deal that Okung just got coming off his injury. Trend/template set for players coming of injury but with huge upside. Instead of the one year “make it and will talk”, they do a one year “make it and you have it”…..

  4. Unlike what someone said above, Beachum is an excellent pickup. He easily was the best lineman on the Steelers last year before his injury and they had a Pro Bowler on that unit. Beachum can play multiple positions and works hard.

  5. He was also terrible, right? You’re glad he’s gone, right?

  6. This team is worth putting money on total wins and covering games this year. If they draft Jalen Ramsey or Miles Jack and having Dante fowler back and their additions and with that offense they are going to be a solid team.
    Plus I believe all four teams will be very competitive this year and if the schedule makers were smart all teams should play each other their last 3 div games at the end of their season. In fact I wish the schedule would start with 3 div games then end with 3 div games. Then the middle or 10 games would be basically the same 8 teams albeit 2 games based on previous year standings and keeps them all relative and makes for major TV ratings with perhaps all of the teams in each division close enough to make a run at the playoffs. Baseball does it the last month is 90% divisional games and really defines who the teams that should be there at the end are there at the end. And please get rid of Thursday games change it to Saturday games. Give the players rest- I mean you are hoarding on college games Thursday so who cares if they are Saturday. Or at least in the month of December when CB is over that would 4-5 weeks on Saturdays. 3 a day like in turkey day. It would allow for a little bit more time before the next game if a Sunday or a Monday as well but 3 days before another game. Or if they play Thursday they are coming off a bye. So that gives them 10 days before and 10 days after. This could be the bye weeks instead of having bye weeks and not have those weeks were the games are just unwatchable.

  7. He was also terrible, right? You’re glad he’s gone, right?

    Nah, this is what champions do. Colbert has a plan. I love how the off season is shaping up. I am so proud of our city.

    Beachum will always be a Steeler. Good luck and thanks for your efforts.

  8. I love it. Either way the Jags are gonna figure out who the best LT on their roster is. If Joekel finally grows, great.. if he doesn’t, Beachum gets the job. May the best man win. I love how Gus uses pure competition to decide these things. Either way, the team comes out on top.

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