Jared Goff gets praise for Pro Day, like most quarterbacks who have ever had one


Nine years ago, JaMarcus Russell received widespread praise for his Pro Day workout. Two years ago, Johnny Manziel did the same.

While that doesn’t mean every quarterback who has a great Pro Day workout will fail, it means that there’s precious little correlation between Pro Days and Sundays.

It’s important to keep that in mind when assessing the superlatives for this year’s crop of Pro Day quarterback workouts, including Friday’s effort from Cal quarterback Jared Goff.

The real news arising from Friday is that Goff’s hands somehow measured at 9-1/8 inch — a full 1/8th of an inch bigger than in February.

Maybe Goff has been going to a masseuse. Maybe Goff clipped that stubborn flap of skin between index finger and thumb. Maybe Goff has been drinking Trump water and/or eating Trump steaks.

Regardless, one of the reddest flags about Goff is a little less red. And his Pro Day workout is a non-issue.

Even if it had gone poorly, that possibly would have been good news. After all, potential franchise quarterback Teddy Bridgewater had an average at best Pro Day workout in 2014.

20 responses to “Jared Goff gets praise for Pro Day, like most quarterbacks who have ever had one

  1. If you take Wentz or Lynch over this kid you’ll regret it for 10 years.

    Don’t make the Alex Smith / Aaron Rodgers mistake again.

  2. Teddy Bridgewater is not a potential franchise quarterback.

    Unless, of course, that franchise is the Minnesota Vikings, who will blindly grasp at any straw to end their unparalleled 55-years-with-no-end-in-sight streak of trophyless seasons.

  3. If you really believe what you write, why do the athletes and the NFL teams continue them at a significant pace? I guess you wouldn’t waste the money. And, yea, dump the dump Trump comments here; it is football.

  4. There are about a dozen QBs every year who can cut it in the NFL Maybe 5 of them are drafted, and 5 others that can’t make it. The ones that can play are usually drummed out of the league. There’s not much use in drafting them high, they’re either scared or they’re not.

  5. He is not Aaron Rodgers… stop saying that crap. Rodgers beat teams of value. Who has Goff beaten of value in his career? Goff is Tim Couch down to the same gimmick offense that has rolled out Weeden, Manziel, Geno Smith, and Bradford. I would think Cleveland would learn after taking 3 air raid qbs that they do not translate to the next level.

    If the 49ers make the mistake of taking him they will have another 10 years of insignificance.

  6. Small hands are a big negative when you have some 300+ pound lineman chasing you down on a cold wintry day. If his hands are a nine he ain’t worth a dime.

  7. How many conservatives does it take to screw in a light bulb? Natureboy123 wouldn’t be able to figure it out because he got electocuted sticking his johnson in the socket after he pulled it out of J. Donald D.F. Trump’s back pocket.

  8. Hey Jared – Johnny Manziel here, just thought I’d take you around to all the BEST spots in Cleveland…kind of a “look & see how stoned & drunk we can be” kinda thing…

  9. Goff is going to be a great NFL QB. He might only be the 4th best QB coming out this year. That tells you a little about how good this class is. I think it’s better than the 1983 class.

  10. These are a joke. Serious after all these years this is how a qb is measured for the most part.

    The NFL has thought about changing something’s at the combine that would enable for them to get better ideas how come they have never thought it implemented this:

    Why don’t they make this as real as it can. Hire players who have a background in the game but not current players or ex college guys that are not affiliated with an NFL team for injury reasons and maybe pay them a little after they sign a waiver dismissing liability.

    Do seven on seven or 11 on 11 drills by calling plays and see the QB simulate a game atmosphere with a hand in the air or face, a rush or hurry and see him scramble and make the play that they are calling on the sheet. Run about 30-40 of these and measure how well he did.with their reads, audibles, scrambling to make a play something that gives scouts and personnel people a true idea of what they may really be look like. Don’t half speed this make this as close as possible.

    Would this not give all a better idea on what they might need to work on or where they should be drafted.

    This could also be done with skill and other position players. We could have a huge difference on what these players are really worth and where they should be drafted.

    This dog and pony show every year is bogus. I am no genius but what they do now is piss poor and can’t believe it has gone on as long as it has.

    Combine stuff too- 40 yard dash; are we playing on a 40 yard field, bench press? I mean some of these measurables I can see for O lineman or
    D linemen pushing off players but LB can do Oklahomas and why don’t we put CB’s on a receiver and see how they play press, zone, bump and run, off and then maybe these simulators gauge in a more define way. Rather then explaining this for each position I think most get my point. Hell punters or PK can kick long field goals under pressure and so on. Cmon lets get with the times and stop having bad drafts and inviting only a handful of players to these events. If you look at each teams roster which I have there has to be 10-20% of their rosters from undrafted players primarily due to not being invited to a post season event.
    Most of us can stand back and throw a lot of these passes and probably hit 75% of them to a receiver. I keep hearing what can they do when it comes to crunch time so outside of the games they have played in college give them some more crunch time.

  11. “No lib can resist a shot at Trump, even in a football story”

    My 6 year old nephew could take a shot at Trump and he doesn’t even know what a lib is. Lol

  12. A little further down the list is what may be a real sleeper. I’m thinking about Chris Hackenberg. The kid has something, keep an eye on him….

  13. Can’t read into these prodays one way or another. You have to see it for what it is; they are throwing from a script, to familiar recievers, and have no defensive mastermind trying to disrupt their timing. It is usually a far better chance that a good or bad one of these workouts will mean nothing than it actually being telling.

  14. QBs seem to go through an annual hype machine. Early second rounders become can’t miss franchise QBs in the period between December to April.

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