Browns pay extra attention to Goff at his Pro Day

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Cal quarterback Jared Goff had his Pro Day Friday, and it predictably drew rave reviews.

It included at least a bit of a twist, too. After the same kind of staged workout all quarterback prospects go through, Browns associate head coach Pep Hamilton doused some footballs with water and asked Goff to make some more throws.

The Browns hold the No. 2 overall pick in this year’s draft. The weather in Cleveland is sometimes less than ideal, so the Browns asking Goff to do that makes sense.

Hamilton recruited Goff when Goff was a high school prospect and Hamilton was a Stanford assistant. He’s new to his role with the Browns — head coach Hue Jackson will call the plays — but the Browns’ search for a quarterback isn’t new.

As for Goff, he seems to understand the Browns are just doing their research and that there are plenty of potential destinations that could involve bad weather.

“Growing up in California, I’m sure they wanted to see that,” Goff said. “It makes sense. But at the same time I’ve played in cold weather before. I wouldn’t be the first quarterback from California to play in cold weather. Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers have done pretty well. They’ve been able to do it.”

35 responses to “Browns pay extra attention to Goff at his Pro Day

  1. Best QB in the draft by far.

    Don’t make the Alex Smith / Aaron Rodgers mistake again.

  2. The previous talk about concern over his hand size or allegedly bombing the interview was an obvious smokescreen by brownies.

  3. Man, I hope they draft Goff. Wentz has way too much talent to be wasted in Cleveland.

  4. if you screw up your Pro REALLY suck…so I guess he doesn’t really suck…….yet

  5. The kid is a stud. The game looked effortless to him when he played, and this against good Pac12 teams. If the Browns don’t take him the Niners will and they’ll get their revenge from the Smith/Rodgers mess-up from 2005.

  6. Come on, Browns. Do the right thing and draft Wentz! He’s a big strong cold weather QB!


    Niners fans

  7. “Growing up in California, I’m sure they wanted to see that,” Goff said. “It makes sense. But at the same time I’ve played in cold weather before. I wouldn’t be the first quarterback from California to play in cold weather. Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers have done pretty well. They’ve been able to do it.”

    Brady was a 6th round pick who only saw the light of day in the NFL due to injury.

    Aaron Rodgers draft status sank faster than the titanic.

    There’s a reason neither were day 1 starters and had to be groomed for their roles on their respective teams. Cleveland (and several other teams) are looking for day 1 starters and with the less than stellar record for 1st round QB’s over the past decade or so they might have saved your draft status by having you do that drill.

  8. Your talking about drafting a QB in the first round for a team just decimated by Free Agents leaving and no Free Agents signing, wanting to play for them.. And your going to burn a #2 pick on a guy who you either start and watch him get destroyed or you sit him and get no immediate help. The Browns need to start making smart decisions. They need to use the draft to reload since no decent Free Agent is coming there. They can’t squander a high pick for a position where you either destroy the player or get no immediate help….

  9. Ugh, they’re just going to ruin this guy’s career like they have every other QB they’ve drafted. Jimmy Haslam finally going to prison will be the best thing to ever happen to this franchise.

  10. Some advice for young Mr. Goff ( or Wentz, etc.)

    1. Take up baseball.
    2. Get drafted by the Yankees

    you get the idea….

  11. Does the “16” on his jersey refer to “160” lbs.? That nearly toothpick thin right arm makes this prospect look like he would be SMASHED by two 260 lbs., faster than he, linebackers converging upon him in the pocket. Speaking as a Steelers fan who wants a competitive AFC North, I don’t see how the Browns could not draft Wentz — much sturdier build (today) with room to get even bigger / stronger; less flawed footwork / arm mechanics to throw the football; much larger hands and thus grip strength; and by many accounts, a more confident yet humbler personality, plus a 4.0 GPA. Seems like a “no-brainer” to me, but then again, regardless of who’s in charge in Cleveland, the Browns do seem to like “prospects” more than obvious blue-chip talent.

  12. I can see Goff isn’t too smart. He should have thrown bad passes on purpose when the Browns’ coach wet down the ball, so they’d pass him up.

    my cleveland browns
    GOFF is too small “not height wise, even though he’s average height, his hand arm size screams weight room” WENTZ IS A BETTER QB BIGGR AND STRONGER AND BETTER ARM OVERALL PLEASE dont screw up sashi and hue 🙁

  14. Smart move by the Browns. Have the kid throw a wet ball. Wow. Is common sense taking over?

    The mad scientist is still way out in front of you guys but, this is a start. Keep it up Cleveland. I’m rooting for you.


  15. If the Browns try to draft you, you have to pull the Eli Manning move and demand a trade. The Browns will ruin you, you are not greater than the Browns curse. Any and every QB that goes there will fail, it doesn’t matter who you are, your career will be ruined.

  16. In his one-on-one interview with the Browns he confessed he has a wooden leg and can’t remember his name most days…anything to keep the QB killers from drafting him.

  17. ppc50 says:
    Mar 19, 2016 9:50 AM
    Hope the Niners get him. QBs who are decent rot in Cleveland

    Oh yeah, “decent” like who? Colt McCoy? Brandon Weeden? Brady Quinn? John Manziel? None of them starting-caliber NFL quarterbacks. Or are you referring to the aged, over-the-hill free agent pickups like Jeff Garcia? Jake Delhomme? Josh McCown?

    There is one quarterback you could make this argument in favor of and that’s MAYBE Tim Couch, which was almost 20 years ago. You’re gonna harp over one guy that played almost two decades ago?

    The Browns have never had a decent quarterback – not through the draft nor through free agency. That is why they’ve always sucked.

  18. That would be awesome if Goff says ‘no trade me to another team, QBs die in Cleveland’.

    The only way they can train a qb is to guarantee Hue Jackson works with the rookie for 3 solid years and have the right staff in place.

  19. Any first round QB drafted by the Browns should consider it a sign that football is not what he should be doing with his life. Pull an Elway and refuse to go.

  20. It seems like the Browns are in this same spot every couple of years. Then they go on to pick Colt McCoy, Brandon Weeden, Brady Quinn, John Manziel, etc etc., and those guys go on to be less than average qbs. In each of those player’s drafts there were at least a few that turned out to be good quarterbacks, too.

    If Hue can just change this trend alone for the better, he’d be making progress in Cleveland. They have no choice but to be all in that he can finally get them a true franchise quarterback.

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