Brian Orakpo, Jahleel Addae would have been ejected under new rule

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Only two NFL players would have been kicked out of a game last season under the proposed new rule that would turn two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties into an automatic ejection. And contrary to popular belief, those two players are not Odell Beckham and Josh Norman.

Although the Beckham-Norman back-and-forth got ugly last year and has been widely discussed as the catalyst for the new rule requiring an ejection, the NFL has confirmed to PFT that neither player committed the fouls that would result in an automatic ejection. Under the proposed rule, a player would be ejected if he’s twice penalized for abusive language, baiting, taunting, or throwing a punch, forearm or kick at an opponent (even if he doesn’t make contact). That’s not what Beckham and Norman were flagged for in their Week 16 showdown.

The two players who would have been ejected under the new rule were Chargers safety Jahleel Addae in Week Eight against the Ravens and Titans outside linebacker Brian Orakpo in Week Nine against the Saints.

Orakpo actually got three personal fouls in a row, the first for a hit on Drew Brees and the next two for arguing that call. The hit on Brees would not have contributed toward an ejection, but his continuing abusive language toward the officials would have. Addae’s two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties against the Ravens were at two different points in the game.

If the new rule is passed, it won’t result in a lot of ejections. It might not even result in any. But it should serve as a reminder to players that they need to cool it in the heat of the moment.

28 responses to “Brian Orakpo, Jahleel Addae would have been ejected under new rule

  1. If you really want to make it painful, add an immediate FG attempt for the other team from the 25 yd line. And possession at their own 20 after the FG. Sort like a technical foul in basketball.

  2. The joke in all this is Beckham, Norman, Talib and Burfict should all have been ejected under existing rules the officials just failed to do it. The current rules call for an ejection if any UR penalty is flagrant or an obvious attempt to injure. No rule change is going to give the refs the stones to do the right thing regardless of how high profile the game is. But hey, player safety, integrity, blah blah

  3. It should work like soccer. A foul automatically results in the loss of yards, but a ref has to determine it flagrant. If it’s mildly flagrant, then it’s a yellow. Another one of those is an ejection. If it’s real bad, then it’s a red and an immediate expulsion.

    Just bring some common sense into this. Rigid rules result in bad calls in important games at critical times.

  4. ah, the word police have now made it to the NFL – what about bad thoughts?

  5. So basically this new rule does absolutely nothing to increase player safety because it only applies to cheap shots after the play and poor behavior and not deliberately targeting players for injury.

    Boy I wish I could be as bad at my job as these people are and not lose it.

  6. are these penalties reviewable, in an effort to make sure the call is the right call?

  7. Any hit on Brady should be flagged immediately and the offending player, and opposing team’s qb, should be ejected forthwith.

  8. Beckham and Norman wouldn’t have been only because the refs lost control of that game and were too afraid to call anything.

  9. Great, refs will have MORE influence on the outcome of a game! As if throwing three flags, huddling, and then deciding what they can come up with, wasn’t enough. Wait…Jaleel White got ejected?

  10. Here we go again. A new rule that is hard to understand and will most definitely be applied inconsistently like many others are. Goodell and his clowns have turned the NFL into a joke. Pathetic. Integrity!

  11. Weird, in 5 years for the Redskins I dont remember Orakpo ever getting a personal foul. The guy plays clean from what I can remember.

  12. What this tells you is how rare it is for guys to get two of that sort of penalty in the same game. Guys should be kicked out for that and it’s not going to be a huge issue because it rarely happens. They’ll probably eventually toughen up this rule, even.

  13. How in the world does that list of infractions not include everything done by Burfict?

  14. “With the proposed speed limit reduction from 45 to 35 on the main drag in town, I would have gotten a speeding ticket last year since I usually drive at 42.”

    You could go back 40 years and count all the players who would have been ejected under a proposed 2016 rule, but what’s the point? Heck, it’s still at proposal stage. If it does pass and becomes an automatic ejection, you can’t compare incidents of the past because the new penalization will adjust most players’ behavior. If the speed limit was already 35, I’m likely driving at 33 instead of 42.

  15. ejected from a football game for foul language? seriously? is this peewee football? when a player can get ejected for cussing but not for ear holing an opponent or body slamming or blatantly aiming to take out a players head or knees…. ya, its all about safety. Wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt feelings from all those cuss words

  16. Yo fsst…. it’s about respecting people especially officials of the game. 1 time is enough. No reason for a 2nd time to happen. If it does then by all means bye bye. About time this is a rule. HS has a rule that 2 UC penalties is an ejection. Plus miss next game. Same game. Same adolescents playing except these are just millionaire babies instead of hs students. Toss them.

  17. I was really upset about this at first until I remembered that two technical fouls in basketball results in an ejection. Never had a problem with that rule. Pretty much the same thing.

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