Mike Maccagnan says Jets hope to get Ryan Fitzpatrick under contract


Nine days into free agency, Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick remains a free agent. Jets G.M. Mike Maccagnan hopes it doesn’t stay that way.

“He’s a very good fit for us,” Maccagnan told reporters on Friday. “Our goal is to eventually get him under contract.”

The Jets reportedly are offering Fitzpatrick “backup money.” Fitzpatrick reportedly wants a lot more. Maccagnan essentially confirmed that on Friday.

“At some point in time hopefully we can find a middle ground we’re both happy with,” Fitzpatrick said.

If the recent visit with free-agent quarterback Robert Griffin III was aimed at putting pressure on Fitzpatrick, Maccagnan squandered any leverage on Friday.

“It was more to do our due diligence,” Maccagnan said of the Griffin visit. “He was a player we looked at but our focus is to get something done with Ryan.”

No one else is currently pursuing Fitzpatrick, primarily because teams are waiting to see what happens with Colin Kaepernick. If/when the Kaepernick logjam ends (and if he’s not traded to the Jets), a quick market for Fitzpatrick could emerge.

22 responses to “Mike Maccagnan says Jets hope to get Ryan Fitzpatrick under contract

  1. I can understand not want to invest tier one money into Fitzpatrick, but letting him walk doesn’t seem too smart. If you plan on going another route instead, you’re going to end up with second year QB Bryce Petty, completely wasted pick Geno Smith, or mentally-broken project Colin Kaepernick.

    Just get the deal done.

  2. I heard Sanchez is willing to go back to NY.. so Elway is about to offer Mark Sanchez & Russell Okung + a Ham Sandwich if the Jets will do a sign & trade for Fitzi?

  3. .
    The Jets position :

    ” We fully expect you to start all 16 games, all the while making backup money. ”

  4. Did you happen to watch the 16th game of last season?

    The Jets would have qualified for the playoffs with a win over a mediocre Buffalo Bills team.

    Fitz killed them by throwing three (3) 4th quarter Picks.

    He had his career season for sure, but he regressed to his mean in the last game. I think he also killed a few hundred long suffering Jets fans in that game.

    He should take the $7M .

  5. Mac is at least doubling what he made last year and anyone who knows Fitz’s history(see the season ender in Buffalo) should assume he’s not worth more than back up money. Setting team records with Marshall and Decker doesn’t grant you 18M plus. He had DHop last year and the Texans were glad to trade him. Chan Gailey makes him a better QB and the moving parts around him do even more. If my team is going to lose, I’d rather do it with Petty so he can get his feet wet after sitting for a year. Tell Fitz he can go pound sand!!

  6. Sexton &/ or Fitz seriously misjudged his market value. Macc has played this perfectly. Elway, who knows a thing or two about QBs would rather trade for Sanchez than overpay Fritz. The other 30 teams have shown zero interest. Fitz is what he is, a backup. His only value is to the Jets. Fitz has neither skill, talent, pedigree or age of Bradford cousins or Brock, even Kap & RGIII have more value. Fitz has been in league 12 yrs, every team knows what he is. Jets would be crazy to overpay for Fitz. This is a “new” regime, Macc & Bowles are not Rex & Idzik or Tanny. Just take a look at Phins. Again, Fitz’s only value is to the Jets & that’s for the sake of continuity. Jets still looking for their franchise QB. Fitz is not even close to being that. He’s a decent backup, who’s never made the playoffs & had 1 winning season. Please. Let’s all just relax. Macc got this.

  7. Would rather have Geno vs RGIII in Chan’s system than overpay for Fitz. He is what he is. So… Please.

  8. What is so difficult for the Jets here? The bar has already been set for qb salaries this free agency. The Broncos offered a 7 game, yeah, not 7 year, but a 7 game veteran 16 mill per….then the Texans signed him for…..wait for it, LOL…..18 mill per year based on his mediocre at best 7 game career. Then, the Eagles signed Bradford, a veteran qb who has never been any better at his craft than Cassel, Ponder, Hoyer,Hasselbeck, Mckown, Weeden,etc…you get the picture, to a 19 mill per salary. If anything about these overinflated contracts should say, it is that a proven veteran qb, who threw for 30 td’s last year, is at least worth equal money. Do I believe Fitz deserves that? No way. Should the other two I mention earn that amount COMBINED next season…no friggin’ way!

  9. “Chan Gailey makes him a better QB”
    Now that’s a first. NEVER thought anybody would make that claim.

  10. With Denver, Cleveland and a likely dark horse in on the bidding, the cap hell Jets will still be without leverage in this whole ordeal.

    Elway is in serious trouble, as are the Jets.

    A GM without leverage is a failed GM in the cap era.

  11. The Jets are so arrogant. They never think there is a cap or that they have to budget, use proper salary allocation based on the position/the market itself, and draft or develop.

    Top 3 bottom franchise in this area.

    Every time they take 1 step forward, it’s immediately two 2 stupid steps back.

    It’s fantastic for Pats fans and others in the AFC.

    The blueprint has been right up the road in Foxborough and they just go screaming in the opposite direction.

  12. i hope they get fitz under contract. 15 mil would be too much. geno would be difficult. i have no problem with waiting for petty to develop, even if geno starts for a while

  13. Just because these other teams have idiots for GM’s who overpay rookie QB’s or guys with no real track record doesn’t mean the Jets / Mike M. have to do the same. It’s called being fiscally responsible and thank God the Jets have a guy like Mike M. who totally gets it.

    This is 100% staring contest between MM and Fitz agent. MM is holding the winning cards, and the sooner Fitz agent realizes this the sooner this gets resolved.

    What the agent isnt thinking about is Mike M. contacting TB to discuss trade for M. Glennon, or possibly moving up in the draft to nab a new QB in Round 1.

  14. steamingpilerex says:

    The bottom line is this : If he hadn’t CHOKED against the Bills when they had to have it – a new contract would never have been a issue !
    This has been the pattern most of his starting career. Ask any Bills fan.

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