Chip Kelly declares himself OK with the 49ers easing into free agency

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After being tossed out of his last job amid charges of not playing well with others, 49ers coach Chip Kelly isn’t about complain about the way his new team is doing business.

The 49ers haven’t done much in free agency at all — with a reported deal for guard Zane Beadles a replacement for departed Alex Boone the only transaction of note.

But Kelly credited General Manager Trent Baalke and salary cap guy Paraag Marathe with taking the long view.

“Trent, Paraag and those guys had a great plan going into it, in terms of how they looked at it,” Kelly said, via Matt Maiocco of “I think some of it goes crazy right at the beginning.

“I think you just have to look at who fits and who’s the right fit for the organization. I don’t know if it’s let big money deals go or not go, it’s just what exactly are you looking for. Our guys do a great job of targeting what we want the San Francisco 49ers to be, and see how it works out from a contract standpoint.”

And in a curious turn for a guy whose emotional intelligence was challenged, Kelly said there’s a concern about how being a player in free agency could impact existing players.

“Are we going to take this player and pay him more than anybody on our team? And is that player worth more than anybody on our current team?” Kelly said. “You also have to kind of look at that.

“Some of the money that was being thrown around at the beginning, you got to be able to manage that. You got to pay some guy who’s never been to a Pro Bowl that’s going to make more than anybody on your roster. That’s a little bit difficult. There are a lot of things that get involved in some of these things.”

Of course, the 49ers won’t really be able to declare a direction until they decide upon a quarterback. At the moment, they’re saying they want that quarterback to remain Colin Kaepernick, though that doesn’t seem like a stable position because of the way he’s made it clear he wanted out.

23 responses to “Chip Kelly declares himself OK with the 49ers easing into free agency

  1. It’s hard to comprehend that the 49ers are the biggest joke of a franchise in the NFL.

    It happened so fast it’s amazing.

  2. “Colin Kaepernick, though that doesn’t seem like a stable position because of the way he’s made it clear he wanted out.”
    I keep hearing this, but where’s the fact that he said this? All I’ve heard is “his people”. The media always tries to spin these things with their “sources”. Media is much like a weatherman: you get paid to be about 15% right.

  3. What other choice does he have? I can’t believe he got another HC gig. The mere fact that he signed of on them hiring Jim O’Neil as DC tells me he has absolutely no idea what he’s doing.

  4. joetoronto says:
    Mar 18, 2016 11:40 AM
    It’s hard to comprehend that the 49ers are the biggest joke of a franchise in the NFL.

    It happened so fast it’s amazing.
    I’m not a Raiders hater by any means, but the fact that your team hasn’t even been to playoffs since 2002 is laughable….and amazing.

  5. General Manager Trent Baalke takes the long view, all right. As in it’s gonna be a long, long time before the Niners win again with Baalke continuing to make decisions.

  6. eagles1960 says:
    Mar 18, 2016 11:55 AM
    Players don’t like chippah. Djack and shady put the word out.


    So it must be true since these two are such reputable sources lol

  7. He just talked to talk. Kelly is great at just blabbering. There is absolutely nothing he said of value or that isnt absolutely obvious to everybody but the likes of York or Marathe. These guys truly dont know what is going on. This is NOT the same organization that DeBartolo ran . . . nepotism is dangerous.

    What was really here to report? The only thing that happened was Kelly opened up his mouth.

  8. “Chip Kelly declares himself OK with the 49ers easing into free agency”

    Unlike the Belly Flop he did last year?

  9. I think in Philly, Chip started believing his own hype and got a REALLY inflated ego over the whole thing. The prevailing thought in Philly was that the guy was a genius and he was the second coming of Bill Belichek.

    But from what I saw, most of his roster decisions were atrocious, and his play calling was predictable – I can’t tell you how many times I saw an opposing teams player say he kept calling the same plays – they knew what was coming.

    He rightfully deserved to be fired. Having said that, it doesn’t mean he can’t learn from his mistakes. He could still end up being the great coach many in Philly envisioned, but it really does go beyond GM duties. Only time will tell, but given the relatively weak coaching options that were out there this offseason, I can’t blame San Fran for taking a chance with the guy.

  10. Says the guy who personally backed the Brinks truck up to Byron Maxwell and DeMarco Murray’s homes last season

  11. This may be one of the rarest sights around – a man who actually learned from his mistakes. We’ll see if it sticks or if he’s just keeping his head down for the time being, but it certainly sounds like he learned some lessons from the LeSean/Maclin/DeMarco/Foles/Bradford fiasco.

  12. Prior to free agency every year, the “experts” report how spending big in free agency rarely translates to success yet as soon as free agency begins, those same “experts” are applauding the “winners” of free agency and trashing the “losers”.

  13. Ehsguy72

    Add lane Johnson to the list too. How about peters taking himself out of games last year. What does that tell you?

  14. blynch67 says:
    Mar 18, 2016 12:22 PM
    As a Giants fan, I miss the Chipper, lol.


    Why? He was 4-1 against you and dominated most of the the games. 5-1 if you include the last game Shurmer coached. The one time the Giants beat him, Matt Barkley played 3 quarters and the Giants squeezed out a one score victory. He shut them out 27-0 one year and then cam back the next year and won 27-7 at home. You should be glad he’s gone.

  15. Chip is just biding his time Ballke is on notice that unless the team gets drastically better and he improves the talent in the draft and further down the line in free agency he’s gonna be gone . Then who might get the personal power again Chip and we know how that went with the Eagles otherwise the Niners will hire some in house puppet to run the show or they’ll try and hire a big name or Exp GM who’ll want his own coach and then that will become a distraction and issue.

  16. 49ers haven’t said they want Kaepernick to be their starting quarterback at all. They’ve said (for public consumption at least) that they want him to return to the team if they can’t get a reasonable return for his services. That’s a long way from saying they want him to be their #1 QB. He would have to compete with Gabbert and whoever else might be on hand. Kap knows he isn’t going to beat out Blaine, unless Gabbert is injured, that’s why he wants out of town. They’ve been together 8 months of the year for the past two years, they know who is the best quarterback on the team, and so does Trent Baalke and his staff.

  17. A bad team does not get better by signing free agents. A bad team gets better by building through the draft, cutting useless salaries, and moving forward with a plan.

    Better to stand to the side while the free agent feeding frenzy goes on, save your cap dollars, cut dead weight and start rebuilding the roster that fell apart when Harbaugh was chased out of town.

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