Russell Okung signs with the Broncos


Denver may have a new left tackle, which would leave them looking to get rid of the old one.

According to Josina Anderson of ESPN, Seahawks free agent Russell Okung is close to finalizing a five-year deal with the Broncos which will pay him $10.6 million a year.

That’s a healthy deal for the man who decided to not spend 3 percent on an agent, and shop himself. We’ll see what the details look like when the deal is filed, but it appears to be a pretty good haul.

If that’s signed, the Broncos will almost certainly be done with Ryan Clady, after the two sides can’t come to an agreement on how much pay cut he should take from the $9.5 million he’s scheduled to make the year after a torn ACL.

There are enough teams looking for line help that Denver ought to be able to find a trade partner.

UPDATE 5:30 p.m. ET: The Broncos have announced the contract.

79 responses to “Russell Okung signs with the Broncos

  1. Good job disenfranchising yourself from the fan base Clady. You said you loved it and wanted to be here. I guess you only meant that if you could bilk the Broncos for another 10M while you sit on IR. Good riddance.

  2. Looks like Denver beat the Steelers again. Another sweep. LOL

  3. Too much money for a player that’s too often injured Who leaked the info? He has no agent. If Denver pays this money for Okung then. I agree that Elway is dumb

  4. I remember a bunch of lawyers saying Russel Okungs an idiot for not having an agent.

    Is he really?

  5. Glad to see the Broncos put almost 11 mil a year into someone that has gotten injured every season.

    Horse face bit off more than he can chew.

  6. Free agent signings don’t win championships, right Carl Gerbschmidt?

    Oh wait…

  7. awesome ! hope this happens o-line is a priority if the Broncos want any chance of a repeat.
    they seem to have kept the core of the Defense,have plenty of weapons for an avg qb to do well if they beef up the O-line.

  8. If this happens, he saved himself 3% by not using an agent but of course will pay 4.63% state income tax. When you start paying more than $470,000 in state income tax, that is a bite, no matter how much you earn.

    But good for him. I’m stunned a team would pay that much for a guy who can’t get through a season and is coming off major shoulder surgery. But if it happens, I hope he has a great season. Best of luck!

  9. 12 mill for a tackle that will be injured by week 8. Broncos will regret it. Good player. Great guy. Never healthy

  10. Surprised Seattle didn’t bring him back. Wilson is going to be running for his life next year. They’ve completely neglected the O-line, opting instead for a patchwork group to save money to pay their primadonna stars. I think they’ll find out soon enough that the offensive line is not an area to skimp.

  11. I like Okung, and tremble a little at what the OL is gonna look like now, but holy smokes that’s a lot of money for somebody who is as injury-prone as he is.

  12. they’re going from a guy that had one major injury and sat out almost a full season,,, to a guy who misses a few full games every season.

    dumb move.
    Sanchez is going to develop bad tendencies and get gun shy

  13. Bronco’s fan here… It’s smart to tune into the fans of Seattle. I’ve read from day 1 from Seattle fans that Okung is always hurt…

    Seems to me that Elway just signed 1 constantly injured LT to replace another constantly injured LT….

    It’s like saying this Kia has all sorts of problems… maybe I’ll go get another Kia..

  14. I actually do not see this as an upgrade the for Broncos. Okung is as oft-injured as Clady. I would say they are the same caliber player. The question remains how much will the Broncos give Okung compared to what is owed Clady.

  15. Okung is a bad bad man when he takes the field and is at 75% capability or better. But isn’t Denver’s contention that Clady is too expensive for a guy coming off injury? Yet they are going to pay more to a a player that has actually played a slightly lower percentage of games he has been under contract for? And that’s in spite of Clady missing all last season

  16. Denver is doing damage, while the the NFL writes them off. Found a home for Brock, when they realized he was always going to be a back-up. (a puppy not a dawg)

    Threw money at him, when they knew he wouldn’t accept it. Fixed an almost fatal mistake with no blood on their hands.

    Settled a score with Rick Smith in Houston, using Tim Tebow”s old agent.

    Signed the only quarterback besides A Rodgers and Russel Wilson ideally suited for the old style West Coast offense.

    If Sanchez wasn’t broken by a franchise that’s destroyed every quarterback there since Namath,…Denver may have a quarterback more like Dereck Carr than David Carr

  17. I’m a lifelong Pats fan, so you can guess how I feel about Denver. But you people dumping on them are ridiculous, even more so if you’re dumping on Elway. He just put together an SB winning team.

  18. I hope the Broncos get the Okung of 2013 and not so much the past 2 years. I hear the guy is beast and has a lot of potential. Helps solidify a position that was a huge sore spot for Denver last year. Here’s to going back-to-back Champs!

    Go Broncos!

  19. Bad move for Seattle to let him get out the door

    And if the same money is being offered then it’s a bad move for okung, The Steelers are close to the Super Bowl then Denver. Denver doesn’t have a QB.

  20. I’m usually pretty positive about their moves…but they replaced an injury prone LT with a slightly less injury prone LT

    He’s never played a full season…

  21. The only way they pay him that much is if his contract is heavily incentive laden with his injury history in mind.

  22. Seattle’s line gets worse.

    Wilson is going to be running for his life again like the first half of last season… actually it could be quite a bit worse.

  23. After the first few days of free agency, I said that Okung had a fool for an agent. Looks like the only fool was me.
    Wait, $12 million per?
    Okay, I’m not the ONLY fool.

    Russell Okung is set for life, but should he choose to pursue a post-NFL career, it looks like he would be an excellent sports agent OR a snake oil salesman. Is there anything this guy can’t do (besides play 16 games a season)?

    Congrats, Okung. Great guy and he had the unenviable task of trying to fill the great Walter Jones’ shoes. That salary makes me happy for him, especially knowing that it’s not the Seahawks that will be paying it.

  24. jerrytown says:

    Surprised Seattle didn’t bring him back. Wilson is going to be running for his life next year. They’ve completely neglected the O-line, opting instead for a patchwork group to save money to pay their primadonna stars. I think they’ll find out soon enough that the offensive line is not an area to skimp.
    Seattle only offered him a 1-year non guaranteed deal for about $6 million. That shows you what they thought of him. Gary Gilliam will move to LT, Britt will stay at LG, Glowinski will be an upgrade at RG over Sweezy. The job at RT is open but I expect they’ll draft somebody there, or pick up Ferguson or Giacomini when the Jets release them. Seahawks have 9 draft picks and some guys on the practice squad they really like, so we’ll see.

  25. dammit . . this is not good news for the Hawks, if proven true . . yes, Okung has had injuries, but he is their best O-lineman by a mile. it’s a real loss.

  26. the last three years, okung has played 13, 14 and 8 games. clady 0, 16, and 2. i like clady, but i get it.

  27. Elway is a car salesman. Wait until until he starts selling the gullible lambs ocean front property in Colorado. Bronco fan will be saying ‘sure dude. We trust you.’

  28. Poor reporting. This deal is a 1 year 5mil, 4 year team option. This is a prove it deal. All the money is at the end of this thing which most players never see.

  29. contract is structured as a one year 5 mil with 3 mil extra in incentives, then elway has option to cut him after season with no losses. Elway > than your GM

  30. so many haters, it would be nice if people would stick to opinions that are not related to personal attacks.

    Clady has missed 30 of the last 48 games, including the last 2 super bowl runs. I will take my chances with Okung.

  31. I’m not following the Broncos thinking the past few days. They overpaid big-time for Anderson and this is $10 million to basically the same caliber player they didn’t want to pay $9.5 million.

  32. $2 million a year is hazard pay for when Sanchez tries to helmet torpedo him in the rear.

  33. Bonerz’NPudz says:
    Mar 17, 2016 5:07 PM
    CapGate needs to be investigated again.
    I’m sure the NFL will investigate again just because you said so.

  34. When the contract details come out tears will flow, and jealous rants about Elway and the Broncos will be rampant. Good times to be a Denver Fan.

  35. Love seeing Bronco fans rejoice over a starting member of an o-line that was on track of giving up the most sacks ever. To one of the best mobile QB’s ever. There is a reason the Seahawks let him go besides him never playing a full season.

  36. unnamed sources close to the situation have told me that Kalil Mack doesnt care who they sign at tackle.

  37. Read the fine print folks. He only got $5 million guaranteed for 2016 with potentially $3M more in incentives (no doubt how much playing time he logs). Where is the big signing bonus? The following four years are not guaranteed. He can easily be cut at the end of the season. Okung, needed a long term deal with a big headline number to avoid the embarrassment from representing himself. By waiting so long he cost himself a lot of money. My guess is Seattle was offering more than $5 million on a one year deal.

  38. just like Bill O’Brien the pundits are calling Elway a genius with no visible proof!!!! in Elway we trust.. get on it Denver

  39. 5 year, 53 million. Right. Make that maybe two years before Elway comes calling for a pay cut with the “opportunity” to make it up in incentives. Happened to Manning, Ware and Clady, will soon be happening to Okung. Elways not shy about asking you to take a pay cut or to “restructure” as they like to say.

  40. It’s clear many of the mensa members here don’t know the actual details of the contract.

    It’s in essence a 1 year $5 million dollar deal with Denver having an option for the final 4 years.

    Take your bitter tears somewhere else, your team didn’t win the Super Bowl.

  41. Ooh I am almost going to feel sorry for Mr. Sanchez when Mr. Mack comes to town again!

  42. If anything this proves why you need an agent in today’s NFL. This is a phenomenal deal for the Broncos. They’re only paying him $5 million for the first season with incentives to push it to $8 million. Then there’s a TEAM option at the end of the 2016 season before his guaranteed contract kicks in. So if he doesn’t play well the Broncos can cut him and only be out $5 million for that one season.

  43. Past two SB winners, Pats lose Revis, Browner, Denver loses Manning, Osweiller, Jackson and Trevathan.

    I still see the AFC being the better conference, Pittsburgh certainly improved, the Patriots improved somewhat, just don’t see Denver having a very good year upcoming, to much lost.

  44. 3% of these contracts is a lot of money to pay an agent. The details will tell whether okung made the right move—-hopefully he got a lot of guaranteed money!

  45. Great deal. Not guaranteed past this year. Plus they still have Clady. If Clady takes a cut we have bookends, health notwithstanding. If Clady doesn’t take cut we trade him to another team in a sellers market and pull in a nice pick. So we went from having a medium price tackle and no picks to having an medium price tackle and a pick.

  46. Any chance NFL network could find some highlight footage of him where he isn’t holding? Thought it was odd that both blocking clips they showed of him while talking about the signing he was clearly holding the player he was blocking.

  47. No way is he worth it. That is why the Steelers bailed out of that bidding war….

  48. Beware of a player when his original team doesn’t want him back. He signed for 5 mil for a year. Either the Hawks offered him less or not at all

  49. Justin Houston might break Derrick Thomas’ NFL sack record for one game – twice, next season vs Denver.

    What a fall…I lurve it.

  50. It’s amazing how many football fans just don’t understand contracts and the cap. They say Elway really blew this paying 10 million a yr for Okung. They don’t realize it’s basically a 1 yr million dollar contract.

    Then if he plays very well Elway picks up the option for the next 4 yrs at 10 mil.

    But 2017 with the Cap going up again, 10 million will the about the avg for starting LT in the NFL.

    below ave but a starter= 5-8 mil
    Avg starter= 8=10 mil
    upper tier player= 10-15 million

    You watch once a joe thomas etc hits the market it will blow up. So Elway should be getting accolades, but the stupid fans spend time critiquing him and lambasting the move. It’s frustrating because you can’t really talk football with fans that ignorant about how contracts work.

  51. Love when people post crap and have no clue. Denver is not paying him 11-12 million. It’s 5 million with a 4 year option at the 11-12 million. Do you really think Denver will pay that kind of money year two. This is a good get for one year and 5 million. Denver will draft linemen and this gives them a year to get some NFL training.

  52. Even at $5mil for one year, they overpaid. Glass ankles Okung can’t stay healthy and when he is on the field he false starts and holds more than any other LT in the game. Good riddance.

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