Tray Walker has died from injuries suffered in Thursday crash

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Ravens cornerback Tray Walker has passed away from injuries suffered in a Thursday night accident.

Walker’s agent, Ron Butler, shared the news of his passing late Friday afternoon.

Walker, 23, was in what’s believed to be a dirt bike crash Thursday night in Miami, where he played high school football.

He was a fourth-round pick last season out of Texas Southern who played in eight games in his rookie season.

218 responses to “Tray Walker has died from injuries suffered in Thursday crash

  1. Any life extinguished that early is a tragedy, especially when you’re just scratching the surface of living your dream.

    Rest in Peace Tray.

  2. Sad but sadly this was preventable. Let his death be a lesson to all so that something positive could come out of this terrible situation. Thoughts are with his family.

  3. Prayers for his family, friends, and teammates. Rest easy Raven nation, the only color that makes a difference today is black.

  4. Complete Tragedy RIP Tray Walker. Thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. So sad stay strong!

  5. No Ravens fan here but that doesn’t mean a thing when it comes to this …very sad and tragic
    Prayers to family and fans 🙁

  6. A devastating reminder of the fragility of life. Young man with a bright future gone in a flash. Heartbreaking.

  7. Condolences to his family, friends and team mates.

    Those that are down voting condolences are truly sorry examples of humanity

  8. I’m trying to figure out why anybody would give a thumbs down to people wishing thoughts and prayers. That seems kind of sick

  9. Suggestion for PFT. …
    For threads like this about a death..
    Enable showing the handle of people who vote on comments.
    Se we can see who the JACK WAGONS are who thumbs down tboughts, condolences, prayers and every other decent thing…

  10. Unbelievably sad. Each and every day we have is precious and cannot be taken for granted.

    Furthermore, I hope that whomever was with him clarifies the situation to the authorities and/or his family. Regardless of the circumstances, his family deserves closure.

  11. Rest in Peace Tray…..Condolences from Patriots Nation and all NFL fans. You will be missed.

  12. Dam. Putting a thumbs down on those offering condolences is pathetic. Not funny. Lack of class. Grow up, or keep your negativity to yourself

  13. Rjm – Patriot fans no doubt. Read some of their class posts in the story on John Harbaugh writing his team a letter.

  14. The trolls that thumbs down are the true low lifes of society………………………….

  15. My wife and I just pulled up to a tiki bar in Key Largo on our bikes.

    I pull out my phone and this is what I see..

    My condolences to his friends and family.

    So young. Sad

  16. So very sad.

    I remember how I felt as a Bronco fan when Darrent Williams was tragically killed.

    Heart goes out to his family, the Ravens organization and Raven fans.

    R I P

  17. It’s tough to lose someone but when they’re this young it’s devastating. My thoughts and prayers to the young man’s family, friends, team mates and coaches.

  18. Suggestion for PFT. …
    For threads like this about a death..
    Enable showing the handle of people who vote on comments.
    Se we can see who the JACK WAGONS are who thumbs down tboughts, condolences, prayers and every other decent thing…

    Excellent idea. Permanent ban for the site as well.

  19. Really sad reading this news. 23 his whole life ahead of him. Who are people thumbs downing condolences posts. Give your heads a shake and become human again.

  20. Motorcycles are just too unsafe these days with everyone and their grandma texting away while driving, looking down instead of up. How many drunks do you see on the road swerving around and then you pass them and it’s just some idiot on their phone? I would say kid on their phone but I have been seeing more and more older people doing it.

    I am aware this was a dirt bike but I have seen no details of the crash yet. Was there another driver involved?

    RIP young man and some would say that saying anything more is innappropriate. However, I hope it wasn’t for nothing and some of you youngsters learn from it.

    Motorcycles are like base jumping these days. Just a little too crazy for me with all the terrible drivers around.

    Condolences to his family.

  21. Very sad, everything he worked for his whole life finally coming to fruition. RIP

  22. Very sad, everything he worked for his whole life finally coming to fruition. RIP

  23. iammrbinky
    Mar 18, 2016, 6:31 PM EDT
    Rjm – Patriot fans no doubt. Read some of their class posts in the story on John Harbaugh writing his team a letter.

    First of all my condolences to his family, friends and loved ones. Losing someone at such a young age is absolutely devastating. The only good thing I can think of throughout this entire tragedy is that Walker was able to live out his dream of playing in the NFL. Not all of us will be fortunate enough to do that.

    As for the post above, it was ONE Pats fan, tylawpick6, that made a derogatory comment about Harbaugh’s letter so don’t for one second lump all of us into that category. I looked at every post and he was the only Pats fan on there making comments like that. Like every fan base in football, there are idiots who have no idea when to make certain comments and when to just keep their mouths shut. But please don’t write Patriots “fans” as if it were a whole bunch of people making stupid comments. It was just one idiot that definitely doesn’t speak for me or most Pats fans.

  24. Reports are saying he was riding the dirt bike without a helmet, with no headlight(s), and in the dark. He collided with a Ford Escape.

    If this is true, it makes what happened even more horrible. You have to wonder why he would do such a thing. He paid the ultimate price for it and now his loved ones are the ones who are suffering.

    Thank Goodness he didn’t take anyone else’s life.

  25. Very curious why people are disliking comments referencing #RIP to Tray Walker…are y’all anti-religious? Its really uncalled for.

  26. We all have fun on here with comments about other teams but that is the extent of it.

    A family has lost a son. Prayers for the entire family in a difficult time!

    Steeler fan.

  27. Could PFT disallow “thumbs downs” on their site. This is getting ridiculous. PFT (as well as the posters who do this nonsense) should be better than this.

  28. Tragic and heartbreaking. I cannot imagine the pain his parents and loved ones are going through. If I lost my Son, I don’t know what I’d do.

    Condolences from a Bengal fan.

  29. WOW people who are thumbing down posts from people who are sharing there condolensces really need to get off their high horse. A young man lost his life! NOW is NOT the time to judge him.

  30. What kind of morons are on this site? Anyone thumbing down a message of condolence should have there ISP blocked PERMANENTLY!! Unfreakinbelievable

  31. This goes beyond if you’re a Raven’s fan this is a human life the most precious thing in the world. If you are giving thumbs down to this post you can’t be happy with yourself. You should be ashamed and you need prayer as well as the family and friends of Tray Walker… R. I. P. And my condolences to family friends and teammates

  32. Sad news.

    A lot of my friends here in the UK are Ravens fans. My sincere condolences to his family. Your loss is all of our loss, Ravens fans.

    Rest in peace, Tray.

  33. How very sad. RIP Tray.

    I hope you 15 year old snot-faced children don’t lose someone close to you. You will then understand how totally and completely stupid you are and that the whole world sees you that way. Nothing funny about a young, tragic death.

  34. Sux. RIP.

    (And those who gave a thumbs down for RIP posts ought to be RIP since you clearly have no lives.)

  35. What’s truly frightening about all these idiots down thumbing these heartfelt posts is that their children are the kids out there cyber bulling other kids. Forums like this let all the POS people in our world be tough guys behind their keyboards and pansies in the real world. That said RIP Tray.

  36. Sincerest sympathy and condolences from this Steeler fan to his family and Raven Nation. Just awful news, sad.

  37. 1smoothoperator says:
    Mar 18, 2016 6:16 PM
    Very sad story. Prayers to his family. RIP!

    146 19
    Report comment

    Who are the nimrods that “thumbs down” this stuff? Have some perspective people.

  38. My prayers go out to his family, I can’t imagine the pain of losing a son so young. RIP Tray, you’re playing up there with the greats now.

  39. Today, there are no rivalries. We are on the same team. Regardless of region or loyalty, we all feel for your loss, Ravens fans.

    My heart goes out to his family and to the unfortunate drive of the Escape who will carry this burden for the rest of her life. Sadly, there are no winners here. A sad day for all.

  40. Truly heartbreaking. I remember reading last year, when he was drafted, that his father had passed away recently and he dedicated his first season to his memory. And from that moment I rooted for him. I’m just shocked and I can’t imagine what his family must be going through right now. May he rest in peace.

  41. Anyone notice lots of class coming from the black & gold – Ravens fiercest rival but showing their TRUE colors in a time of tragedy Hats off to you Steelers fans for the dignity!

  42. That headline hurt. I lost a friend to a motorcycle accident last year. He had finally gotten his dream job as a motorcycle mechanic. He always wore his helmet and a nice one that he took inside everywhere he went. He just lost it in a freak thing and wiped into a truck in the other lane on his way to work.

  43. Sad to hear. Would be nice to see Amari win a Lombardi and dedicate this season to his high school team mate.

    I didn’t suggest Bridgewater because that wouldn’t be fair to him.

  44. That really sucks. Sympathies Raven Nation from this Steeler fan.

    Mr Walker, may you pass those pearly gates with blazing speed and spend eternity with legendary coverage skills.

  45. This stuff happens.
    TONY STEWART from NASCAR got messed up on an off road deal and is missing races. This man died.
    Don’t just jump on something and say “I can do this”.
    Machine will always beat Man, when a man without proper training pushes Machine to it limits or is not really experienced.
    Every year people die when a jet skier gets out on the water and SLAMS into a boat while either not paying attention or just doesn’t know that their are no brakes.
    I wish his family God’s comfort.

  46. My condolences to his loved ones!

    This young man was doing something he enjoyed; only that doesn’t make it any easier for family and friends and my heart goes out to them.

    Today we’re not Steelers or Ravens fans or whatever team you claim… please show respect in this thread for those this young man left behind.


  47. I think the thumbs down crowd is a competing website trying to make this place look bad. Either that or there are way more (specific kinds of) losers in life than I once believed.

    RIP: Forever 23

  48. My condolences Raven Nation, from an Eagles fan. Remember folks, tomorrow’s not promised tell someone that you love you been thinking about them, or hug your kids extra tight let them know that you love them.

  49. It really really sucks that this happened…

    Just curious; why do people insist on putting the team they are a fan of? Are we supposed to be impressed that a whatever team fan would feel bad for a player on another team? Or do they think they represent their teams’ players or fan base or something? Weird…

  50. today we put aside our personal rooting interests. Sad day for Baltimore and football as a whole. Praying for his family.

  51. A reminder that the players on the other teams, even the ones you hate, are human beings. We’re all guilty of being jerks about this, but perhaps a little perspective is in order.RIP, man. Prayers for you and your family.

  52. To the Raven Nation from a Bengals fan. I wish you condolences with a heavy heart. It brings back memories of the day we lost Chris Henry.

  53. Getting caught up in the downvotes is like yelling at a retarded kid for picking his nose at the table… He’s just gonna giggle and flick it at you. Ignore it

  54. Sad to see such a young kid go, I hate to read articles about this.

    Now about these morons thumbing down these posts, honestly I’m not surprised. This is how the world is now especially in the states and it’s pathetic. Everybody cares about themselves makes me sick to my stomach. This is what happens when parents to spank their kids, or even discipline their kids. I served two deployments overseas in the Marines and I understand how it goes to lose somebody that young and I have a better appreciation for life, but kids these days have no clue what life means at all. It’s mommy buy me this or daddy this kid was being mean to me. Sorry for the rant but I hate these kids in this generation. When I was I kid and I had a problem with another kid my dad told me to go handle it like a man, sure I got my ass kicked a couple of times but I sure did learn a lesson.

  55. Sterelers nation morns with you Ravens fans there is no room for hatred at a time like this.Condolences to his family.

  56. The thumbs down is so depressing, now we know some of those among us are so sick, just full of hate. Rip Tray, we never know what life holds for us. May your memory live on and on.

    To his family I’m sure the majority of PFT feel so very sorry for your loss in this tragic occurrence, may the following days be one of reflection and love for Tray from all of your family and friends. Peace and blessings be with Tray forever.

  57. Tragic. RIP to the young man and condolescense to the family.


  58. Sometimes I miss life before the internet more than others. People used to have the class to allow people to grieve. And be more aware they don’t always have to share, or even form, an opinion.

    Prayers and empathy for Mr. Walker’s family and friends.

  59. Initial reporting this morning indicate they were looking for a Patriots player as a witness – whatever happened to that, there was no follow up.

  60. RIP Mr. Walker and condolences to his friends and loved ones. Such a tragedy.

    Also, calling out the trolls who have nothing better to do than thumbs-down condolences…..Pathetic.

  61. Sincere condolences from the WHO DAT Nation to Tray Walker’s family, friends, team mates and the Ravens fans! This a terrible tragedy and a life full of potential snuffed out way too soon. Prayers for peace and comfort.

  62. jmb82 says:
    Mar 18, 2016 6:18 PM
    Prayers for his family, friends, and teammates. Rest easy Raven nation, the only color that makes a difference today is black.


    To the idiots who are down voting this jmb82’s post. BLACK is the symbol for TRAGEDY. google it morons! you will find a black ribbon. it is the ribbon for death. RIP so sad when young people die. all that potential…

  63. No reports on whether the kid was wearing a helmet or not. Just 23 years-old. Rest-in-Peace.

  64. Heart Felt condolences to his family, friends, teammates, the entire Ravens team and their fan base. Words are never good enough to help with your loss and for that reason all I can say is I’m sorry.

  65. I feel bad for the guy who died along with his family and friends.

    I’m 56. I’ve had a number of close calls over the years involving motorcycles. Usually they happen just after sunset or when you’re looking into the setting sun when you’re waiting to turn left.

  66. What’s pathetic is that some people’s lives are so negatively affected by their online posts getting a handful of thumbs down.

    It’s Friday night, people. Go have a beer with some friends.

  67. Very sad. Heart goes out the family and friends.

    Now, why are there thumbs down on all of the positive comments? Don’t tell me it’s because of a rivalry. That would be way to immature.

  68. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and loved ones. But as some have pointed out earlier; in this forum and elsewhere, this was totally avoidable. I’m a libertarian and believe that adults should be free to make decisions that don’t adversely effect others. I live in TX and see NUMEROUS folks riding w/o helmets, which is their right. Helmets and seatbelts save lives and SHOULD always be used. Just because a person CAN do something, doesn’t mean they should. While a decision may not effect me or mine, it can effect their families and loved ones. Fortunately, Ben Roethlisberger walked away from his motorcycle accident w/o a helmet but Tray Walker wasn’t as fortunate. Nonetheless, I am praying for Walker and his family.

  69. It’s obvious that all the thumbs down are from people with fat thumbs who actually meant to hit the thumbs up button. My fat thumbs are guilty of this. If a person has so much hate within them to push the thumbs down button over a simple Rest in Peace comment, then you really should get a clue, or have somebody explain life to you. We as fans of football should pray or do whatever you do to show respect to this young man’s family. They’re should NOT be this much hate.

  70. Very dsad. Rest in peace.

    P.S. I hope this isn’t a distraction but I’m hoping some of those thumbs down were just fat finger mistakes on phones…no normal person would do that intentionally.

  71. All you people putting a thumbs down on these RIP posts should stop hiding behind your keyboards in your mom’s basement a take a trip to the Ravens locker room and tell all the fellow players what you did. Let’s see how that goes. And I’m a steelers fan.

  72. Very sad. This brings me back to the tragic story of the late great Jerome Brown. Rest in peace.

  73. Props to fans of all teams posting here who get it.

    But remember, each person voting thumb down has the same vote as each of everyone else. And we wonder why our government stinks.

  74. This is very sad. I hope his family can be at peace. I hope the NFL will let the Ravens honor him next season if they request it.

  75. I don’t exactly like the Ravens… but hate to see this kind of news. RIP and condolences to his family and teammates.

    As for the thumbs downs….stop drawing attention to them and they will stop. Whine about them more and you’ll get more. Welcome to the world of anonymous internet message boards. 🙂

  76. Sorry to hear that. RIP.

    And the people thumbing down posts are just doing it to bother you, because you keep complaining about it.

    If your “score” isn’t 126-0, who cares? Condolence messages aren’t supposed to be an ego trip.

  77. May he RIP. A tragic death indeed. Some would say foolish due to the circumstances. Not me. He was doing something he enjoyed and bad things occurred. It happens. Better to go out having fun than live a life within a protective bubble too afraid to take the slightest risk.

  78. Ultimately, there is one team: humans.

    You’re either with us, or you’re thumbing down sincere
    condolences just because you think your team allegiances or your religious beliefs trump actual human emotion. Well, they don’t, and if this is you then you need to reconsider your own humanity but I won’t hold my breath.

    RIP Tray Walker, regardless of team colors

  79. Rip, so young.

    I also dont know why people are putting what fan base they are from. Losing a life is more important then letting us know what team
    U cheer for.

  80. I like the fat thumbs idea and I have also been guilty of this a few times. But I’m thinking it’s much more likely the 16 year olds and under.

    No concept of life or death yet, no consequences for any of their horrible actions on the internet. They think it’s funny and Snicker when they upset people. They cheat/hack in online video games to make people mad because they have no skill and would otherwise be completely unnoticed.

    They are nothing more than trolls and life is going to kick their butt at some point do not worry about that. That’s what life does if you live long enough. Older people know that and have lost many others around them already.

    All I can do about it is make dang sure that my young son doesn’t end up like that himself. I agree with the poster above me that thinks that the PC World around us and lack of discipline has a lot to do with this issue.

  81. There is really no need anymore for a thumbs up or thumbs down on the web site comments section.

  82. dimi1919 is absolutely spot on! ALL those social parasites living in mommy & daddy’s basement are just simple minded trolls – one day they’ll get they’re comeuppance!

  83. My condolences to Tray Walker’s family, and friends, extended as well! Very Sad…I did not want to hear this outcome! P.S. – People…Ignore these idiots thumb downs, this is about the deceased. 🙁

  84. Sympathies to Tray’s family, loved ones, and to Raven Nation. This is so sad, may God bless you all.

    Pat’s fan.

  85. Condolences to Ravens and/or Walker fans that post on PFT and read the comments.

    To those bitching about the thumbs up/thumbs down know that it only shows how shallow you are to care about the thumbs on a post.

    WHO CARES! Get over it, this man lost his life way too young. That’s all that matters. Not whether or not your disgusted about someone else opinion of a post on a message board. Get over yourself.

  86. Condolences to the family. Glad PFT finally manned up and hid the negative thumbs downs from the family. The only way PFT could do better would be to make it so you could hover over the thumb down to see who voted, and over the thumbs up if interested.

  87. ……too young and talented. Here is a man who graduated college, impressed NFL scouts and coaches to get drafted into his chosen profession, was liked by his teammates ,and made a mark for himself by the AGE of 23. That is some serious achoplishments. You have to be impressed by his drive and love of life. RIP young man. My condolences to his family and friends.

  88. RIP Tray Walker. So tragic and devastating for his family, friends and teammates. So very sorry for their loss.

  89. My dad taught as Texas Southern. This hurts deep. Part of family in a way :'(

  90. RIP Mr Walker. My prayers and condolences go out to his family and friends. You know I personally DO NOT like to see folks riding motorcycles ,especially without helmets, because IMHO they’re death traps. Not the time nor place I know. Just please if you’re gonna ride one please be careful. I HAD a good friend who rode bikes WITHOUT a helmet. I asked him what did he have against them. His answered made me smh. He said helmets made him look “UNCOOL.” I remember telling him something cheesy like from a after school special. I told him…” Wearing a helmet MIGHT make you look uncool, but if you get into a wreck without one you’ll not only be COOL but laying in the morgues freezer you’ll be so COLD you’ll almost be frozen!!”
    When I said that I had no idea less than 2 weeks later ,12 days to be exact, those words would be proven to be correct. My friend of 13 years,really more of a brother, got into a wreck after losing control. He hit his head and went into a coma and never regained consciousness. He died of head trauma he received in the crash. I can’t say with a helmet he’d have survived but I do know having it on couldn’t have hurt. So please be careful.

  91. All you people, intentionally putting thumbs down, are behaving dishonorably, and without any class at all. Someone lost their life here, unless you have condolences or prayers, please get out of here.
    -Vikings Fan-

  92. So sad. Prayers to his family for this tragedy.

    The “thumbs down” for the comments doesn’t surprise me because there are always some some classless people. What surprises me on this post is the quantity of thumbs down on the RIP comments. It’s disturbing, actually.

  93. Sad news. I was hoping Tray would recover. Family, friends and teammates of Tray, you all have my sympathy

  94. So many thumbs down counts, but NOT ONE of them has the guts to actually do a post about their comments and put their ID out there for everyone to see who is actually capable of making negative comments about someone’s death. And that tells everyone else enough all they need to know about the thumbs down crowd. Losers in their mommy’s basement with the lights on.

  95. RIP, Tray.

    My thoughts are with the family, friends and teammates of Tray. It is always much harder to cope with a death when the person is young and healthy.

  96. This is so very sad. A young man lost his life last night. HIS LIFE. If you haven’t read John Harbaugh’s letter to his team please read it, if you have, please re-read it. He knew at that time how grave the situation was. He also said some things that everyone could use, not just football players. Life is too short to be petty, people! We all love football and there are 32 teams from which to choose. We love and respect the game and our players. We lost one of OUR OWN last night. This is the time to send out condolences to Tray’s family. Be safe out there.

  97. All you people putting a thumbs down on these RIP posts should stop hiding behind your keyboards in your mom’s basement a take a trip to the Ravens locker room and tell all the fellow players what you did. Let’s see how that goes. And I’m a steelers fan.

    AMEN to the post above, you peeps should be ASHAMED

  98. This is the problem in society today no regard for human life makes no difference race, color or religion as 23 year old lost his life he was 23 we need to start respecting EVERYONE AND LIFE AGAIN

  99. Learn some lessons from this man’s death:

    1) When riding on city streets, wear a helmet.

    2) When riding on the street at night, do it on a bike with a headlight.

    3) Obey the traffic laws.

    4) Getting an education is important. It could save your life.

  100. RIP Tray.

    To the ones giving thumbs down, I hope it doesn’t happen to you or your family. But there is always karma.

    PFT should disable the thumbs down here. I have never seen so may for a story like this. Pathetic.

  101. Forget about all these thumbs down. Who cares? The people that are doing them are getting their desired affect by the complaints which is the only reason they’re acting like a-holes. Stop giving them what they want.

    The most important thing in these posts to this tragedy are the words of expression felt by all fans across the league and there have been some wonderful sharing of thoughts. That being said:

    Rest in peace Tray Walker. We all mourn with your family today and may they feel some comfort and support by the outpouring of grief that they are hearing from the many great fans around the NFL this morning. God bless.

  102. Iam an old guy and to me this is an Incredibly Sad Story. It just shows you how careful in life you have to be. He had such a bright and fantastic life and career in front of him. Really a very sad story. Hopefully others can learn from it.

  103. RIP Tray.

    Ravens fan here,

    Tray wasn’t a household name yet, but I remember when we drafted him in the fourth round last year, I thought to myself, ‘maybe this guy could play the other CB spot across from jimmy Smith in the future’
    Tray’s long frame showed a lot of promise, coupled with the fact he was a Leo, a confident athlete who showed a lot of energy in preseason.

    RIP #25

  104. I just don’t understand all of you “Thumbs Downers”. What is it with you people?

    Haven’t you ever grieved over someone or offered comfort to someone who has? All the more it solidifies my sentiments that humans are the lowest of species on earth.

    My sympathy goes out to all of those who are grieving for this young man. Rest assured he’s in a better place and far away from the kind of losers who troll around on PFT.

  105. Motorcycles are incredibly dangerous, that’s why I sold mine after riding it occasionally for 3 years. They are even more dangerous when you are not wearing a helmet as this young man was not when he hit the SUV and died of head injuries…

  106. Appreciate the condolences from all the fans of other teams.
    Sad times in Raven nation. I hope a tragedy like this doesn’t befall any other teams out there.
    My heart hurts for his family.
    RIP Tray.

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