Peyton Manning rules out politics, but nothing else yet


At a time when a former reality star is shaking things up in the presidential race, a former star of the ultimate reality show won’t be pursuing a similar career path.

“Negative, negative on that,” retired quarterback Peyton Manning said at Friday’s press conference in Indianapolis regarding the possibility of becoming a politician.

Beyond that, Manning has ruled nothing out. Or in.

“I haven’t,” Manning said regarding the making of plans for the future. “I really haven’t. I’ve tried to kind of enjoy these conversations going down memory lane if you will. I haven’t made any more decisions or had any conversations about what’s next. I think I’ll be able to keep a fairly normal and somewhat busy offseason. Kind of normal commitments that I do anyway. Obviously I have kind of things committed to up until August and that’s when usually that you go to Terre Haute [Indiana] or Anderson [Indiana] or go to Dove Valley [Colorado] for training camp so that’s where it stops. I think the one thing that I want to do is kind of take my time. I think the biggest mistake would be to rush into something and go, ‘Wow, what am I doing? I’m not ready for this’ or what not.

“I haven’t had a fall off in about 25 years. Something about that has some appeal to it. . . . To maybe go to a couple of Giants games and see my brother play, which I don’t get to do. Or to go see a couple more Tennessee Vols play, just different things like that. I don’t know, maybe I could be doing something and busy every single weekend in the fall as well. Something about that kind of sounds OK as well.”

It’s a given that, whatever he chooses, Peyton Manning will be successful. His ability to think and communicate coupled with an unparalleled work ethic ensures that whatever he does next, he’ll do it well.

Coaching has been suggested, even though Tony Dungy thinks Manning won’t choose that path. Becoming a General Manager, team president, or part owner also makes plenty of sense. Ditto for broadcasting, in one form or another.

Whatever Peyton Manning does, chances are he won’t be doing nothing. He simply doesn’t seem to be wired to be a spectator.

27 responses to “Peyton Manning rules out politics, but nothing else yet

  1. A Connecticut realtor claims she took Peyton last week to look at houses about 20 minutes from ESPN as he told her he is going to be working at ESPN this fall! She seemed legit with her story.

  2. youknowiknowitall says:
    Mar 19, 2016 8:11 PM
    But positive for HGH. And for being a pervert.

    And working just one week in the past 25 years, more successful than your entire family tree which I’m sure has very few branches.

  3. If he is going to work for ESPN please let it be that he takes Ray Lewis’s place! Lewis is insufferable! Plus Belongs in jail.

  4. As one who could have benefited from having the Heimlich maneuver administered during a number of playoff games, he should make public service announcement commercials raising awareness ……..assuming he wants to be a team pkayer.

  5. Who in his right mind would vote for this lying, cheating, rule breaking sexual pervert?

  6. He was funny on SNL. Funnier than Eli………and Brady. He’ll probably do a little of everything. Analyst, Cameos, golf tournaments, dancing with the stars. As he should. Good for him. Wouldn’t you?

  7. Peyton can be anything he wants here in Tennessee. Senator, Governor, Titans owner. We will be glad to give him a blank check and let him fill it out. Our current Governor is the brother of the Browns owner (Haslam), so maybe that is in his future. He is all class and in Tennessee, Peyton is king, not Elvis anymore. Thanks for being a class act Peyton and ignore the nasty negativists who cry over trivialities.

  8. “I chose to do the Moon in that decade and do the other things, not because it was hard, but because it was cheesy; because my goal was always to be self serving…”

    No, don’t do politics Peyton.

  9. he’s already a corporate shill, he’s ready for politics, it would be a natural progression. I’m really surprised he would rule that out. Oh well. give it about ten years and we’ll see.

  10. Too bad. The way he speaks out of the side of his mouth makes him seem a natural for politics.

  11. I have a strong feeling he’ll assemble a group to buy the Titans. Won’t take a front office job, just ownership. But, hell, maybe he will assume the role of GM and build a dynasty. Teach ol’ man Jones how it’s really done.

  12. He will make a bad coach. Most if not all great players can’t understand the lesser talent ability not reaching beyond their ability.

  13. In order to retroactively legalize misuse of potentially performance enhancing drugs such as HGH back to a date in the past, say, one month before Ashley started receiving her shipments from that Nap Town pseudo-clinic?

  14. So tired of seeing and hearing about Peyton Manning, he’s much too full of himself, humility is not a trait of his by any stretch of the imagination…

  15. He’d be a perfect republican politician. No experience. No knowledge. Just charisma and name recognition and endlessly seeking more money even when he has more than he’ll ever need. Just like Jesus taught.

  16. He really needs to be involved with taking over the “Tennessee Flaming Thumbtacks.”

  17. Given the size of his forehead in the pic, the pic must have been taken pre-Guyer Institute

  18. With Manning retired perhaps our Deflategate revenge tour 2.0 will end in success this time around.

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