Hue Jackson says Browns have a “process and a plan”


The Browns have absorbed plenty of criticism over the past week for letting four key players leave via free agency — and for not replacing them with key players from other teams. Through it all, the Browns have largely been quiet.

On Friday, Browns coach Hue Jackson defended the team’s approach in an interview with NFL Network conducted at the University of California Pro Day workout.

‘There’s a been a lot of things going on within our organization,” Jackson said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “I’m very proud of the direction and the things that we’re doing. You know, there’s a process and a plan to everything you do and sometimes people don’t understand but I’m OK with that because I know exactly where we’re headed and what we’re trying to do and what we’re trying to accomplish.”

His comments conflict with buzz from the players, who as one source recently told PFT were under the impression things would be different than they’d been in the recent past. The franchise has developed a bad habit of letting important contributors walk away. Before receiver Travis Benjamin, safety Tashaun Gipson, center Alex Mack, and tackle Mitchell Schwartz left, the Browns opted not to keep players like safety T.J. Ward, linebacker D’Qwell Jackson, and defensive lineman Jabaal Sheard and Ahtyba Rubin.

Still, what else is Jackson going to say? He has to project confidence as the Browns apparently embark on a full-blown rebuild, and he has to hope that owner Jimmy Haslam will show more patience in the near future than he has in four years of owning the team.

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  1. So if a bad team neglects to pay mediocre players as top free-agents, they are dumb. Got it. Teams that pay former Browns as the top players at their position are smart? It’s bizarro world!

  2. The only thing I don’t understand is the Mitchell Schwartz disaster. Why was he less valuable a week later? He earned the right to shop the offer the Browns gave him.

    The current regime has no idea of the hell we went through without a right tackle for all those years, even if Schwartz’s performance didn’t have much impact on wins and losses.

  3. the plan is to suck even worse than previous years. This takes a lot of planning and strategy. But they’re convinced they can accomplish the goal

  4. I’m just glad that it sounds like Jackson and the front office are on the same page. If I were a brand new head coach and the front office let half my starters walk during free agency without telling me, I’d be pretty pissed. But if he knew he was walking into a complete rebuild from day 1, then it shouldn’t be an issue.

  5. Hue had mentioned that he was going to mirror Marvin Lewis’ plan for the Bengals back in 2002, and its looking like that’s his plan.

    Marvin basically let the bulk of the veterans walk (except the O Line), kept some younger guys, and built things partially through free agency and mainly through the draft. He managed to get them to 8-8 right away, and 11-5 and a playoff berth in 3 years.

    While a lot of good players are walking, the Browns weren’t really winning anything with them anyway. Besides, when you have a franchise with a recent history of losing, players in the organization develop a “losing mentality”. Keep the young guys who haven’t been around to develop it, and bring in guys on the outside.

    The real question that was posed in the article is whether Haslam is willing to wait for things to get turned around. Lets face it, the Browns need to rebuild – as a few roster tweaks and a good draft isn’t going to get the team to where they need to be. If he realizes this, and give Hue the slack Mike Brown gave Marvin Lewis, then things might change. However, if Haslam once again proves that he can’t go more than 2 years without firing his coach then the Browns will be stuck where they are now for the foreseeable future.

  6. I think there are some common things that all consistently good teams do. One of them is to keep your homegrown talent. As far as they are under the cap, the Browns should have been able to keep Benjamin and Mack.

  7. ajigel, this is a comment board and a PFT board at that. Don’t you know you’re not supposed to offer an intelligent, well thought out, well written position? This is the place for unnamed sources, outsiders guessing and making assumptions, rumors, innuendo and making snarky comments. Geez, get with the program.

  8. Oh no!! The coaches comments conflict with the buzz from the players!!! What?! How about… the only buzz the players should be having is I better perform or I won’t have a job playing a sport that pays me more money than any other job I could ever imagine having.

    How about that buzz????

  9. I really like Jackson, and hate that the Panthers passed on him as an OC a few years ago. I really hope that Haslam gives him the 3 years that it really takes to draft “your guys” and not just blow them up after a season or two. That and keep out of the draft room, I mean two 1st round picks and you get Jonny Football?

  10. I kind of like the “clean house” or “tank” strategy but the new regime is assuming their first draft will be a good one. Assuming the same growing pains rookies and first year coaches have then this FO will have some growing pains too.

    So this already bad roster just lost a lot of it’s best starters, has a new FO, a new coaching staff and will be using new schemes this year. If you add the fact they have a below average QB then the Browns are facing a possible winless season.

  11. “The only thing I don’t understand is the Mitchell Schwartz disaster. Why was he less valuable a week later? He earned the right to shop the offer the Browns gave him.”


    The Browns put $7.5 mil/yr on the table a few days before free agency started but Schwartz’s agent rejected it and thought they could do better. The highest bid came in at $6.6 from KC, then the weasel agent came back to the Browns but they had pulled the offer. The Browns offered the most but the greedy agent screwed his client.

  12. The Philadelphia 76ers have been claiming they have “a process and a plan” for years now. The plan includes historic amounts of losses.

  13. Clean house, and get rid off the players that overvalued their worth. Let’s not forget the players were the ones out there on the field. If a Browns player is confused what they are doing, then maybe that player is getting nervous about getting the ax.

  14. I hope Hue doesn’t invest in a home in Cleveland, he won’t be around long enough to unpack. Haslam…..Cleveland…….a plan…..a process……yeah right!

  15. It’s never wise to talk about this stuff *before* winning any games.

    Just shut up, put your plan into place, and see if it works. If it does, THEN people will want to hear you talk about it.

    Until then? Not so much.

  16. Until they get that train back on the tracks it will remain a wreck sitting beside the tracks. Good luck if for nothing else than the fans….

  17. bluecat013 says:

    ajigel, this is a comment board and a PFT board at that. Don’t you know you’re not supposed to offer an intelligent, well thought out, well written position? This is the place for unnamed sources, outsiders guessing and making assumptions, rumors, innuendo and making snarky comments. Geez, get with the program.
    Right, and don’t forget to bash the “moneyball” guy in the front office. Metrics? We don’t need no stinkin metric’s!

  18. Why would you draft a young QB with your #2 when your line is now in a shambles and you have needs everywhere you look? So you draft a QB, start him and he gets destroyed this season? Or you draft him, sit him and waste your first pick on no help this season when you have needs everywhere you look? Draft an impact player who can help you immediately and get a developmental QB in the mid rounds.. Cardale Jones is going to be a steal in the third or fourth round.. A #2 gets you the best Edge Rusher, LB, WR, DB or Guard in the draft..

  19. Jackson was the top coaching candidate. I doubt he would have gone to the Browns if he didn’t think he would be given time to build a team.

    Are there any QBs that might become available in the 2017 draft that are better than the 2016 class?

    A suck for X campaign in 2016?

  20. Hue is both credible and committed. The draft should provide a picture of how “the plan” and “the process” are evolving.

  21. @steamingpilerex, we shall all promise to write short posts and use single syllable words so we don’t tax your attention span and you will understand everything. Sorry, I mean “we will not write too many big words.”

  22. bluecat013 says:
    Mar 18, 2016 5:03 PM
    ajigel, this is a comment board and a PFT board at that. Don’t you know you’re not supposed to offer an intelligent, well thought out, well written position? This is the place for unnamed sources, outsiders guessing and making assumptions, rumors, innuendo and making snarky comments. Geez, get with the program.
    Yeah, I did blab on, so in the spirit of the board, I’ll offer this:

    LOLZ, browns suk, BWAHAHAH!

  23. Jackson gets praise for his work as a coordinator, not as a head coach. He gets power drunk as a head coach, and misspeaks to the media. The Browns seem to be aware of this, and have kept him on a shorter leash with the media.

  24. While I’d hoped to retain Schwartz, I like the fact that Sashi pulled the offer. How a GM conducts business changes the way agents conduct business with him. For a rookie GM to make clear that offers don’t stay on the table indefinitely, and that failure to accept a generous offer in a timely fashion can cost an agent’s client millions… that’s a pretty smart message to send. Beyond that, Pasztor played well last year and could slide to tackle, and Bailey/Bowie are good insurance. I’m more concerned with Center based on Erving’s rookie yr, but we could draft or use Greco in a pinch. As for Hue’s message conflicting with “buzz” from players…. So what? Are you implying the FO should be seeking organizational advice from Josh Gordon on Twitter? Get serious. Pull fire alarms and point fingers all you want, but that’s just baiting controversy for the sake of the story. Your Fortunte 500 isn’t in disarray because the concierge didn’t get wind of the merger. That’s above his pay grade… or below it, in NFL terms.

  25. The plan is to go after Carson Palmer for two firsts and a second. And it’ll be the greatest trade in the NFL.
    Just ask Hue

  26. All you trolls have no idea how this will end up, and neither do I. The ‘process’ the Browns have been using since 1999 has been a disaster. Why should they stick with it and expect different results?

    Go Browns!

  27. The Browns are refusing to reveal their process and their plan in order to prevent other teams from copying them. ‘Cause you know that the whole league is hanging on their every move.

  28. They guys in Cleveland have hit bottom and what is the point of a)overpaying veterans that didn’t help you win or b)waaaay overpaying for free agents that want a hazard pay premium to come to Cleveland over other places. They are saving their money and collecting draft picks for younger players that are the future. Sounds like a good strategy that will pay off in 3-4 years times. What was Jimmy Johnson’s record in his first two seasons in Dallas; 8-24.

  29. Apparently Coach Jackson hasn’t been in Cleveland long enough to drink the water. Once he gets acclimated to the water and other environmental effects he will succumb like the rest of the Cleveland Owners, Management Coaches and Players. Art Model knew it and acted accordingly.

  30. Um, Hue, apparently you’re new around here. This is the same rhetoric that’s been spewed from this Organization since they came back into the league. It’s just your turn to collect the paychecks.

  31. Is there 2 Ahtyba Rubin in the NFL? There is one that played for the Sea Hogs last season. Is there another one on the Browns? By releasing Johnny Football, they have no choice but to draft a quarterback in the first round.

  32. The Browns new plan:

    1. Let all decent players leave via free agency or waivers. Especially offensive linemen. (CHECK)

    2. Sign no free agents whatsoever to insure a completely lost 2016 season. (CHECK)

    3. Be sure to have an injury prone, journeyman quarterback in place to tutor the next franchise quarterback who will then be thrown to the wolves by Week 3. This is to ensure that the rookies confidence is completely destroyed by the start of his second season. (CHECK)

    4. Have virtually no talent at the skill positions on hand to be sure all opponents will not have to over-exert themselves too much. (CHECK)

    5. Continue to consult the homeless community for draft advice. (CHECK)

    In other words, the Browns have a plan in place to simply keep doing what they have been doing… except for spending even less money than ever before.

  33. Whats that process? Let all of your best players leave during free agency including your QB? Hue Jackson is not the answer and neither is Moneyball.

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