Emmanuel Ogbah to visit Bears, Buccaneers


As we get closer to the draft, some of the biggest-name prospects will be invited to join us for a segment or so on PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio.

After visiting with former Cal quarterback Jared Goff during Super Bowl week, the process continued on Friday with a phone call from former Oklahoma State defensive end Emmanuel Ogbah.

He said the best advice he’s gotten is to know when to say no. Fortunately he didn’t say no giving us a few minutes of his time.

During those few minutes of his, Ogbah said he has visits lined up with the Bears and Buccaneers. To hear everything else he had to say, click the thing in the thing below.

8 responses to “Emmanuel Ogbah to visit Bears, Buccaneers

  1. How does that meaningless Week 16 win over Tampa Bay feel now, Chicago? Tampa gets to draft two spots ahead of the Bears. I really don’t understand why teams with losing records don’t tank more towards the end of the year. If my team is not going anywhere, I’d rather they finish 1-15 every time. Look at the Colts, they did it right and for Andrew Luck!

  2. You don’t tank wins for just another player. If he’s a bona fide can’t miss, then maybe. But how many of those are there?

    Tony Mandarich was going to be the premier LT for a decade.

    Cade McNown was the most NFL ready QB in his draft class.

    Tom Brady was a systems guy that last until the 6th round.

    Teams at the top of the draft in 1998 were debating: Manning or Leaf?

    So, no, you don’t lose a game hoping to get in better draft position for what is a total unknown.

    Google the last ten years of 1st round draft picks or even the top 10 in each 1st round. All superstars? Hardly!

  3. I’ve seen very mixed reviews about this guy. He definitely looks the part and had a great combine, but some wonder why all of those tools didn’t translate to more impact on the field. Opinions seem to vary quite a bit as to how much upside he really carries.

    Given those uncertainties, and how high both the Bucs and Bears are picking, I would hope they are looking at him for 2nd round consideration and not 1st.

  4. You mentioned meaningless wins! Does that mean your Bucs quit in week 16? I’d rather have 53 guys who play hard and fight their butts off every single week despite their record than having a bunch of quitters to cheer for just because of draft status. The Bucs draft two spots ahead… so freakin’ what! It depends on who you draft and how you draft that counts– best player available– draft smart. Colts drafted Andrew Luck and haven’t done jack squat– worry about those Bucs and less about the Bears.

  5. If you have guys committed to winning and they play hard even though “they’re going nowhere” then you know what you’re gonna get week in and week out. It’s not conditional, like Bennet, he was poutin that he wanted a new contract, so with those misses and drops, were they because he was not trying or unhappy? As a coach or teammate I want to know for sure that they were uncatchable.

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