Georgia anti-gay law could cost Atlanta a Super Bowl

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Georgia Governor Nathan Deal is in the process of deciding whether to sign a law that its supporters call a “religious liberty” bill but which opponents point out would legalize anti-gay discrimination in the state. The NFL is letting the governor know that if he signs the bill, it could jeopardize Atlanta’s chances of hosting the Super Bowl.

Although Atlanta is widely expected to get the Super Bowl in either 2019 or 2020 after taxpayers agreed to finance the Falcons’ new stadium, the league released a statement on Friday saying it will review the law in conjunction with determining whether the Falcons get the game.

“NFL policies emphasize tolerance and inclusiveness, and prohibit discrimination based on age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other improper standard,” the league’s statement to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution said. “Whether the laws and regulations of a state and local community are consistent with these policies would be one of many factors NFL owners may use to evaluate potential Super Bowl host sites.”

Two years ago the governor of Arizona vetoed a similar bill because the NFL said the state could lose the Super Bowl.

171 responses to “Georgia anti-gay law could cost Atlanta a Super Bowl

  1. “The NFL is letting the governor know that if he signs the bill, it could jeopardize Atlanta’s chances of hosting the Super Bowl.”

    It should absolutely rule out any chance of Atlanta hosting a Super Bowl.

  2. So, if a state legally passes a law, the nfl can say they don’t like it and withhold a Super Bowl from them? Sounds about right for the PC minded idiots that run the league.

  3. This should be no concern of the nfl. They put there nose where it doesn’t belong constantly. I hope Georgia does pass the bill. Atleast someone has a set of balls still. I’m so sick of people talking about discriminating against gays. You are allowed to have your own beliefs and opinions. They don’t have to agree with what the gay community thinks is ok. It gets old always being force fed all this crap.

  4. That they are even considering such a law in 2016 should cost them their team.

    Pretty sure that Jesus was all about “love thy neighbor.” I am also pretty sure that, if I believed in an omnipotent sky daddy that promised me eternal paradise, I wouldn’t be so insecure about how other people are spending their short time on earth.

  5. When any organization gets as big & profitable as the NFL, I guess they can’t help but get involved in political posturing. It’s a shame, really.

  6. Don’t let that fool you. The NFL cares about money and it doesn’t matter where it comes from. If you’re gay they want your money too. But you don’t see them coming down hard on NFL employees that badger potential draftees about their sexual orientation, do you?

    If the NFL cares about gay people (unlikely) they’ll punish the scumbags that they employ who pester prospects about their sexual orientation. Until than you should know that the NFL is a business and they’ll say whatever they have to in order to appeal to as many people as possible for the almighty dollar. Does anyone here actually believe the NFL legitimately cares about gay rights?

    I sure as hell don’t. Neither should you.

  7. Governments beholden to the NFL is just a horrible way to do things. Using the Super Bowl as a bargaining chip to convince governors to do the NFL’s bidding. Screw Goodell.

  8. The Missouri legislature is in the midst ofp assing similar legislation, which could cost KC the Big 12 tournament in the years to come.

    So, it is not too hard to tell what the ALEC agenda has been recently.

    Somebody should explore using the RICO statutes against that perfidious bunch.

  9. I think before anyone rips Georgia over this bill, they should read what it says.
    Here’s what I believe. If a Pastor believes that same sex marriage is against his religious beliefs, I think he should have the right to say he doesn’t want to perform a marriage ceremony between same sex couples. After all, religious freedom is just as important as any other freedom, correct?
    And organizations should have the right to define their membership requirements too, in my opinion. This is done all the time, by the way. It’s nothing new, and it isn’t directed solely at gays. You name any organization which has By Laws, and there are requirements to be a member.
    I find it very telling that this issue is causing such an uproar. There is a double standard in this country. Look no further for proof than the Black Caucus in Congress. Founded in 1971, it is exclusive to African-Americans. A white Congressman, Steve Cohen, actually applied for membership in the Black Caucus in 2006, but his application was refused.
    So if you believe that this bill in Georgia is wrong and should not be allowed to stand, then please tell me how the Black Caucus in Congress is allowed to stand?
    I am not prejudiced against anyone because of their race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or any other ideal. But I do believe that if we are truly to become this tolerant nation that groups such as the gays scream about all the time, then it has to work both ways. Gays must be tolerant of people who don’t agree with their lifestyle based on their religious beliefs. Because automatically labeling someone anti-gay or racist is a slippery slope.
    I do not think the Congressmen and women who are members of the Black Caucus are racists. However, I wonder what the reaction would be if white Congressmen and women formed a White Caucus which excluded non-whites? You see what I mean?
    My opinion is simply that there must be boundaries set forth in this country to protect our freedoms and we must be willing to compromise our views to work together rather than threaten a state by telling them they can’t have a Super Bowl over an issue like this. For my money, the NFL has no business telling Georgia or any other state what they should or shouldn’t do. After all, go back and look at the history of the NFL. You’ll find a lot of skeletons in their closet, for sure.
    Now watch. I am sure I will be labeled as anti-gay by people who respond to my post. They will prove my point.

  10. Wonder if if this is why Trump is popular. People are sick of being chastised, ridiculed, and criticized for having legitimate opinions that differ from new fascists!

  11. I just can’t believe that Arthur Blank who is one of the Koch brother cronies, takes the “welfare money” from taxpayers to build a new stadium. Build your own dam stadium NFL owners!

  12. While I believe you have the right to be against anything, but to legalize anti-gay discrimination is ridiculous, no one has the right to discriminate against anyone, that’s is, and should illegal.

    Whether you agree with people being gay, it’s none of your business, it doesn’t hurt your way of living, it doesn’t affect your daily lives, so get over it, this isn’t the 70s when these type of things were soured upon, it’s 2016 for gods sake, so get over it, and get over yourself.

  13. So….It’s NOT OK to play a Super Bowl in Georgia if the law passes, but it IS OK to play regular season games???

  14. How about calling it a pro-traditional marriage bill. Your bias is showing. I really wonder if you polled all of the citizens of our country if they would be for gay marriage. I don’t believe they would. State legislatures have rammed these bills without much debate in many circumstances. Then when pro-traditional marriage bills are passed the PC police attacks in full. We can see where Disney stands everyday in this debate. Especially when you story starts with your byline of ‘anti-gay marriage bill’

  15. People are always quick to exercise their right to bigotry, but when others (including corporations) start turning away (and taking their money with them) they quickly become tolerant. Personally, I find Georgia’s actions toward legalizing discrimination in the vein of religion…grotesque.

  16. I guess there’s only one opinion that’s acceptable today and if it’s not progressive, you should lose everything. Ridiculous!

  17. Players commit crimes that are judged in a court of law, yet the NFL feels it has to waste everybody’s time and be judge and jury as well. They have needed to butt out of the courtroom for a long time and let the legal system run it course in regard to player criminal offenses. Same with politics. Just butt out. NFL screws it up every time.

  18. The fact that people are still worried about whether someone is gay or not in 2016 is ridiculous.


  19. Arthur Blank and the city of Atlanta are building that new stadium so they can host Super Bowls.

    Goodell told them years ago that the not-even-20-year-old Georgia Dome wasn’t fit for the Super Bowl, even though it had hosted XXXIV.

    Politics aside, what a bad move to withhold the championship game after they’ve spent hundreds of millions at the NFL’s behest.

  20. “roverboy1949
    Mar 19, 2016, 6:55 AM EDT
    So, if a state legally passes a law, the nfl can say they don’t like it and withhold a Super Bowl from them? Sounds about right for the PC minded idiots that run the league.”

    They dont owe a superbowl to any city or any state. And yeah, if a state passes a discriminatory law, that can be a consequence

    People dont need to cry that their religious liberties are being trampled on just because theres different types of people in the world. Treating people different from yourself well is not supporting their lifestyle/choices, its called beind a decent human being that understands theres diversity in this world.

  21. roverboy1949 says:
    Mar 19, 2016 6:55 AM

    So, if a state legally passes a law, the nfl can say they don’t like it and withhold a Super Bowl from them? Sounds about right for the PC minded idiots that run the league.

    I love the way ignorant people use labels like “PC” to justify the darkness inside of them. It isn’t PC you moron, it’s a choice. Georgians have a choice to be bigots (GA lawmakers, for the record), others have a right to decide whether they want to do business there. It is called …wait for it…..”consequences”. C-O-N-S-E-Q-U-E-N-C-E-S. Look it up sometime. You are wholeheartedly welcome to your beliefs. I am welcome to mine. But while you may have them, you have to accept the consequences for them.

    Stop trying to interpret the Constitution, the law, morality, or civil society. You have your beliefs, everyone else has theirs. The NFL as a business believes that it is wrong to discriminate. They choose not to do business with people who do. Period.

  22. I am a straight man who wants equality as much as anyone in this country, but the NFL is wrong here. Our ability as a country to unify, regardless of beliefs, is what made us the best nation in the world. When organizations that are non-government entities stick a flag in the ground like this, it divides the people. The state of Georgia has a right to do this – and we the people have the right to ignore it and show up at the Superbowl wearing rainbow colors. Instead, we will argue over this BS.

    We are losing focus on what is important.

  23. People should not protest these types of laws. They should “vote” with their feet and their wallets.

    Diversity is great for business, let the people that are excepting and open minded profit, while the bigots ultimately suffer.

    I like that you know where people stand, you can walk by as a straight person and see that this place is discriminating and go across the street.

    “Christians” should be ashamed of themselves hiding behind the bible on this. Love thy neighbor.

  24. ” good I’m sick of all this neo-confederate crap”

    Indiana passed this law last year , that’s north of the mason Dixon line, and Arizona is certainly not a previously confederate state. But keep on living in your world I guess.

  25. I like this move.

    I like the progressive legislation in states like Washington and Colorado.

    Still, I love America, and the NFL should be put on the hot seat about their marijuana policy. Should they threaten the franchises in pot-friendly states, because of legislation conflicting with NFL-stated policy? Or should they get rid of their own policy?

    Please please please somebody connect these dots and make them take a stand.

  26. I don’t know why people are surprised. Tagliabue did the same thing to Arizona since they decided not to accept Martin Luther King Day as an official holiday.

    If the governor wants to keep living in the past, go ahead and let him. You’ll lose the only tie Atlanta will probably ever have to a Super Bowl.

  27. The gay rights movement will be viewed the same way the civil rights moment is now, how the hell could we treat our fellow citizens that way. I know their are people who long for Jim crow laws to come back and the civil rights act of 1964 to be repealed. Those people are vocal but are becoming more and more the minority view of America. The governor is smart he’ll veto the bill.

  28. Embarrassing that people want to hide behind a book of fairy tales ,so they can discriminate against other people over whom they love. These are not the issues this country should be having anymore. We don’t need laws that allow you to be an a-hole, people can do that own their own.

  29. The bill prevents forcing a pastor to perform a same-sex wedding ceremony. I guess that qualifies as “anti-gay” to anti-religion bigots.

    What has happened to people’s minds???

  30. Good for the NFL. And for those criticizing the NFL for this you haven’t been following this issue. A huge majority of businesses and the Georgia chamber of commerce have come out against this bill. It’s really nonsense that in the year 2016 when gay marriage is legal there are still people trying to pass bill that supports bigotry. For businesses they’ve decided it’s good for business to ensure they support bills that are inclusive and come out against bills like this that are exclusive and aimed towards a minority group.

  31. All of you constitution bangers miss a vital part of that documents purpose. You can hate on gays, Georgia. Just as much as the NFL can hate on Georgia.

    Freedom door swings both ways, folks. Don’t get all pissy because it’s not your brand of “freedom.”

  32. Georgia can pass whatever law they like. The NFL is ree to choose to do business such as the Super Bowl elsewhere if it decides. After all, isnt that what the bill is about, the ability of private business to choose to discriminate based on their beliefs? It just happens the NFL believes its wrong to discrminate based on sexuality….and is right.

    I’d like to think GA will reject such a law because it’s maorally wrong, not because it took the NFL to tell them it is.

  33. Some people are so ridiculous. You argue that it’s your religious freedom to discriminate against whoever you choose. But then say the NFL is wrong for choosing not to do business with those who discriminate.

  34. It should. The NFL has to worry about the fan experience of gay fans who pay a ton of money to attend.

    They can go ahead and pass the law but there are consequences, such as a massive loss of tourist revenue.

  35. Does anyone honestly still care if people are gay? In all honesty, all that’s happened since all of these pro-gay laws have been passed is that gay people that I know are so much happier. What’s the problem?

  36. The fact that an anti gay law could have an affect on a city getting a super bowl, blows my mind. One should have nothing to do with the other.

  37. What happened to democracy and the Bill of Rights?

    Having religious liberty, to believe and practice ones beliefs, is far more important than a one time event that snarls traffic in Atlanta for a few days.

    You cannot force the 99% of the population to worship the 1%.

  38. I love articles like this, for the comments section alone.

    Like clockwork… the inbred, intolerant buffoons can’t keep from exposing themselves as the bigoted dummies they are.

    Great move by the NFL. The only way to make progress is to have leaders step up and say, “No, this type of discrimination is NOT okay.”

  39. toadthechoad says:
    Mar 19, 2016 6:56 AM

    You are allowed to have your own beliefs and opinions.


    You’re right but your own beliefs and opinions don’t give you the right to discriminate. Period.

  40. A bunch of insecure Bubbas hiding in their pews afraid that if they don’t pass a law they might catch “some of that gayness runnin’ around all over”

  41. this it stupid…the state absolutely has a right to pass this law….businesses have a right to conduct business with anyone they choose to or choose not to because of their beliefs.

    and the NFL has a right to do business with anyone they choose to because of their beliefs……

    whats the issue?

  42. Most often I do not agree with the way NFL conducts business however good for them for taking stand on this issue

    If you think this is just an NFL issue you are deluding yourself Other businesses will be looking at events in Georgia and deciding to move elsewhere Its 2016 and any form of discrimination is not good for anyone

    Georgia can pass whatever statutes they please however they best be prepared for the consequences.

  43. Good.

    Any business has the right to choose where they would like to showcase that business, and if they think that withholding incentives (like the right to host a Super Bowl) will shed a light on a severe EQUAL RIGHTS issue, then so be it.

    That is the NFL’s right. Good for them.

  44. Everyone hates huge, multi-billion dollar corporations using their massive war chests and power to influence legislators to bend to their will.

    Until they happen to agree with the will of huge, multi-billion dollar corporations.

    Keep in mind, this law would also allow businesses to refuse to serve racist bigots like the KKK. Freedom to be wrong is also the freedom to be right.

    But why would I want to figure out the difference between right and wrong myself when I can have some politicians in government, being bribed and influenced by huge corporations, tell me how I need to behave?

  45. What happened to democracy and the Bill of Rights?
    When I read that first line I thought your post was going to be quite different. Democracy and the bill of rights don’t allow you to use your religion to condemn another’s lifestyle….they don’t allow you to fire or refuse to hire someone because of who they love. The idea that in 2016 we are making laws to discriminate against people because of what some ridiculous 3000 year old book says is so sad. The fact that a good percentage of the people posting here agree is even sadder. Probably the same people who are going to vote trump later this year. This world would be ssssooooo much better off without religion.

  46. Sometimes the truth hurts but I believe everyone needs to know the truth. So here it goes.

    First here is what the law actually does:
    1. Pastors have the right to legally refuse to do a wedding for a gay couple. Christianity opposes Christianity and the Bible directly opposes it. It clearly violates their 1st amendment rights to require them to do a gay wedding.
    2. It allows religious organizations to deny services to any couples regardless of whether they or gay or straight.

    There is nothing wrong with this law!

    Now for some facts about gay rights in Georgia.
    Discrimination in employment on the basis of sexual orientation is 100% legal in the state of Georgia. However Clarke County, and the cities of Decatur and Pine Lake allow this only for non-government jobs. Atlanta denies sexual orientation discrimination in all jobs.

    Again here are some more facts. The Supreme Court broadly interprets the 1st Amendment. For example Obamacare mandated contraceptive and abortion coverage is subsidized by the government if it violates the employers religious beliefs. The employee can still get these services but the government directly pays for it not their boss.

    Personally I fully support Georgia and other states that have similar policies and seek to implement similar policies.

  47. Anyone that uses Christianity as their excuse to descriminate really, really doesn’t understand Christianity. This, of course, covers about 90% of the Christians.

  48. “I’d like to think GA will reject such a law because it’s maorally wrong, not because it took the NFL to tell them it is.”

    Especially given what a moral cesspool the league office and most of the owners are.

  49. This law that Georgia may pass is so crucial and helpful. It is incredible unfair and is similar to false rape accusations or domestic violence accusations by women against men.
    A gay person can destroy someone’s live because they say “Sorry I don’t want to help you because of my religious beliefs. Can you please go to someone else?”

    It is the 21st century. This is absurd. I am tired of the double standard given to gays. This needs to end.

  50. Somebody explain how the NFL can use this as a hammer against Georgia with regards to the Super Bowl, but it will be business as usual for all of the Falcons games. Threatening to not play the SB in Atlanta is merely to appear PC, but continuing to use the citizens of Georgia and Atlanta as one of 32 cash cows is the height of disengenuity and hypocrisy. If the NFL has a moral dilemma with the fact that the people of GA do not want to give one group of people extra rights, that dilemma should exist full time, not just on one Sunday 3-4 years from now. The NFL is bent on catering to people who do not really support them, and punishing those who do. If the league wants to honestly make it’s point they should just shutter all of the franchises in red states. And see how that works out for them.

  51. I love the headline: “…anti-gay law.” Of course, it wouldn’t be proper to say, “pro-freedom law” or “pro-property law,” would it? Everyone must be forced to associate with everyone else. Shall I be compelled to open the doors of my home to all-comers? Shall I someday be forced to date men or fat chicks since not to do so would show “discrimination?

  52. So the days of denying The Negro the inherent right — AS A HUMAN BEING — to drink from a fountain is now masked behind the refusal to sell A HUMAN BEING an apple pie from a bake shop, simply because of that person’s soci0-sexual preferences? So “religious liberty” inherently means a Catholic shop owner does not have to serve an Episcopalian customer, but which can also be interpreted to mean the right of Refusal Of Sale to customers who use Crest toothpaste unless those customers use Colgate toothpaste like the shop owner? America is quickly becoming such a sad, sad place for Human Beings. “Scotty… beam me up!” — never actually said, but certainly implied.

  53. If the NFL is serious about down-low tolerance, how about letting Michael Sam back in the league…

  54. divan22 says:
    Mar 19, 2016 9:16 AM
    Like clockwork… the inbred, intolerant buffoons can’t keep from exposing themselves as the bigoted dummies they are.
    You are being bigoted for not listening/agreeing to those views that oppose yours

  55. The law is described by its proponents one way and by its opponents another way.

    Who made the decision to use the opponents’ (mis)characterization of the law’s name in the headline and why?

  56. If you’re putting money in the basket on Sunday and they’re teaching you to hate, tell them you want a refund. You’re giving your money to cowards. Pray for them and teach them strength and self-respect. You know who else teaches hate and intolerance? Terrorists.

  57. No one finds it a bit out of line that the NFL suddenly has a gay rights platform that they plan to push via corporate extortion? Since when did the NFL make ANY decisions based on gay rights — and why should they? Where does this agenda come from?

    It’s the NFL’s right to do business where they please, but it’s the last organization that should be taking any moral stance. Give me a break.

  58. Anti-Gay law? What a joke! Just because you are not pro something doesn’t mean you are anti, you can be neutral and not want to be involved. This typical of the disgrace that the media has become in this country distorting the facts. At least they could be consistent. Roe v. Wade gives you the right to murder your fetus, but that is considered pro-choice not pro-abortion.

  59. Either this new law is legal or not.

    The proper venue for determining that is our court system. That is the reason for the courts existence.

    The NFL can’t even determine “gas pressure’, we certainly don’t need them attempting to determine laws.

  60. divan22 says:
    Mar 19, 2016 9:16 AM
    I love articles like this, for the comments section alone.

    Like clockwork… the inbred, intolerant buffoons can’t keep from exposing themselves as the bigoted dummies they are.

    Great move by the NFL. The only way to make progress is to have leaders step up and say, “No, this type of discrimination is NOT okay.”

    Isn’t what you just said its own form bigotry and discrimination against people that don’t share your opinion? Isn’t it? Dummy

  61. *** Correction ***

    You have the right to discriminate unless a law forbids you from discriminating. In Georgia (as in most states) there apparently is no law prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation.

    Besides, what is the big deal with the “religious freedom” law. The country was founded on the idea that government should not compel individuals to ascribe to certain beliefs. However, these laws have come about because the government in some states has done just that: a baker who is religiously opposed to participating in gay weddings is forced to do so or is fined heavily.

    The law does not, and should not, protect against public backlash/outcry against the baker for holding her views, and if she cannot attract customers because of her views so be it. But, the government should not be the one to dictate which beliefs are acceptable.

  62. So, if a state legally passes a law, the nfl can say they don’t like it and withhold a Super Bowl from them? Sounds about right for the PC minded idiots that run the league.
    So if the state “legally passes a law” outlawing marriage, the NFL can….
    Its a republic democracy, not “mob/majority rule”.

  63. Leave it to Georgia to be about 40 years in the past. Wake up Georgia, it’s 2016. Didn’t you learn your lesson with Ray Charles?

  64. Strip them. Atlanta absolutely blows anyway. It’s a sprawl city like a lot of southern cities like Dallas, Houston, Charlotte, etc.

    Any discrimination like this is right out of the Nuremberg Laws of 1934 in Germany anyway.


    Its 2016.

  65. Here we go again. The NFL should avoid politics because the legislature can come back and say “Ok, no watch the 40% amusement tax on anyone and everyone involved in Falcons games.” And they should of they are denied a Super Bowl after building a new stadium.

  66. I’m not against freedom of choice and all that liberal politically correct stuff, but if there’s any city that needs one of those laws it’s Atlanta, holy crap.

    I used to love Atlanta it was the New York.of the it’s the Frisco of the south. But even Frisco it’s centralized to one little district and they don’t try to impose their lifestyle on anyone else so I can’t call it the frisco of the south…it’s more like the Babylon of the South.

  67. Chic Fil-A is also headquartered in the deep, sick South and has proactively tried to discriminate against gays.

    Why would ANY business owner want to possibly lose business of any kind from any demographic?

    Makes no sense, but that’s the Southerner for ya. They keep wanting to turn back the clock and stop this country from moving forward.

    The only normal people in the South are Northern transplants.

    Very, very few natives realize it’s 2016. Many actually still have a Civil Wat hangover and run to the voting booths with bibles in their hands.

    It’s actually quite creepy.

    “Religius Freedom Law”…Give me a break.

    Somewhere, Hitler blushes in a shallow grave with Goebbels.

  68. What some are missing is this:

    Everyone is entitled to believe as they wish. A state can pass any law it wishes. This is the will of the people. So to speak.

    The NFL is also entitled to believe as they wish. To follow their own policy and they are not obligated to to do business anywhere they don’t want to. This includes not having their marquee game in a jurisdiction with laws that contradict their rules and business practices.

    The NFL is entitled to all the speech rights and freedom of expression that you and I enjoy. In this case they are speaking both vocally and financially, refusing to reward a community with laws contrary to their rules, business practices and beliefs.

    To wit: Georgia can do as it wishes publicly. The NFL can also do as it wishes based on Georgia’s actions. Just as publicly.

    That is your free market and freedom of expression at work. Both ways.

    As it should be.

  69. Those who don’t support religious liberty laws could easily be seen as anti-Christian bigots who want to hatefully force people to violate their own faith or conscience at gunpoint. If the NFL really does this to Georgia, I might be done with the NFL.

  70. So funny how none you have any clue what is actually in a religious freedom bill. This has to do with wedding services, period. No one is denying gay people anything else. Read the law before you comment on it without knowing the facts.

  71. For those who think it’s okay to have such a law, just wait until you’re denied service because you’re a Christian and an Islamic or Hindu or another person who doesn’t have the same beliefs as you refuses service to you. You will be screaming from the mountain tops you’re being discriminated against. When this happens, just remember you supported the law that allows this to happen.

  72. runtheball says:
    Mar 19, 2016 10:20 AM
    Anti-Gay law? What a joke! Just because you are not pro something doesn’t mean you are anti, you can be neutral and not want to be involved. This typical of the disgrace that the media has become in this country distorting the facts. At least they could be consistent. Roe v. Wade gives you the right to murder your fetus, but that is considered pro-choice not pro-abortion.

    The problem is if this law is passed, a company could legally not hire you for being gay, a different religion, etc.

    It has nothing to do with being “pro” gay or not. The bill would allow businesses to legally discriminate against certain types of people for “religious reasons”.

  73. I’m a Christian and I support the NFL 100%. Jesus didn’t hate anybody. Jesus loved everyone. You can fool some of us people, but nobody’s fooling the man upstairs with this hate law.

  74. People refusing to have minority weirdo ideas forced into their daily lives is somehow discrimination?

    Bigotry, discrimination, and intimidation, against non atheists just dandy.

    Don’t you see the hypocrisy in that?

    Can’t we all just get along?

  75. It seems to be OK for Gay owned companies to refuse to do certain things or Muslim owned companies….At this point GFY get over it or MAKE the Gay bakery make a Happy Birthday Fred Phelps cake.

  76. I am not a religious person. It is none of my business if anyone else is. People are guaranteed that right, free from government persecution.

    People are also supposed to be protected from religious persecution by other people. It seems lately that the idea of trampling peoples rights is not only accepted, but expected. If you happen to be religious, you are deemed Unacceptable to society by certain groups in this country.

    Since when is it the responsibility of the fringe to let people know which rights they are allowed to enjoy? Are we all expected to relinquish rights if the right may offend a small group of people? Which right should we be relieved of next? Should we be limited in our ability to exercise our rights as citizens of the USA if the right may offend even one person?

    I don’t see my comment being posted. It goes against a minority of peoples beliefs and will be censored.

  77. It’s not anti-gay it’s pro-rights. Everyone should have the right to make their own decisions.

    The more government intervenes the more we lose our freedoms. Make no mistake about it the anarchists, and socialists are trying to strip us of our constitutional rights and free will every day.

    My hope is everyone would treat all folks equally, but when you force it there’s going to be consequences, and that’s what’s happening now with the far left free lunch anarchists.

  78. @Dug

    No. States cannot pass discriminatory based laws like that, cloaked behind some lawerly wordings.

    No state is greater than the Constitution of the United States.

    “All men (humans) are created equal.”

    End of story and goodnight.

  79. Goodell is the least competent man I’ve ever seen, and I’ve survived a shipwreck. The very NFL bylaws they cite call for religious tolerance, yet a law intended to do exactly the same thing is suddenly “anti-gay” and violates a different part of the same law? Idiot.

  80. DesertEagle,,at least be honest. You don’t really believe Sam is not in the NFL because he is gay. You believe Sam should be in the NFL because he is gay.

    Not making it in the CFL is a sign that maybe a player isn’t good enough to play in the NFL. He couldn’t even start there (he quit because he was 3rd string) Guys who start in the CFL are guys that don’t make NFL teams. Why should a guy who was a back up to a back up in the CFL be starting in the NFL? Because he is gay?

  81. It is no wonder why Georgia is still so backwards in its mentality. It is 2016 & you have a proposal like this being even a possibility for law? “All men are created equal” means nothing, apparently, and all men certainly aren’t created equally if this were to pass. This is ignorance and discrimination at its finest.

    This is a microcosm of what is wrong with this country. This law would be unconstitutional, but Georgia’s leaders obviously need to be educated with considering passing this law at all. Ignorance is the mantra of the day, & Georgia might as well be transported back in the 1800’s and raise the confederate flag sky high.

    Stay classy, Georgia

  82. I’m pretty much agree with the sentiment above. If conservatives in the south want to pass laws that harken to the days of the pre-civil rights movement, by all means, go for it.

    Just don’t be surprised when large corporations and companies decide to move, stop doing business, or refuse to do business with you at all because of them. There’s plenty of other states out there that will love the revenue these enterprises will generate for them.

  83. Tylawpick, the constitution doesn’t say “all men are created equal.”. that is in the declaration of independence. The constitution doesn’t even guarantee people a right to marry. Equal protection under the law is in the constitution and that is the amendment which was used to convince the SC that gays should be allowed to marry. If businesses want to lose business from gays, that should be their prerogative. They punish themselves and people complain about it. Weird. What is the real agenda?

  84. Hiding behind religious belief to justify discriminatory conduct is despicable.

    All people should be treated with dignity and respect.

    Jesus would expect no less.

  85. Shocker…bigoted hicks love banning things that don’t affect them in the slightest way…

    Until it actually affects them (even though hosting the Superbowl is more or less a loss for the community and doesn’t affect anyone outside of the actual city)

  86. Jagsfan, if you believe that is what will happen, you are wrong. Most people simply do not care. But why should a business owner be subject to civil action if their religious beliefs make them not want to offer services to gays? There are the other 99% of businesses that will serve gays. Leave people alone instead of persecuting them for not believing as you do…… see the irony?

  87. Super Bowls are more celebrity driven now than ever. In a year or two we’ll be watching gays swapping spit during the halftime show. And it will be applauded by so many that don’t even watch a regular season game.

  88. If I don’t want to serve blacks because of my “religious” beliefs, is that ok?
    Substitute other ethnic groups for black, then is that ok?

    How about a doctor refusing to treat a person of a certain religion or ethnicity, is that ok?

    >>shlort says:
    Mar 19, 2016 11:53 AM
    Jagsfan, if you believe that is what will happen, you are wrong. Most people simply do not care. But why should a business owner be subject to civil action if their religious beliefs make them not want to offer services to gays? There are the other 99% of businesses that will serve gays. Leave people alone instead of persecuting them for not believing as you do…… see the irony?

  89. shlort says:
    Mar 19, 2016 11:53 AM
    But why should a business owner be subject to civil action if their religious beliefs make them not want to offer services to gays?


    Wake up — it’s not 1915 anymore. That crap should never have occurred to begin with, and we’re definitely to the point where it shouldn’t be occurring now.

    Whatever their motive (actual principle or just PR), it’s in the NFL’s best interest to not be caughton the wrong side of something like this.

  90. The team owners pick what city will host the Super Bowl…what ever there reason is, its there business to pick. Period. They may not like Coke-Cola, prefer Pepsi…Atlanta is out of luck. Bill

  91. In response to nyneals post, while most of your argument is founded on common sense and logic to juxtapose the Ga. anti-gay law with an example of admission to the congressional Black Caucus by a non-black person without a complete understanding of why the Caucus was formed in the first place weakens your argument and really doesn’t pertain to what this discussion is about. The state of Ga. has a history of enacting discriminatory laws against minorities and or other groups, many of which have been revoked as more enlightened leadership and common decency has prevailed. However, if the NFL chooses to crusade a platform of inclusion through the awarding of a Super Bowl, it is only fair to let Ga. know that passing a bill which is counter to the NFLs position and is hurtful and clearly discriminatory is their right, just as it is the right of the state of Ga. to enact the law and deal with the fallout that comes from it.

  92. People have been using religious beliefs to oppress people for ages. Women, African Americans and gays… This is no different. The NFL doesn’t want to be on the wrong side of history. Just like this bill will be.

  93. No house of worship has to perform anyone ceremony for anyone. But, if it rents its facilities to the public, the public includes everyone. By the way, the Klan was exercising its sincerely held religious beliefs too.

  94. The NFL is a private organization that can have their super bowl wherever they want. If they don’t want to have the super bowl in a state that they feel supports discrimination (or would under the law) because it is against the values they want to support, that is their choice. Its perfectly reasonably that they would be open about that when the possibility of holding a superbowl in that state is already under discussion.

  95. Completely agree with the NFL’s position. You should be 100% able to practice whatever religion you want. That’s undeniable. But don’t use religion to oppose the equality of women (the early 1900’s), civil rights integration (the early 1960’s), interracial marriage (the late 1960’s) or gay people wanting the same rights as everyone else (2016).

    If a state wants to legislate that any group should be discriminated against and treated as not equal, it’s fair game for the NFL or any other business to say that goes against what we believe in.

  96. New Orleans would be glad to jump in for Atlanta if they can’t get their religious haters in line.

  97. Come on, southern states! Time to grow up and join the rest of the world!

    I’d prefer you call the state out by name.

    You may be surprised to learn that southern states are not as intolerant as yankees think we are.

  98. There are close to 2,000 documented gods, goddesses and other deities in recorded history. The true number is probably double that if you take into account ones whose existence has been lost to time.

    But they’re all make believe right? Only YOUR god is real, all the others are pretend. Your particular beliefs, out of the thousands that came before yours and have appeared since, are real. Not the others, just yours.

    Take a moment to reflect on that and consider how preposterous that sounds.

    And you want to make laws based on this?

  99. I blame Vegans. They started this trend of having to tell the world about what it is they are. Me, personally? I don’t care what anybody does, I just don’t want to hear about it. Congrats, you’re gay/black/foreign etc., that doesn’t make you special, and you definetly won’t be treated as such, because I’m just as different in my own way and I don’t get any special treatment. Go about your business and who cares what others say. Not everybody needs to step up on the soapbox.

  100. If they lose a chance at a Super Bowl, so be it. No big deal. Atlanta just saved themselves 20s of millions of dollars. It’s a prove fact. Cities that host Super Bowls lose money.

  101. I love how lunatics and stupid dupes like to pretend that an action like a dude being inside another dude or taking children away from their parents and “educating” their undeveloped inexperienced minds that anal sex is a great thing is the same thing as the color of a person’s skin.

    I bet all you “bleeding hearts” (should it be sphincters?) would love to pardon confessed and convicted pedophile and child pornographer Ben Levin, who by “coincidence” was the Deputy Minister of Education, and by another “coincidence” the “curriculum” being pushed encourages children to have sex.

    I bet you lobotomized lunatics would like to throw him a parade, hell you’d probably give him your kids. Oh wait you don’t have kids, which is why you have no integrity, values, spine or common sense.

  102. To all the “Christians” that support this bill:

    If this bill is signed into law and doesn’t get shot down by the Courts, don’t get upset when/if a Muslim-owned business doesn’t want to do business with American “infidels”. Mark my words: It will happen if this bill is signed into law.


  103. The NFL is clearly trying to usurp each state’s legislative process. They’ve already overidden the American justice deprtment by punishing defendants that are judged innocent. Roger is not going to be satisfied with just destroying the game.

  104. Good for the NFL for taking a stance against discrimination, racism, bigotry, and domestic violence. When powerful and popular organizations stand up and say this stuff is NOT ok, it sends an important message to people to change their views towards more tolerance. No, that’s not “being weak”. It’s being kind to each other like our religious texts say we should act.

    Question, would the pro religious discrimination crowd supporting this bill also support fellow extremists of the Islamic faith enacting sharia law?

  105. Would you support this bill if it had been put forward by people who wanted the “religious freedom” to refuse service to…


    If not, then you shouldn’t be supporting it for any reason.

  106. The Georgia bill, reworked several times by lawmakers amid criticism that earlier versions went too far, declares that no pastor can be forced to perform a same-sex wedding.

    The bill also grants faith-based organizations — churches, religious schools or associations — the right to reject holding events for people or groups of whom they object. Faith-based groups also could not be forced to hire or retain an employee whose beliefs run counter to the organization’s.

    Where does it say anything about it being anti-gay? Pretty sure the bill just gives “the people” the right to do what they want. It shouldn’t be the government’s decision to enact upon this…it should be in the power of the people

  107. A PRIVATE business that is non-emergency medical in nature and doesn’t want to provide a service to a gay couple due to their religious beliefs, should have that right. People who equate such beliefs to Jim Crow laws don’t know history. JC laws were passed by state and local governments, MANDATING that private businesses WILL not serve blacks, even if they wanted to. And NOT the owners making those decisions. I am black and grew up in the south, at tail end of the JC era. I am also a libertarian and would NEVER make someone take my money, who doesn’t want my patronage. Why not take my business to someone that wants it? Do you REALLY want someone baking your cake under duress?

  108. It’s ironic coming from a league that forces LGBT players deeper into the closet for fear of being drummed out of football like Micheal Sam was.

  109. For all of you defending the potential Georgia law and others like it, just substitute “black” for “gay;” many of the arguments you are making about values and religious beliefs are the exact same arguments made before the Civil Rights movement brought much-needed change to the country. If, after making the substitution, you still don’t think there’s anything wrong, then you are a bigot.

  110. Don’t give in Governor. If in a business owner and provide a service. I’m paying ridiculous amounts of taxes etc. I should be reserved the right to provide whatever service i am providing, to whoever I please, don’t like it? Don’t come back…case closed. It’s hypocritical to criticize Christians and like minded religions to refuse you consider us crybabies or whatever, at the same time complaining that you are being discriminated against. Quit being so sensitive. If I don’t agree with your lifestyle etc and decide I don’t want your business then go about your life, move on.

  111. The PC progressives are the downfall of America. It’s a bunch of people who were picked last to play kickball in elementary school and now they shame everyone to feel better. This is so wrong.

  112. whodat5150 says:

    A PRIVATE business that is non-emergency medical in nature and doesn’t want to provide a service to a gay couple due to their religious beliefs, should have that right. —————-

    you keep confusing a PRIVATE business with a business that is owned by PRIVATE citizens. when you do business with the public you are a PUBLIC business. so no, they don’t have that right.

    ohiobears says:

    If I don’t agree with your lifestyle etc and decide I don’t want your business then go about your life, move on.———————–

    then close your business. case closed.

  113. rushbacker says:Mar 19, 2016 2:45 PM

    Come on, southern states! Time to grow up and join the rest of the world!

    Yeah and look how the rest of the world is these days. NO THANKS!!

  114. BTW the Georgia law simply protects people who don’t wish to participate in Gay events, and prevents them from being forced to do so by protecting their rights.

  115. The Bible still states that the effeminate will not inherit the Kingdom of God, alongside those that are unrighteous, fornicators, idolators, abusers of themselves with mankind, thieves, covetous, drunkards, revilers, extortioners. See KJV 1 Corinthians 6:9, 10.

    The kingdom of God, His church-the Church of God, and Heaven, all exclude certain people, namely all that still sin.

  116. It’s already perfectly legal to discriminate against gay people in Georgia as sexual orientation isn’t a protected class, at least at the statewide level, the same as the federal level.

    What the proposed law would do is protect people with religious beliefs from being sued for exercising them. The US Constitution guarantees not only the right to religious opinions but but the right to put one’s faith into practice in everyday life. That’s what the Hobby Lobby case was about and the pending Little Sisters of the Poor case before the US Supreme Court.

    The NFL should beat a hasty retreat here before they become ever more entangled in politics.

  117. the NFL will still take Georgia’s tax dollars to fund their new stadium if this law is passed though right?? Oh the hypocrisy never ceases to amaze me NFL…

  118. Doing the right thing in this ethically, morally, spiritually corrupt culture is now going to cost you something…it may be a relationship, a job, a super bowl contract. Right is right no matter how many are against it, and wrong is wrong no matter how many are for it.

  119. I have a right to practice my religion. I do not have a right to force someone to work with me or sell me something.

    Government does not have the power to force a person to conduct business with another.

  120. If I live another 20 years, I won’t be surprised if the NFL ceases to exist. The venture into the PC arena has been a dismal failure to date. Almost all of their decisions have been overturned by the courts. The undeniable fact is that if the NFL wants to continue to exist, they best stick to football.

  121. Ever notice that the left is never wrong, about anything? Their way is the ONLY and RIGHT way to do everything. Always.

    Gotta love the hypocrisy too. Their use of labels, bullying and forcing everyone else to bend to their beliefs.

    I guarantee you, if liberals were the religious in this country, they’d FORCE everyone else to go to church. They site “inclusiveness” and you can’t make the religious feel bad about themselves so everyone must go.

    THIS is why Trump is popular. Of course my post here won’t be made public because it doesn’t fit the liberal agenda of this site and “journalists”

  122. Why does the NFL get a pass for boycotting Atlanta, but a little old baker gets fined for not wanting to bake a cake for a gay wedding?

    Liberal tolerance is the biggest oxymoron in the english language.

  123. As far as I understand it, the law does not condone, endorse, or encourage discrimination. What I think it intends to do is allow grown ups to make a choice as to who they associate with in their business lives as well as their private lives.

    I personally think it’s stupid and anti-Christian to shun anyone for any reason, even if you think they are a worse sinner than you, but limiting your own participation should be an individual’s decision.

    I am on the fringe probably, but I don’t think the government should interfere even if a business wants to ban redheads, blacks, tall people, Swedes, or folks with large ears. I, as a grown-up with a conscience, can decide whether or not to support that behavior. The government used to have sodomy laws that foolishly outlawed certain behavior. Let’s not now just shift the outlawing to whatever behavior we now find objectionable. Keep the government out of it. The government is not and should not be your mommy.

    That being said, the NFL is not the government and can pander to any group it wishes.

  124. Errmagherd.

    Did you know you can legally smoke evil marijuana in colorado? Time to take away a super bowl trophy!

  125. pftcancer says:
    Mar 19, 2016 7:10 AM

    What a shame. That was Atlanta’s only shot of a Super Bowl.

    They’ll never play in one, so they might as well host one…..
    “They’ll never play in one” lmao

  126. The real question is, why would gay people *want* to be married by an official of a religion that has done all it can to denounce them (that’s after it stopped burning them at the stake, of course) There’s a reason why judges and boat captains can perform weddings.

    Added Note: I can’t figure out why anyone of any orientation would want to get married. It’s a mostly dumb idea.

  127. maestro1899 says: To all the “Christians” that support this bill:

    If this bill is signed into law and doesn’t get shot down by the Courts, don’t get upset when/if a Muslim-owned business doesn’t want to do business with American “infidels”.

    I’m pretty sure Muslims won’t have a problem doing business with anyone who doesn’t try to force them to do something that violates their religious principles, like legally coercing them to cook pork for you.

  128. Fortunately, we have an independent judiciary which has the power to strike down measures such as this one (see Everson v. Board of Education of the Township of Ewing, 330 U.S. 1 (1947)). This measure would arguably promote an establishment of religion by elevating religious belief above local antidiscrimination ordinances — something which both case law and the First Amendment flatly prohibit. If the state passes this measure into law, the state will be tied up in litigation for years.

  129. The NFL has every right to refuse to do business with ANY state which actively condones religious bigotry. This measure would permit hotels to refuse to host gay guests; restaurants to refuse to serve gay customers; and government agencies to refuse to serve gay applicants, merely by asserting a religious objection. The revised measure is even WORSE than the original measure, because it is so broadly worded.

  130. @southpackalacky — You state “Why does the NFL get a pass for boycotting Atlanta, but a little old baker gets fined for not wanting to bake a cake for a gay wedding?”

    The bakery in question operated in a jurisdiction which had an anti-discrimination statute on its books. If one wishes to open and operate a business, one has to abide by the requirements of civil law. Religious belief does not exempt any person or business from complying with civil law, and this is what some people don’t seem to understand. The US Supreme Court decided this issue in Employment Division, Department of Human Resources of Oregon v. Smith, 494 U.S. 872 (1990)

  131. @atthemurph says: “Government does not have the power to force a person to conduct business with another.”

    Wrong. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 (as amended) does precisely this. It is illegal to refuse to do business with another person because of that person’s race (as well as a number of other characteristics). Furthermore, about 22 states have enacted statewide measures which prohibit businesses from refusing to do business with persons based on their sexual orientation.

    The bottom line is that the government DOES have the power to enact measures intended to eliminate what has been described as “the cancer of discrimination.”

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