Ryan Fitzpatrick situation still quiet


The Jets and quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick continue to be locked in a stare down, more than eight days since the free-agency period opened. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, nothing is currently happening.

The Jets have offered Fitzpatrick backup money, and they’ve yet to increase the offer. The Broncos have shown interest, but not nearly enough to get anything done.

The logjam continues to be Colin Kaepernick. Until his situation is resolved in San Francisco, the other dominoes likely aren’t falling. And Fitzpatrick is one of the biggest dominoes left.

Fitzpatrick has spent the last four years with four different teams, but he had career highs last season in yards and touchdowns, with 3,905 and 31, respectively.

The Jets surely believe that Fitzpatrick won’t be signing elsewhere. It’s a gamble that could end up with the Jets using Geno Smith, Bryce Petty, or looking for someone else for 2016.

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  1. The Jets have very little cap space and Geno Smith is making peanuts this season. If he can finally put everything together the Jets could be much better off not signing Fitz and continue to develop Petty.

  2. Good for the Jets – don’t blink. Everyone saw what happened after he had one good year in buffalo and signed a big contract. His body of work speaks for itself.

  3. The Jets are playing this surprisingly well. They know his career year is more about Gailey being able to make average QBs look better than average (Jay Fielder, Tyler Thigpen) and the pieces that were around him – Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker (both TD machines) a great run game and a defense that turned the ball over and gave him more opportunities. He is a 34 year old glorified backup that has never made the playoffs. And when he had a chance to this past season, he choked and threw three interceptions.

    Besides all of that, no one else seems to want him. He has no leverage what so ever. He won’t be the reason the Jets don’t make the Super Bowl next year and Maccagnan knows that. He can either take what the Jets are offering or retire. At least Geno and Petty and throw past 15 yards on a consistent basis.

  4. Actually it’s more gamble on BOTH sides of Fitz, and GM…

    Fitz gamble that he can try get more money and play better other team than Jets.. MORE Gamble if Jets actually trade for a QB, and don’t want Fitz any longer…

    GM gamble that there no other team offer what Fitz asking price is… MORE Gamble if they lost Fitz to other team and don’t have good QB replacement…

    Overall, I think Jet’s GM has more leverage against Fitz if he is actually attempting to trade for QB;

    Otherwise they both are drawn.

  5. fitz doesn’t want to go back to the jets. He is afraid the equipment guy couldn’t get the brown stain out of his white pants after he soiled himself in Buff with the playoffs on the line!

  6. There’s a reason Geno was slated to start last year. He’s in year 4 and he’ll have all the weapons he didn’t have in 2014. They’ll eventually bring in another vet if its not Fits. RG3, Hoyer…
    We can live with it…

  7. Anyone talking cap room as the reason he isn’t signed doesn’t realize the Jets can cut D’Brick and Giocomini and free up 15 mil. This is an offensive line heavy draft, which is why they can do that this year. Jets also have Dozier who is ready to be a starter, and Colon coming back from injury.

  8. I think the Jets are playing this situation well but I cant believe that Jets Fans really ready to go into the season with Geno as their starter. Good luck with that.

  9. They should agree for 10mil. On a 1 year contract Then have a major incentives clause. 1 mill for the division crown, or 1/2 mil for PO appearance. Then 1 mill for a PO win, 1/2 mill for a pro bowl, 1/2 mill for “x” number of tds, and 2 mill for SB win. Sort of like Peyron. They all walk away saying I’m worst case he gets what he wants and if he exceeds then we as a team all do well.
    This is how the NFL should work- base salaries for each positions and teams can justify the incentives in the contract with a 15% increase each year on base like a franchise tag if they sign him for 4/5 years. This can insure a player will still get paid and a raise with each year and makes them work on incentives to boost their pay. With all this factored in to the salary cap like they just did or do each year with players playing time. No different then you or I at our job each year we are up for review.

    And this can happen after the rookie contract or once a player hits 4 accrues seasons as a player they are now in this bracket. There should also be an injury clause as well based on how many game s they played vs. how many they will miss. Rather then wiping them clean. They all make money and if I am correct the owners are not paying the salaries I honk they come from the TV contracts. So signing bonus can be left up to owners and the players union so their wont be collusion like the NBA were all will play for one org. But if it is across the board then I believe each team has as much chance at thriving and the parity remains as good as it can be.
    You would have less dogging it at the end of the year when players bow out, and teams can save or be right were we are with paying for performance. Win win.

  10. Kinda depressing that a backup salary of *only* $7 million is roughly 50 times what I’ll make this year…with only about 30 more years of earning potential to go. Hey, I could hold a clipboard or throw 3 INTs in one quarter to knock the Jets out of the playoffs, I think.

  11. Good for Fitz IMO. If that is all they are offering he can go to a PO team and sit behind someone. The Jets arent winning jack with him so why get your head bashed in for nothing. Id see if Zona or GB would pay me the same to be a bench warmer too.

  12. I don’t see what he’s holding out for. If he doesn’t sign for what the Jets want to give him he’s out of the league.

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