Ravens linebacker Courtney Upshaw visiting the Jets

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The Ravens don’t often let free agents get to the market if they want to keep them.

And with a week of the market come and gone, the message should be sent by now.

According to Peter Schrager of FOX Sports, Ravens linebacker Courtney Upshaw will visit the Jets today, his first trip.

The Jets are looking to bolster their defense, but Upshaw never developed into the kind of pass-rusher the Ravens were looking for.

He had 5.0 sacks in four seasons there, hardly what they expected when they took him 35th overall out of Alabama in 2012.

18 responses to “Ravens linebacker Courtney Upshaw visiting the Jets

  1. 5 sacks in 4 seasons would sound like a bust. But Ozzie has never missed on a draft pick before, so it clearly cant be considered a bust (eye roll)…

  2. His role was not as a pass rusher. He was run stopping edge setter. That’s why he was listed as co-starter with Dumervil who was clearly in on passing downs.

  3. Don’t know that I would characterize him as a disappointment. He had a tremendous sack on Big Ben in week 2 of 2014 but the refs flagged it because Ben acted like such a hurt sissy.

  4. No way do I want us to resign him. Not because he was bad, but because if he signs somewhere else we can still get the 3rd round Comp pick for losing Osemele. Plus it’s time we see what our young guys can do. I’m interested in seeing Za’darius smith get more playing time

  5. One of Ozzie Newsome’s all time busts. Not quite Sergio Kindle, but close.

    BB traded up to take Gronk in front of Ozzie and BB took Hightower over Upshaw.

    About sums everything up in the AFC of late.

  6. The team that wears the black and gold continues to live rent free in the mind of our little friend who is obsessed with that quarterback from down south. I really like how this offseason is shaping up.

  7. very atypical player. if he signs with the wrong team he’ll look so terrible he’ll never get a contract again.
    he needs to go to a top tier 3-4 defense that isnt blitz happy.

  8. Another Alabama defensive player disappointing as a pro. Who saw that coming, lol? I mean seriously though, what happens to these guys when they leave Tuscaloosa?

  9. Solid player, not a pass rusher by any means. Maybe if we stay out of Alabama every year, we may hit on some other players. ‘Bama is strong, but they also have a solid system in place that makes some look better than they actually are. This guy can play sideline to sideline, but I would never expect much out of him as a dedicated pass rusher. Bring him back if it’s cheap. If not, let him walk.

  10. I remember the draft when Upshaw was taken in the second round. BB traded up to snatch Chandler Jones who we all know was just dumped on Arizona after BB got clobbered in Denver. Ozzie’s “busts”had a pretty uneventual rookie season. They only trounced NE in the AFC Championship and were crowned World Champions! LOL.

  11. And the year Ozzie got “beat” and “lost” Gronkowski, he traded a pick to Denver so Tebow could come and destroy the Steelers. He also picked up a “bust” named Dennis Pitta who scored one of the three TDs to bury NE in that AFC championship on the way to scoring another TD in the SB right before being crowned World Champion!

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